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9/11 Bloglines (10/11)

9/11 Bloglines (10/11)
October 11, 2006

* Onderzoek 9/11: Dutch Philosophy Mag about Griffin
* Screwloose on Jason Bermas at FalseFlagNews
* Japanese 9/11 Truth Conference: "Griffin - Jones Mini Movie"
* "Disagreements" at covertoperations: Not the Right Camera Angle
* Indymedia Finally Picks Up the 9/11 Cause
* el Motassadeq Trial, Round 3: "Will Motassadeq Go Free?"
* Report: 9-11 workers get lung screenings
* UPI: Homeland Security bill helps 9/11 lawsuits
* GreaterKashmir: The other side of 9/11
* Mirror UK: Alleged Hanjour teacher Raissi sues again
* SFist Reviews 9/11: Press for Truth
* AP: Kevin Barrett "compares Bush to Hitler"
* New "emergency messages" by Mike Ruppert
* 10/16: TheNewYorker: "Conspiracy-theory journalism since 9/11"
* PrisonPlanet: "Ashcroft Responds To 9/11 Foreknowledge Charges"
* Voxpop 1 year anniversary
* Updated Flight93photo.blogspot.com
* Mike Kane/FTW: Response to Bill Weinberg
* 10/11: South Park's 9/11 "truth" version?
* Fluxnostrum Video "It Can't Wait World" incl. ny911truth speech

9/11 Bloglines (10/07)

9/11 Bloglines (10/07)
October 7, 2006

* 9/11 FAA manager Ben Sliney interviewed
* 10/06 Chomsky: 9-11: Institutional Analysis vs. Conspiracy Theory
* RandiForum: Diggin through the dirty history of "Khashoggi-Gray-Truth Movement"
* PDOnline/Flight93 Plume Blog: ""Blogs Shoot First, Ask Questions Later""
* Atta/AQ Tape linked to Rumsfeld/Venzke
* 911courage.org "at the Department of State"
* Randi Forum invades 9/11 TV Fakery petition
* 9/11 Collapse Footage by Dr. Mark Heath
* 9/11Co.UK: "Planes Yay or Nay"
* Jolly Roger apparently left 9/11 Truth Action
* Luke Radowski: 9/11 Truth Update
* DailyKOS diary rules about 9/11
* Kristol 9/11/PNAC confrontation makes YouTube waves
* Some 9/11 Truth Photos on FlickR
* OnlineJournal: The real state of denial
* Alternet-Derkacz Blog on Ashcroft: "9/11 Conspiracy Friday"
* A blogger responds to Cockburn, Re: 9/11
* ConspSmasher's daily Rants: The 9/11 conspiracy theories are not just loony, they are morally detestable.
* Hangout articles on 9/11 Prior Knowledge could affect elections

9/11 Bloglines (10/04)

9/11 Bloglines (10/04)
October 4, 2006

* LC Forum promotes ny911truth's RollingStone protest
* "Why Does Al Qaeda Sound Like The DNC?"
* Rodriguez will visit Walter's Japan 9/11 Truth Conference
* New TV piece about Rumsfeld's "9/11 souvenier"
* Killtown on Jack Blood (Archived)
* Protests, insults (.U.S. did 9/11) disrupt Kristol 9/11 speech
* RandiForum Rants: "Alex Jones did 9/11"
* 10/05: 9/11Mysteries on AirAmerica Phoenix
* SalonBlogger: Oliver Stone rejects 9/11 conspiracy theories. Troofers crushed
* More LIHOP Relaunch: C.I.A. Chief Warned Rice on Al Qaeda
* Canadian Action Party calls for Royal Commission to investigate 9/11
* 9/11CitizenWatch pushing "Rumsfeld/Ascroft" warnings
* Memo contradicts Rice on 9/11 hangout claim from Woodward
* Sensationalism Heneghan back with Justice Dpt. Mossad Story
* Flashback Video: Summer 2004 at Ground Zero with John Albanese
* PeggyCarter: The Perps Deny Everything, even the "hang-out." Media.
* 10/04: ny911truth protest at Rolling Stone
* New Debate on Pentapoles vs. PentaRoute

9/11 Bloglines (09/30)

9/11 Bloglines (09/30)
September 30, 2006

Marblehead Reporter Letter: 9/11 ‘mysteries’ revealed online
Forthcoming Kevin Barret Book
RenewAmerica: The mystery of 9-11, Dr. Graham, and Jamal Khan
Boston 9/11 Truth Committee: December "Boston Tea Party"
9/11 Truth profiles on myspace
New 9/11 LIHOP push at OneUtah
Malkin: Oliver Stone's true colors
Jesse Passwaters/GNN plans 2007 9/11Truth Event
WING TV continues attacks on Stadtmiller/FalseFlagNews
DBS/Hufschmid reaccusing 9/11 Scholars for Murder
David Shayler on Resonance104.4fm
FMN Network: Ventura questions official 9/11 story
UW Badger Herald: 9/11 theorists to discuss ‘folklore’
Albanese Report: Nic Levis on Korean TV
Musharraf Book: 9/11 Mastermind was MI6 spy
Poll vs. Clinton 9/11 Hangout Spin
Dr.Sanity/Onecosmos: 9-11 and the Parallel Looniverse
ScrewLoose vs. AJChavez/A Jones- next chapter
9/11 Conspiracy Nuts: Plane Crazy says Schnews and Cockburn
Broeckers: Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist: 9/11 Revisited
Kevin Barrett on FalseFlag News
Randi.org flagwavers planning "real 9/11 poll"
Oliver Stone: conspiracy-mongering on 9/11 is a waste of time (AP)

9/11 Bloglines (09/28)

9/11 Bloglines (09/28)
September 28, 2006

09/28: Berger vs. Rothschild on Dinocosta
New Hawaii 9/11 Truth Website
Hannity + Colmes Messageboard ranting about Fetzer
9/11 Mysteries is storming vlog- and blogosphere
Michael Wolsey's latest Visibility 9-11show
Kilshut Blog: The September 9/11 Moron Attacks
09/28: "Jewish Conspiracy" Malik Ali to Speak at CSU Long Beach, CA
David Punk plans 9/11 conspiracy movie based on "X-Files"
George Michael Video Barcelona: Unzipping Bush's Freedom Pants
Nimmo Review of 09/27-Fetzer on Fox
PioneerrPress: 9/11 "Conspiracy against common sense"
Bill Douglas' obsession with Ruppert's 9/11 "put options"
Leftgatekeeper Joe Conason about the other "9/11 Truth"
Scam.com: Do Conspiracy Nuts Have A Point?
PrisonPlanet: Ground Zero Hero David Miller
Fired "Whistleblower" Lauro Chavez: "Photoshop Follies"
The Peninsula: Ex-Pakistan spy chief "knew" of 9/11
John Albanese: No Planes and Other Tin Foil Hat Theories
09/27: Fetzer on Hannity + Colmes
WING TV about how Hugo Chavez "blew it" at UN
Screenshot of recent Delft 9/11 reports in Netherlands

9/11 Bloglines (09/26)

9/11 Bloglines (09/26)
September 26, 2006

The NewHampshire: The trials of William Woodward
Bill Weinberg/GNN: How wild 9/11 conspiracies undermine the left
Updates on 10/7 Japanese 9/11 Truth Conference
German 9/11 Inside Job "TATORT" 2005 TV Crime show in new archive
911mysteries climbs to 120.000 views
Clarksville Editor Bill Larson: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Val McClatchey on the attack; calls Killtown a 'coward' on TV
Actors on 9/11 Reality TV
ScrewLoose on "Whistleblower" Lauro Chavez
Cartoonist Don Wright: Fact and Fiction
legalwar.org: What Explosions?
Cannonfire blog: More on Bin Laden's death
Alex Constantine: More Comair Crash-9/11 ties
The "9/11 Book" Hugo Chavez Should Have Held Up
9/11 Truth Ribbons and Stickers
NewsWithViews: Flight93 lawsuit filed
CapitalismMag: Conspiracy Theories: Was 9/11 An "Inside Job"
9/11 "Whistleblower" Sergeant Chavez provided "WatsonReport" with alleged evidence of his credentials
Deseret News: 9/11 group to show videos on theories - Deseret News
Spotlight on Vermont 9/11 Truth Candidate, Dennis Morrisseau

9/11 Bloglines (09/22)

September 22, 2006

Podguy Jayhan thinks Killtown and Webfairy is same person
BookReview : Debunking 9/11 Myths
Rick Siegel's 9/11 Utrecht Conference Report
Naudet Brothers 9/11 Doku (Updated D/L)
Photo-Video Slideshow: SF March For 9/11 Truth
9/11 Mysteries Video Full length
Muckraker Report: Osama bin Laden "confession video" unplugged
Heavy News Sock Puppets rap about 9/11
Mujahideen supporters debate "9/11 Inside Job"
9/11 Mysteries: Scott Forbes describes power-downs in WTC
Video: Norman Mineta's testimony
Kevin Ryan "9/11 Mysteies" - Can you keep a secret?...
More squibs in "9/11 Mysteries" clip
Kevin Fulton: Her Majesty's Terrorist Network
New Interview with Shayler on "no-planes"
Blonde Sagacity: Conspiracy Theory Heaven...
Feser: We the Sheeple? Why Conspiracy Theories Persist
9/11 Panel Graphic Novel spoof
ScrewLoose: Matthys Levy deny support of CD evidence
Director of ABC 9/11 movie linked to christian cult
US/Armitage threatened to bomb Pak after 9/11: Musharraf
Able Danger Hangout leads to "final conclusion"

9/11 Bloglines (09/20)

9/11 Bloglines (09/20)

REUTERS: At UN Protest, ny911truth says U.S. "orchestrated" 9/11
Filmmaker John Albanese claims, he saw both 9/11 planes
IHT/NY Times: Government created fake news and info-ganda
LA Times: Head-in-the-Sand Liberals/"9/11 orchestrated by U.S."
New Twin Towers stir debate among tenants
WING TV announced new mega campaign of 'Israel's 9/11 role'
Italian debunking blog gets plume photo claims wrong
A Letter to Joshua Frank re: his article "How the 9/11 Truth Movement Helps Bush..
9/11 Mysteries clips at Youtube
Anti War Leaders continue to ignore "9/11 was an Inside Job"
Bill Douglas: Why "NOT" to Fight for 9/11 Truth
Truthmove.org Reports on 9/11/2006 Events in NYC
Open Democracy: October 2001 anthrax attack was an "Inside Job"
Uploaded Footage from September 11th Protest Convention
Geraldo/Les Jamieson 9/11 Interview
Jim Fetzer about 9/11 TV Fakery: "I'm certainly not prepared to deny that film has been altered"
CB_Brooklyn: My Theory on the 9/11 Truth Movement's Future
CB_Brooklyn: Interesting Videos & Information on TV-Fakery

9/11 Bloglines (09/17)

September 18, 2006

"Local 'ambassadors' tend to Flight 93 site" - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Nic Levis' wargames event cancelled at ny911
NO voices for peace: Ah, Those Conspiracy Theories
Moonbattery: Loose Screws and Loose Threads
Updated 9/11 Fakery Video Overlay Version (09/17)
Photos of 9/11 Conference in Utrecht
More "Inside Job"-Don Henley video remixes
Top 10 YouTube Rank: 9/11 Truth: The Bogus NIST Report & The Lingering Questions
st911 Cathy Carger/Axis of Logic: Former Bush Economist Slams Administration On 9/11
Rant of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: The real 9/11 masterminds
ContraCosta Times: Common sense debunks 9/11 conspiracy theories
Denver Your Hub: 9/11 Conspiracy, Flat Earth Society: "No planes"
Video: 9/11 Demonstration - Stockholm, Sweden, 9/11/2006
Cinnamon Twist: Satire on 9/11 Truth Protest
Albanese Short Film from Ground Zero 09/11/06
Dutch "Frontpage" about Utrecht 9/11 Conference
9/11 WTC: Wolfgang Staehle's "first hit"

9/11 Bloglines (09/16)

9/11 Bloglines (09/16)

Screw Loose Parody News on "Nanothermite"
9/16: SF event "Aftermath of 9/11"
Chomsky fears 9/11 debate
9/11 "Pop-Flash" Movie -new distraction or clue?
DemBruce: "Morgan Reynolds never left the Bush administration!"
New Report about Utrecht 9/11 Conference
Nashua Telegraph prefers NPT view vs. Fakery
Alarab picks up Counterpunch article
'Crazy' 9/11 prof defended - WorldNetDaily
Contracostatimes: So, 9/11 never happened? - Contra Costa Times
New Video Overlay proves clearly 9/11 TV Fakery (09/16)
Dutch News + Blogs about Daan de Wit + 09/16 Conference
New 9/11 Amateur Footage synched with radio calls
More 9/11 Indy Protest Movies
London 9/11 Truth Movement Protest Video - 2006-09-11
Michael Ramirez on 9/11 Conspiracy and Other NUTTERS
911 Mysteries up at video.google
"CollegeChick": 9/11/2006 Ground Zero NY
Morgan Stack + Webster Tarpley in Dublin
Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings Documentary
911truth.org Newsletter:
Bush 9/11 Drill? -Selected "9/11 Press for Truth" Clips and Complete Mirror
Vermont Guardian about new Griffin Book

9/11 Bloglines (09/15 -Updates)

September 15, 2006

Vermont Guardian about new Griffin Book
NY Villager about Grannies protest meeting NY 9/11 Truth "members"
Concord Monitor: We must examine other theories about 9/11
Larry Bensky attacks 9/11 Truth Movement on KPFA
MEMRI video about 9/11 conspiracy remarks
Frontpage Mag: CBC’s 9/11 Slanders
Claim: Most Canadians Doubt 9/11 Conspiracy
40% of Danish People believe U.S. behind 9/11
Video Podcast: Scheer on 9/11
Lev Grossman friend: Why the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Really Won't Go Away
eric Boehlert: Why Was Wolfowitz So Clueless On The Morning of 9/11?
New Debate Over Pentagon 9/11 Photo
"founding fathers of NY911Truth.. no longer welcome"
New GZ report + pics from protest
Skeptics Society: The 9/11 Truth Movement in Perspective
McKinney's Congressional Briefing Transcript Now Available
Czech Hit Piece: "The Conspiracy of the 9/11."
Killtown on WING TV (archived link)
Dutch News + Blogs about Daan de Wit + 09/16 Conference
No $2B Bid for 9/11 heroes
09/15 -Counterpunch: 9/11: In Theory and in Fact
Swiss "Blick" paper about swiss 9/11 Skeptics

9/11 Bloglines (09/15)

September 14, 2006

*submitted by the Edna Cintron League

PrisonPlanet about protest at CFR (09/12)
FOX TV: Morgan Reynolds about "9/11 TV fakery" + Controlled Demolition
Blogosphere also silent about 9/11 Truth protests
Nimmo: Path to 9/11 Obscures Real Terror Network
Mark Bilk: "Nuclear bombs were not used on the WTC"
"Even the far left think conspiradroids are nutters..."
ConspSmasher ranting about "Jon Gold
Howie Hawkins for US Senate, NY Green Party
California's Orange County Register Editorial hints LIHOP/MIHOP
One in 5 Canadians sees 9/11 as U.S. plot: poll
VIDEO: Ex-Bush offical Reynolds tells Fox 9/11 inside job
Tom Foti (ny911), Alex Jones at CFR Protest
Killtown in Cushing Daily Citizen - "Flight 93 crash photo target of conspiracy theorists"
"The Shaolin Plane"
GeorgeWash Blog: "R.I.P. for no-planes"
Video: C-SPAN "9/11 Press for Truth" press conference.
911-news.blogspot.com: Show # 8 September 11
ConspSmasher: The "no plane" people
ConspSmasher about odd ny911 diary: "Morons go to NYC"
09/16: Dutch 9/11 Truth Conference, also reflecting Zembla-Doku

9/11 Bloglines (09/12/06)

September 12, 2006
Paula Zahn (CNN) on 9/11 Conspiracies (NOW!)
WINGTV: Ground Zero Reports
Jack Blood Coverage of ny911 protests
9/11TVF: Photo/Video Comparison shows discrepancy of Aircraft Altitude
Arbeiterfotografie on German 9/11 Doku
"Investigate 9/11" with Bush (and more Photo Stories)
Voice of America (VIDEO has lot of ny911truth protest): "They came to protest.."
CD experts supports view on WTC 7
INN World Report: James Fetzer
CNN Interviews Mike J. Wilson to Discuss Pentagon Conspiracy Theories
Totalradio: Reynolds & Wood on NPR
More reports from NY 9/11 Truth Protest
George Noory - C2C - 911 Fifth Anniversary Show, David Hawkins, AJ, WingTV
Petition to support Prof. Jones
KXMB: 9/11 Conspiracy Buffs vs. PopMech (Video of Amy Goodman)
Mickey Mouse- Co-Conspirator of 9/11 (Satire Video)
PrisonPlanet: 9/11 Truth Movement Needs Legal Action Group and Distance from 9/11 TV Fakery
AP/Newsweek: Theory that U.S. orchestrated Sept. 11 attacks 'not absurd': Venezuela

9/11 Bloglines (09/11/06)

11 September, 2006

Columbus Dispatch about ny911 protest
WP about Pentz/Marrs/Hence at Kean/Hamilton...
BBC covers 9/11 truth protest at Ground Zero
2 sec AP clip of Alex Jones with 2 protestors
CBC Sunday covered 9/11 alternative theories.
Accuracy in Media on Bowman/NPC and ny911 event: Impeaching Bush Over 9/11
LA Times about NY Washington Square Protest (09/10)
MSNBC: The 9/11 conspiracy: Rubbish or reality?
Miami Herald: 9/11 paranoia breeds nutball conspiracy tales
OfficialWire: Editorial/Op-Ed: 9/11 An Inside Job?
Alex Jones reports from Ground Zero
London 9/11 Truth Protests
NY 9/11 Anniversary Event (own report)
Rush Limbaugh: Conspiracy Kook: 9/11 Was Inside Job,
More 9/11 Conspiracy MSM reports
9/11 Anniversary Events (Updates)
Robert Bowman to Appear at LC2E Screening for Democrats
Report: German 9/11 Summit "Success"
Report on Protests from NYC
Mainstream Norwegian TV Covers 9/11 Press for Truth
UPI: Magnified by the web, 9/11 conspiracy theories abound
KXMB: 9/11 Conspiracy Buffs vs. PopMech (Video of Amy Goodman)
Australian MP attacks Channel Ten over v.Kleist's "In Plain Sight"

9/11 Bloglines (09/08)

9/11 Bloglines (09/08)

ScrewLoose Editorial in the Seattle PI
Screw Loose Change in France!
Spooked: Mainstream Media Can't Get Enough of the 9/11 Conpspiracy Theories Now
Nimmo: Gatekeeper Alex Cockburn Attacks 9/11 “Conspiracy Nuts”
911fraud blogspot: Bin Laden Working for CIA Proxy...
Huffington Post: Let's Scrap the 9/11 Commission Report and Start Again
Daily Telegraph UK: The CIA couldn't have organised this...
Was 9/11 an inside job? - Mail + Guardian Online
"Anonymous" attacks Les Jamieson
Lisa Guliani vs. Popular Mechanics
Jimmy Walter: Paul Watson + Kyle Hence is Disinfo
FalseFlagNews on RBN
Alternet: 9/11 Conspiracy Fantasies
09/08: Peter Dale Scott followed by Kevin Ryan on Alex Jones
New Roundup 9/11 Anniversary Weekend
Randi Rhodes Interviews Paul Thompson 9/7/2006
FMN News: Strike for 9/11 Truth on Monday?
BrianV/ No-Planes: 9/11: The Twin Towers
"No-Planer" tag summary at 911blogger.com
Pentagonhit Blogspot: Modelling the SecCam
TheNation: 9/11 in a Movie-Made World
Holmgren: Redefining "truth": Double-think inside the movement
BYU Professor on Paid Leave for 9-11 Theory