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Dick Cheney: Key Player in a COG America?

Shortly after President Bush boarded Air Force One on 9/11, he spoke with Vice President Dick Cheney for approximately ten minutes (pp.335-6). According to the 9/11 Commission, Cheney called Bush from the underground tunnel leading to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) below the White House. (pp. 39-40). Cheney later recalls making “one phone call [to the president] from the tunnel. And basically I called to let him know that we [at the White House] were a target and I strongly urged him not to return to Washington right away, that he delay his return until we could find out what the hell was going on.” Cheney later recalls, “What I was immediately thinking about was sort of continuity of government” (pp. 335-336).

Evidence is Growing: Continuity of Government Plan is CURRENTLY in Effect

In two previous posts (here and here), I showed that Continuity of Government plans were implemented on September 11th, and I asked whether they have ever been suspended.

One of the top investigative journalists in the country, Larisa Alexandrovna (the lead journalist at Raw Story), may have just provided an answer:

"The US Air Force Shot Down Flight 93"

The following comment was posted on one of my blogs today (I do not know who the author is -- he posted semi-anonymously; so decide for yourself whether or not you believe him):

If We Don't Learn Our History, We're Doomed to Repeat It

Everyone has heard the saying "if we don't learn our history, we're doomed to repeat it".

Let's see if history can teach us anything about 9/11:

  • It is widely accepted that the Nazis, in Operation Himmler, faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland
  • It has now been persuasively argued — as shown, for example, in this History Channel video — that Nazis set fire to their own government building and blamed that fire on others (if you have trouble playing the clip, it is because the website hosting the clip requires you to download the clip before playing it). The fire was the event which justified Hitler's seizure of power and suspension of liberties

11 Remarkable Facts About 9/11

I'm not sure whether this has been posted to 911Blogger before or not.

It is an excellent summary put together, I believe, by and Ken Jenkins.

Reddit here

14 Structural Engineers Now Publicly Challenge Government's Explanation for Destruction of the World Trade Center

14 structural engineers now publicly challenge the government's account of the destruction of the Trade Centers on 9/11:

A prominent engineer with 55 years experience, in charge of the design of hundreds of major building projects including high rise offices, former member of the California Seismic Safety Commission and former member of the National Institute of Sciences Building Safety Council (Marx Ayres) believes that the World Trade Centers were brought down by controlled demolition (see also this)

Join the 1st National Coalition 9/11 Truth Action TO BREAK THE MEDIA BLOCKADE !!

GW's comment: If you're sick of hearing about The Shell Game, I understand (although I think Steve Alten truly is dedicated and sincere). And if you don't believe in peak oil , I understand (I'm agnostic).

But let me give you one reason to participate: when it works, it will show that 9/11 activists can move mountains if we focus. And so FUTURE "week of truth" actions can focus on other projects which you find important.

The following was written by William Douglas.

Join the 1st National Coalition 9/11 Truth Action TO BREAK THE MEDIA BLOCKADE !!

Announcing 9/11 Summary

Today, I launched 911 Summary.

Its a one-page list of highly-credible people who question 9/11. What's new about it?

Mainly the easy-to-remember address:

Take a look.

And see this for one way to use such a list.

Secrets of Persuasion for Truth Activists - Part 3

Several well-known 9/11 activists have asked my advice before television or radio interviews. My advice to all of them -- whether they are highly-credentialed scientists or unknown but energetic activists -- is the same: strength in numbers.

What do I mean?

Well, no matter what your background is, if it is just you and the interviewer, they can marginalize you and make you look like a member of the "fringe". Even if you are a former high-level military officer, or a successful politician, or a famous actor, the interviewer can pull a Karl Rove-type slime attack on you.

Unless you remember that there is strength in numbers.

The A List

I recommend that everyone bring with them to interviews a list of the highly-credible people who question 9/11. You can use my list, or the lists at Patriots Question 9/11, or any other list of high-powered credible people.

With such a list in hand, you are in a very strong position.

The Secret to Effective Activism

Preface: If you are not really angry about the lies and propaganda that the government and corporate media are telling, don't read this essay. Go read up enough that you get mad first. Then come back and read this. Without a healthy dose of righteous anger, you're not ready to be an effective activist.

You walk out of wherever you ate lunch and a bunch of kids with black shirts, nose rings and spikey purple and green hair yell at you angrily:



Are you likely to chat with them and see what they are talking about? Are you going to patiently read their flyers and see what social cause they are protesting?


Maybe their cause is a really good one: maybe you have unwittingly purchased a belt made in China from the rare and endangered snow leopard, and maybe your purchase is helping to drive the snow leopard to extinction, when there are many substitutes to make belts from.

Extreme, over-the-top example? Of course.

Please share, spread the truth

This powerful video is new to me. I think it is very powerful.

It Is NOT Too Late

With the never-ending assaults on our constitutional liberties by the wanna-be fascists . . .

With the constant manipulations of the economy by the powers-that-be . . .

With the mountain of horrific crimes committed by the mega-corporations in Iraq and America
. . .

With the constantly-increasing blizzard of psyops and snow-jobs by the corporate media . . .

It is easy to lose hope

Or to have the fire of righteous anger doused by the dampness of fatigue

Or to ease up on trying to fix things

A Little Perspective

It is vital to put things in perspective:

  • We are (still) able to share real news on the Internet
  • We are (still) not locked in prison camps set up for those who criticize the government
  • We have (still) not bombed yet another country for oil
  • There has (still) not been a nuclear or bio false flag
  • We are (still) able to access food and other necessities

Therefore, we still have resources to work with . . .

Why Don't the Democrats ask Mukasey Some REAL Questions?

Its headline news that top Democrats are asking Attorney General Mukasey to explain his comments about a pre-9/11 phone call from a terrorist to the United States.

Why doesn't Congress ask Mukasey some real questions. For example:

Is This What Happened on 9/11?

Let's quickly review some odd facts about 9/11:

  • The 9/11 flights were quite empty compared to normal flights (pp. 52-53)