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EDL / UAF protest footage captures billboard

I have no opinion on the political views of either side in these demonstrations, but I could not help but notice the billboard in the background of the footage. Did anyone else notice I wonder?

A fast and furious take on the WTC7 issue

A fact filled rush through the WTC7 story

Response to NISTs WTC7 Briefing

Response to NIST WTC7 Briefing of 21st Aug 2008

Published on Sep 3, 2013

BBC Panorama link Boston bomber to 911 truth

"The programme discovered that Tamerlan Tsarnaev possessed articles which argued that both 9/11 and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing were government conspiracies"

Tangled Webs - NIST and WTC7

Part 3 in a series examining NISTs story about the destruction of WTC7.

Part 2 - The Expanding Lie
Part 1 - Shear Ignorance

NIST and WTC7 - The Expanding Lie

Part 2 of a series of videos examining NISTs theory on WTC7

Part 1 - Shear Ignorance

WTC7 and NIST - Shear Ignorance

I made this video along with some other researchers from our 911 Truth chatroom. It addresses the issue of shear studs in WTC7 and NIST's denials and admissions of their existence. Comments/criticisms are welcome. I will include links and references in the description as soon as I can.

Enhanced Clip

Enhanced segment of a recent FOIA response(10 Jan 2012) at 1/4 speed, zoomed, and contrasted.

10:45 am BBC reports 3rd building near World Trade Center has collapsed

Jane Standley in an early report stating that another building close to the towers has collapsed.

This clip was found via a research collective that I run on paltalk. This is the direct link to the room: - your help is needed. There are 2, 911 truth rooms on paltalk, mine is the one with 911 in words, not numbers. But please check out both. If you are willing to help and have any problems getting onto paltalk just email me at and i will try to help. Get on board - we are many, they are few.