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3 attack warnings just weeks before 9/11 all reported by FOX News simultaneously on 9/11/01

UNBELIEVEABLE! 3 warnings all mentioned in the very same FOX News report from 9/11/01 that came in the weeks before 9/11:

1) The London newspaper Bin Laden warning 3 weeks before 9/11. (see below CBS and FOX News videos below main video, especially the FOX News Newt Gingrich interview)
2) U.S. Law enforcement warned about possible attacks against U.S. and government facilities.
3) The State Department warning of 9/7/01 telling government and military officials to be on a "hightened state of alert". (see MSNBC State Dept. warning video below main video)

If this isn't a prior knowledge smoking gun, I don't know what is...

3 terrorist warnings came in just weeks before 9/11

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Bin Laden warned of huge attack 3 weeks before 9/11

Newt Gingrich admitted on Fox News the day of 9/11 that Bin Laden had warned of an attack on American soil 3 weeks before 9/11!!

President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Condi Rice, Ari Fleischer, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, George Tenet and the 9/11 Commission have all told us and continue to say there were no warnings that an attack was coming. Here are 3 reports straight from the mouths of FOX News, Dan Rather, and Newt Gingrich from the day of the attack stating that Osama Bin Laden had warned of a huge attack on American soil just 3 weeks before 9/11.

Newt Gingrich admits Bin Laden warned of huge attack before 9/11

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Here's that very same report from Fox News and CBS's Dan Rather:

Bin Laden warned of huge attack 3 weeks before 9/11

Bin Laden warned of huge attack on America 3 weeks before 9/11

According to White House Press Secretary at the time, Ari Fleischer, there were "no warnings." Yet, here are two news outlets reporting the very same report from London. Then watch Dan Rather contradict himself within 3 hours.

Bin Laden warned of huge attack 3 weeks before 9/11

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Ramzi Yousef predicts 9/11

This video comes in two parts. The first part is from ABC News shortly before the second tower collapses. The second part is from a 1997 HBO entitled, Path to Paradise, which follows the actions of the men who carried out the first World Trade Center bombing of February 26, 1993. The scene is from the end of the movie during Ramzi Yousef's 1995 extradition back to the United States as he's being flown over the target he and his boys failed to destroy two years earlier.

Ramzi Yousef predicts 9/11 while flying past the WTC

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President Bush's initial reaction to the first WTC plane crash

A video laying out what Bush claims he thought happened on 9/11 when the first plane hit the World Trade Center and what he should have known was happening if his crew had been paying attention to the news. Kind in mind as you watch this that by 8:50 that morning, 3 planes had already been hijacked and taken off course yet Bush isn't told the country was under attack until 9:05, after the second plane hit the WTC.

President Bush's reaction to the first WTC plane on 9/11

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9/11/06 March - Message to my fellow Tennesseans

This is a video clip shot by yours truly on 9/11/06 at Ground Zero as we marched to City Hall. I live in East Tennessee where all the people care about is unimportant crap and I'm sick of it, so I recorded a little message for them. God, I miss New York.
My 9/11 Message to Tennessee

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United 93 movie = PURE PROPAGANDA

Here is proof that the 2006 Hollywood movie, United 93, is lying about the facts of that day. Here is just one example.

United 93 movie = PURE PROPAGANDA

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VIDEO: Bill Maher discusses the Project For New American Century PNAC...sort of

NEW RULE: You can’t allow your fellow comedians like Jon Stewart to call you the “truth teller” when you deliberately leave out critical information pertaining to the truth such as PNAC’s 2000 statement that rebuilding America’s defenses would be a slow process “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a New Pearl Harbor.” You must correct them by telling them you’re only a “half-truth teller” and a well-paid comedian just trying to get a cheap laugh.

PROGRAM NOTE: Next week Christie Todd Whitman will be on Real Time with Bill Maher. It will be interesting to see what she doesn’t say about the 9/11 clean air lie and what Bill Maher will say to make the crowd laugh again at the 9/11 Truth Movement, which won’t be hard to do if they ever happen to see u2r2h’s and CB_Brooklyn’s repetitious disinformation.

Bill Maher on Project For New American Century PNAC

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MSNBC 9/11/01 - State Department warning issued on 9/7/01

I found this as I'm beginning to go back through all my 250+ hours of raw news archive and wanted to know what everybody thought. I don't know how significant this may or may not be so take a look for yourselves. Leave some comments!

MSNBC - 9/7/01 warning from State Department

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60 Minutes: 9/11 - A Jewish Conspiracy?!?!

60 Minutes: 9/11: An Israeli Conspiracy?!?!

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Aired several months after 9/11, here is a textbook example of psychological warfare straight from CBS. It's designed to make anybody who questions the official story of 9/11 seem like a violent, anti-Jewish, fanatical Bin Laden supporter. Yes, Jews were warned to stay away AND SO WERE MANY OTHER PEOPLE AS WELL! That doesn't mean Jews pulled 9/11! The Iraeli’s CIA, known as the Mossad, had been warning America in the weeks before 9/11 that an attack was coming but our government ignored the warnings, just as they did warning from Germany, France, Russia, and God knows who else. The biggest fuel of that “Jews did it” fire comes from two examples: 1) The vacating and lease-breaking of the Israeli company Zim-American Shipping moving out of the North Tower to Norfolk, Virginia one week before 9/11. The second example is from the hundreds of instant messages through the Israeli IM company, ODIGO, in which hundred, perhaps thousands were warned to get out/stay away from Lower Manhattan. That doesn’t mean the Jews were in on it; it means they got their people out of harm’s way, something OUR government never bothered to do! The other purpose of this news report is to fuel hatred of Muslims by having Dan Rather stressing that “That’s exactly what most Muslims believe.”

Creepy 9/11 Prediction from SNL March 18, 2000

My buddy, Phillip Meek, and I found this one day completely by accident going through some old wrestling tapes. This clip aired live on Saturday Night Live on March 18, 2000. For those who don't understand Pakistan's role in 9/11, it was confirmed by the FBI that Pakistan's ISI wired $100,000 to the lead hijacker, Mohamed Atta, funding 1/5 of the attacks on 9/11. For those who don't know who Salman Rushdie is, he was banned publicly by the FAA from flying on the airlines ONE WEEK before 9/11. Watch this clip, aired on 3/18/00 and leave your comments because I want to know what people think about this because most truthers don't know about and haven't seen it.
Saturday Night Live March 18, 2000

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Here's a video from Real Time with Bill Maher. The week before 9/11/06, Bill Maher finally addressed the truth only to immediately ridicule it for a cheap laugh. Not only that, he attacked Charlie Sheen, jokingly calling him a "scholar". Nevermind Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, and everyone in Scholars For 9/11, no...let's attack the actor with a tarnished past. Thank you Charlie Sheen again for sacrificing yourself as the official 9/11 Truth scapegoat that all the skeptics can now point and laugh at and use to make the rest of us look foolish. Notice the little CFR guy on the far left of the panel laughing along with Maher.
I say we need to all email Alex Jones and get him fired up to pressure Bill Maher to get Charlie Sheen or a prominent member of 9/11 Truth on the PANEL...not the 5 minute interviews, THE PANEL so he can talk throughout the entire program. Whaddaya say?? Give Alex a shout and have him speak to Maher on our behalf to GROW SOME BALLS and have a "conspiracy nut" on the show. Maher's not scared, is he?

Jim Fetzer on The O'Reilly Factor - 10/12/06

Here is Jim Fetzer TRYING to discuss 9/11, but Oreilly wouldn't shut his hole long enough to let the poor guy get a word in.

Get this video and more at


Has anybody else seen these pictures? This is two pictures, one of Flight 11 seconds before impacting the North Tower, the second is of the explosion. It's looks legit to me because there are no clouds in the sky and it’s a well-known fact that Flight 11 went all the way through the North Tower. This video doesn’t really help the Truth Movement any, I just thought it was an interesting NEW piece of history. If I’m wrong, don’t be afraid to say so, but it looks real to me.

9/11/06 Tribute To Truth

This is a video of my own design with most, but not all, of the pictures and videos taken with my camera. The 9/11 Truth Movement has really changed my life and you guys are some of the greatest people in the world. This is my way of saying "Thank You."