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9/11 Helicopter Footage Hits WorldWide Media Headlines While Incriminating 9/11 FOIA Videos are Ignored

Recently acquired FOIA helicopter footage from 9/11 hit major media headlines. 

The new video, some of it seen before (@ 4:00 min), is low-mid quality and mostly missing the very important aspects of the WTC  Towers destruction; especially the onset of their destruction. It does however give good perspective to the dust cloud that covered thousands of people in Manhattan.

Over the last 9 years there have been many Freedom Of Information Act Requests filed  pertaining to the events on 9/11/01. Very little of the information that has been acquired has had any major media attention if any at all.

Interactive 9/11 Memorial Timeline Uses WTC# 5 Photograph as WTC# 7 and Claims Raging Fire

In preparation for the 10th year anniversary of the 9/11 murders, the 9/11 Memorial has put up an online interactive 9/11 timeline. It hasn't been up more than 24 hours as of writing this.

I have not had much time to review it, but sure enough I noticed a major fault right away!

The timeline mentions the WTC# 7 "collapse" at 5:20pm and if you click on the images available for that time, you will see 3 pictures - one of them being the one shown below.

The 9/11 Memorial Interactive Timeline says this is a raging fire in   WTC 7, however it looks a lot like WTC #5

Destabilize the "Patriot" Act Legislation Momentum Part 2

There is no time for delay! YOU must call and act - we all must.

This is an exercise in protecting your civil liberties; this is not a test.

The House of Congress is voting today! Get your Congressional Representative's number here, below is Lynn Woolsey for those in Marin and Sonoma Co.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey:     Phone: (202)-225-5161       Fax: (202)-225-5163

Be polite, and express your simple or complex thoughts about why you don't like the "Patriot" Act. ACLU summary here. Be sure to also be very adamant about not supporting the permanent provisions at all as an American!

If/when it passes through Congress the Senate will then vote on it, call them now too!

Lies, Lawsuits, and Legislation: A Brief History of the 9/11 First Responders Hellish Rollercoaster Ride

"This is a time for reflection, not retribution." - Barack Obama, 2009

Obama is no hero. Only after so many wrongs could the recently passed 9/11 Health legislation seem right.

9 Months Before 9/11, Online Discussion About Whether WTC Could Survive Plane Impact

I found the following on "Geekosystem" and thought it was interesting:

Reddit alerts us to the existence of an unsettling thread on aviation site dated November 30, 2000, in which forumers debated whether or not the World Trade Center “could survive an 767-300 impact.”

‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Lobbied To Help GOP Kill Bill To Provide Health Care To 9/11 First Responders

The following is from Think Progress:

Last night, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart skewered Republicans for killing deficit neutral legislation to provide health care to the 9/11 first responders and emergency workers who suffered illnesses from working at Ground Zero. He also mocked the celebrity-obsessed media that has completely ignored the story. Republicans, like Sen. John Thune (R-SD), filibustered the bill because they said tax cuts for the richest 2 percent were a higher priority for Congress. While Republicans quietly snuffed out efforts to compensate 9/11 heroes, they were aided by a quiet lobbying campaign by the powerful lobbying front — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Obama, Mullen, Gates Hold War-Justification-Ceremony at Pentagon for 9/11 Victims Family Members & Country on 11th of the Month

To my knowledge, this is the first time a 9/11 memorial by the highest officials has happened on an 11th other than September.

As covered by the Navy Times:

President Obama, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen on Saturday (the 11th) remembered the victims of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon in a ceremony at the Pentagon Memorial.

I can optimistically think that this is in direct response to:

Dump Trucks Ready on 9/11/01 to Cart off Evidence

The removal of debris from the crime scene of 9/11 has been looked at as a piece to the other crime of 9/11; the cover-up and censorship of the event and the evidence. Professionals would like to know: If the official story were correct, why would fire collapse WTC #7? This would be the first time in history that office fires could account for a total failure and global collapse of a steel-framed high-rise building. Surely there would be something to learn - imagine if you dropped a ball and it fell up!

If the removal of 9/11 crime scene evidence is new information to you, let me point you to another question you should be asking: If the attacks of 9/11 were a surprise and the collapse of WTC #7 unprecedented in history, why was an army of dump trucks there the same day ready to cart off debris which included human remains and structural evidence? 

Trucks entering frame at 1:26 below, seconds after WTC #7 collapsed:

Sonoma County Bomb Squad meets Nor Cal Truth

“Keep up the good work” comment by SWAT officer made it all worth it.

I happened to stumble upon a SWAT and Bomb Squad training in Santa Rosa, Ca on Nov. 6th. I set up a small make-shift “truth-booth” with camera and tried to politely hand out information. After 3 hours, about 6 packets were taken by officials …  better than none.

They had a building cordoned off and it seems they do this regularly for training purposes.

I have nothing against training, but I hope they all remember to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreighn AND DOMESTIC in these incredibly corrupt times.

We are 10 years at war from a false–flag terror attack known as 9/11. Lets end the war, prosecute the criminals and have a happy and healthy community!

For techinical information regarding the collapse of the 3 high rise buildings on 9/11 please visit:

Another High Rise in China Burns Completely Without Collapse

On Nov. 15th in China a 28 storey building burned on almost every floor, and stood the next day to be inspected. This was the fire:

And the next day:

Even the scaffolding is standing!!!

Furthermore, people are being held accountable in this very recent Chinese fire!

 The 9/11 victims families are still waiting for answers and accountability.

This is the fire that engulfed the Chinese CCTV building last year (and did not collapse):

Be Careful Denzel – That Ground Zero Dust is Explosive!

In a recent interview published by The Daily Mail in the U.K., the Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington spoke briefly about his time in New York around 9/11/01:

“I’m from New York, I was at Ground Zero and it changed my life. I’m a native New Yorker to the day I die. I had to be there. I was stunned. I was as close as I am to you now looking down in the hole days after it happened. For everyone involved it was traumatic. I saw people just sitting there exhausted because the guys had worked two or three days straight.”

Manny Badillo, 9/11 Family Member “Informs” DHS Janet Napolitano of WTC7 on 09/11/2010

We couldn’t have asked for better circumstances…

On September 11th this year we ran into Janet Napolitano, director of the Dept. of Homeland Security, while visiting the reflecting pool memorial inside the “pit.”

Here is the video of 9-11 family member Manny Badillo’s conversation with her regarding World Trade Center #7.

Please spread far and wide and enjoy!

FOIA NIST Cumulus: 9/11 Ground Zero after Midnight

A sad scene from what appears to be the night of 9/11 as rescue workers work tirelessly looking for survivors and their fellow firefighters who were in the buildings during their destruction.

At the 6:58 mark there seems to be a very bright glow. It appears to be molten metal in the mid-ground of the camera frame once the camera zooms in.

Amazingly, after 220 stories of buildings “collapsed” into the streets right below, the streets were quite walkable for the rescue personnel. Shouldn’t there be a massive pile of a building, TIMES 2?

RAW NIST FOIA Cumulus Release #14 WNBC Dub 4 Clips 24-76 in order combined.

Support the efforts of the International Center for 9/11 Studies, they are currently trying to receive more RAW data via FOIA requests.

Loren Hanks, Air Force Maj. Reserve and Congressional Candidate, Asked About Lack of 9/11 Air Defense

At one of Bill Clintons stops during the run up to the November Elections I ran into Congressional Rep. Mike Thompsons opponent, Loren Hanks.

Loren is a Major in the Air Force Reserves. I asked him about our air defense on 9/11 and he kindly gave me the time I asked for.

He seems to leave our discussion interested in learning more.

As I am posting this on Nov 3rd, I am finding out that Loren Hanks did not win the Congressional Seat for the 1st District of California.