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Brzezinski gets confronted (video)

Cool Hand Luke from confronts Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Please donate to so we can get another camera so we can do more of these actions more efficiently and not risk getting the footage taken away.

Tom Foti and Luke Rudkowski of NY911Truth on MNN (video)

Tom Foti and Luke Rudkowski on MNN (video)

Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti of NY911Truth met Harold Channer to talk about 9-11 truth and the new upcoming documentary titled “Dedicated.” Luke Rudkowski NYC film maker has made his debut film as an homage to his friend and fellow 9-11 activist Dan Wallace. Dan Wallace is the son of a firefighter who was a victim of 9/11 named Lt. Robert F. Wallace. Dan unfortunately passed away on 1/29/07 during the making of this film.

The documentary is about the street actions taken by members of NY911truth including Luke Rudkowski, Tom Foti and Dan Wallace and shows these activist making their statement known in the presence of militarized police at well know locations such as the New York Stock Exchange.

Go to or for more info.

Photo of 9/11 Truthers at the Jan 27 March

9/11 Truth was represented at the Jan 27 march in DC. This is a great shot.

Thanks Carol for the submission!

Jim Fetzer Interviews Rick Siegel Today on GCN

Rick Siegel will be appearing with Jim Fetzer on GCN to discuss Disinfo and Misinfo today Feb 6 at 3PM CST.

9/11 Protest Sign

Steve sent me this new video with the following comment:

"Please watch this 4 minute video of me in front of the World Trade Center on September 11, for the 5th anniversary to understand the extent of the police state we are currently living under when the NYPD order me to remove my banner from PUBLIC property because it said that 9/11 was done by the USA. Please also witness to the degree the movement has been infiltrated and compromised by police informants. 1 minute and 38 seconds into this video for 15 seconds you will see a young government agent wearing a black hat and black hooded sweatshirt disguised as an organizer work with uniformed police to silence my free speech and stop other activists from helping me."

Note: I don't know any of the people involved, and so can't vouch for who is who.