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Recent Richard Gage - Dave Thomas debate. Thomas approach: throw #%*t on wall, hope something sticks.

Dave Thomas, a physics and math teacher, equates the Niels Harrit peer reviewed paper published in a scientific journal to a contradicting article published by "Skeptical Inquirer" in this 60 minute debate held two weeks ago on WMNF (WMNF.org, archives "Radio Activity", June 28) a public radio station in the Tampa Bay area. The program was originally scheduled as an interview but was unexpectantly changed to a debate the day before - possibly because the host decided to air an Amy Goodman special about the recent Supreme Court health care decison. Regardless, we were pleased that the program was aired at all and that Richard was able to cram in the time between a film presentation the night before in Tampa and one to follow the broadcast that same evening in St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park.
audio: [(http://www.wmnf.org/program_strips/353)] Select june 28.

To enable future programs about 9-11 on this very popular and respected radio station, I think it would be important to send encouraging emails to Rob Lorei, the news and public affairs director for the station.

Thomas makes a few bizarre statements during the debate such as buildings are capable of falling faster than the rate of gravity and his unique explanation for the presence of micro spheres. He claims that the micro iron spheres found around the WTC site resulted from metal filings created during the colapse of the buildings and burned in much the same way that steel wool forms metal spheres when ignited by a cigarette lighter. With the vast amounts of metal spheres and motlen iron found around the WTC site, just how big would a ball a steel wool have to be?