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Why Robert Parry is right about 9/11 Truth

Jan 30th 2011

By Kevin Ryan

Nothing moves through the path of most resistance, and certainly not the human mind.  A recent article written by journalist Robert Parry has provided another good example of this long-standing fact.   In that article, Parry exhibits an astonishing lack of knowledge about the truth movement and the questions posed by honest 9/11 skeptics as he attempts to publicly denigrate those questions and people.  The well-respected journalist Parry provides excellent examples, throughout his article, of how normally reasoned and well-researched professionals can suddenly turn into people who cannot deal with facts or evidence.  Unfortunately, Parry’s comments are correct in one sense as demonstrated by another article published in response to his.  For some people, the 9/11 truth movement is a parlor game.

Victoria Ashley Joins 911Blogger Moderation Team

We are pleased to announce that Victoria Ashley has accepted our invitation to help moderate 911Blogger.

911Blogger users will be familiar with her posts and comments as Victronix.

Victoria is a co-founder and editor of 911TruthNews.com.

The following is posted as her bio there:

Victoria Ashley has been researching the attack since 2003 and has contributed unique insights into the modes and methods of misinformation used to marginalize the 9/11 Truth Movement. Victoria highlighted the importance of Steven Jones’ work in a 2006 essay, Steven E. Jones, A Physics Professor Speaks Out on 9-11: Reason, Publicity, and Reaction, and in late 2006, helped to organize the Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice group. Her most recent essays are Discrediting By Association: Undermining the Case for Patriots Who Question 9/11, and, To Con a Movement: Exposing CIT’s PentaCon ‘Magic Show‘.

Victoria has demonstrated her concern for truth and justice by consistently relying on credible evidence and sound reasoning to expose not only the false elements of the official version of 9/11 and the evidence pointing to insider involvement, but also misinformation and dubious claims that have been circulated in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

In addition, she has demonstrated patience and respect for people, even when she or her views are subject to hostility. We believe Victoria will be an asset on the 911Blogger Team in our mission to cover 9/11 related news, events, information and research, to advance the cause of truth and justice, and to provide a space that promotes civil discussion of news and issues related to 9/11 and the post-9/11 world.

We also want to acknowledge the importance of the 911Blogger user community; the site would not exist without you. We appreciate your feedback on the management and direction of 911Blogger as we go forward into the next decade following 9/11. The thread below is open for your comments.


Welcome, Victoria!

Justin, Ted, John and Erik

Urgent request for FOIA lawsuit financial support.

Litigation seeking the release of never before seen 9/11 FBI records is currently underway in the federal courts. There is an immediate need for a FOIA attorney to assist the plaintiff with this important case. The defendants have a large body of legal experts working to prevent the release of these records. A public interest FOIA attorney has offered their services at a reduced public interest rate. Will you help to raise the required funds? Release of these requested records may help settle questions surrounding the Pentagon and Shanksville controversies, as well as others. Release of these records could also help overcome future claims of release exemption by the FBI for other 9/11 records requests.

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NORAD plans Washington exercise Tuesday

From: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dr-gridlock/2010/07/norad_plans_washington_exercis.html

The North American Aerospace Defense Command will conduct early morning exercises over the Washington area.

The exercises will take place between midnight and 2 a.m. Tuesday and Wednesday. Civil Air Patrol aircraft and Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopters will take part in the exercise.

These exercise flights have been conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada since the start of Operation Noble Eagle, the command's response to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

-- Associated Press

Chile's New Net Neutrality Law

From: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/10/07/13/2056218/Chile-First-To-Approve-Net-Neutrality-Law

Chile has become the first country in the world to approve, by 100 votes in favor and one abstention, a law guaranteeing net neutrality

(Google translation; Spanish original)

The law states [/. submitter's translation]: 'No [ISP] can block, interfere with, discriminate, hinder, nor restrict the right of any Internet user of using, send, receive or offer any content, application, or legitimate service through the Internet, as well as any activity or legitimate use conducted through the Internet.'

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Final sift of World Trade Center rubble yields 72 bone fragments

Jun 23rd 2010:

Washington - Remains of victims have been discovered in the rubble of the World Trade Center nearly nine years after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks:

Seventy-two bone fragments were found in about two dump trucks of debris that had yet to be sifted by forensics experts, US television's ABC News reported Tuesday, citing the New York Medical Examiner's Office.

The office said DNA testing was likely to identify some of the remains, given the size and condition of the bone fragments. About 1,000 people of the nearly 3,000 victims of the suicide plane hijackings that brought down the two towers of the World Trade Center have yet to be identified.The experts sifted through 645 cubic metres of debris over three months to find the remains. The debris was the last from the World Trade Center that had yet to combed.



Only 289 intact bodies were recovered. May-30-2002 - cnn.com


FOIA Release - 3,160 Electronic Records of The WTC Collapse Investigation

A anonymous supporter obtained the FOIA records that were released to ABC news earlier this year.

(correction from earlier, this is all 10 DVD's)

The dataset is 26GB in size, and it's currently only available as a torrent, if you have webspace and bandwidth to spare please consider putting them on your FTP/Web site and sharing the link.

http://911blogger.com/sites/default/files/FOIA Release of 3,160 Electronic Records of The WTC Collapse Investigation.torrent

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

Order it at Infowars.com
Full Video:

9/11 William Rodriguez interviews 7/7 Survivor Daniel Obachike

9/11 William Rodriguez interviews 7/7 Survivor Daniel Obachike


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Charlie Sheen and William Rodriguez

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