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The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation and the Real 'Terrorists' in America By Richard Clark


The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation and the Real 'Terrorists' in America
March 22, 2011
By Richard Clark


This report is based largely on a book by Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, in London. The Institute is an independent trans-disciplinary research network promoting equality, sustainability and security. Ahmed is also a bestselling author and international security analyst specializing in the historical sociology and political ecology of mass violence. He has taught at the Department of International Relations, University of Sussex, and lectured at Brunel University's Politics & History Unit at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, for courses in international relations theory.

Ahmed's book tars the CIA & FBI, the US, and the UK, claiming that they all either knowingly or unwittingly supported, aided, and abetted terrorists, and that the main purpose for allowing 9-11 to happen was so that it could serve as a rationale and/or cover for:

An Open Letter To Bill Moyers Tuesday, March 22 2011


Tuesday, March 22 2011 - Open Letters
An Open Letter To Bill Moyers

March 22, 2011

Dear Mr. Moyers:

We note the wide publication of a speech you gave on January 27, 2011 titled "Is This a Private Fight or Can Anyone Get In It?" In it you described "truthers" (your designation) -- people seeking the truth about the attack of 9/11 -- as guilty of disinformation, of sophistry and of cherry-picking anomalies in order to perpetrate what you claim to be a "Big Lie." You also stated that the central claim of "truthers", that the Government has lied about the attacks, has not taken hold in the public mind.

Regarding public opinion, that a sizable proportion of people throughout the world believe there was federal involvement of some form in the attack has been mainstream news for years, and there is now a Wikipedia page devoted to global opinion polls about 9/11. As well, you know that the Commission was established only after more than a year of entreating by families of victims, that it was severely limited in both time and funding, that it was under the absolute control of a director with ties to the Administration, and that abundant information inconsistent with an official story was excluded.

Tom Sullivan - Explosives Loader AE911Truth's EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Tom Sullivan - Explosives Loader


Tom Sullivan - Former Explosives Loader for Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI)

This interview is some raw footage of one of the world class experts appearing in Architects and Engineer's upcoming hard hitting documentary
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

"INSIDE JOB" Complete Film- Limited Time Only


As he did with the occupation of Iraq in No End in Sight, Charles Ferguson shines a light on the global financial crisis in Inside Job.

Accompanied by narration from Matt Damon, Ferguson begins and ends in Iceland, a flourishing country that gave American-style banking a try – and paid the price.

Heroin, the CIA in Afghanistan, 9/11 and the Mujahadeen-TruthisTreason.net – Kevin Hayden-Mar 10th, 2011


Heroin, the CIA in Afghanistan, 9/11 and the Mujahadeen
Mar 10th, 2011 | By Hayden

TruthisTreason.net – Kevin Hayden

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has always been on the outside edge of politics. His claim to fame was becoming a hero during the Mujahedeen resistance to the Soviets in the 1990′s. His nefarious brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, is of particular interest for his role in the booming heroin trade and the subsequent troop surge in Marja (Helmand Province). Ahmad Wali is most likely the top drug lord of Afghanistan, if not the entire region and rules the trade routes with an iron fist under the guise of being a businessman.

Ahmad Wali Karzai served time in US Federal prison for trafficking heroin but returned to Afghanistan and created a very large and very feared “security company” that essentially controls trade in and around the Helmand Province, specifically “Highway 1″ (a strategic route). The Helmand Province is considered to be the world’s most fertile region for growing poppies (opium/heroin).

Robert Scheer's Columns- Still in the Dark About 9/11 Mar 8, 2011


A trailer set up as a military hearing room for detainees in 2006 at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Robert Scheer's Columns
Still in the Dark About 9/11
Posted on Mar 8, 2011

By Robert Scheer

Ignorance is the real victor in the president’s reluctant decision to abandon the effort to bring the alleged perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attack to account in civilian court. The significance of a fair and public trial would be to reveal to the world the motives and makeup of those we must defeat, and yet the very people in this country who claim to be the most militant in combating terrorism have been the most energetic and effective in stifling that inquiry.

Military-Industrial Complex from Eisenhower to Obama

Military-Industrial Complex from Eisenhower to Obama
Gareth Porter on how the Military-Industrial Complex evolved into the Permanent War State

TheRealNews on Mar 7, 2011

'America Is NOT Broke': Michael Moore Speaks in Madison, WI -- March 5, 2011

'America Is NOT Broke': Michael Moore Speaks in Madison, WI -- March 5, 2011


Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side by Mark H. Gaffney March 2, 2011


Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side

by Mark H. Gaffney
March 2, 2011

This paper will review the evidence for informed, or insider, trading in the days and hours before the 9/11 attacks. From the very first, the phenomenon appeared to be world-wide. One consultant, Jonathan Winer, told ABC: “it’s absolutely unprecedented to see cases of insider trading covering the entire world from Japan to the US to North America to Europe.”[1] The list of affected nations was long, and included the US, Germany, Japan, France Luxembourg, Hong Kong, the UK, Switzerland and Spain.[2] Soon, independent investigations were underway on three continents in the belief that the paper trail would lead to the terrorists.

Computer expert says US behind Stuxnet worm -AFP- by Glenn Chapman – Thu Mar 3,


Computer expert says US behind Stuxnet worm -AFP-

by Glenn Chapman – Thu Mar 3,

LONG BEACH, California (AFP) – A German computer security expert said Thursday he believes the United States and Israel's Mossad unleashed the malicious Stuxnet worm on Iran's nuclear program.

"My opinion is that the Mossad is involved," Ralph Langner said while discussing his in-depth Stuxnet analysis at a prestigious TED conference in the Southern California city of Long Beach.

"But, the leading source is not Israel... There is only one leading source, and that is the United States."

There has been widespread speculation Israel was behind the Stuxnet worm that has attacked computers in Iran, and Tehran has blamed the Jewish state and the United States for the killing of two nuclear scientists in November and January.

"The idea behind Stuxnet computer worm is really quite simple," Langner said. "We don't want Iran to get the bomb."

The malicious code was crafted to stealthily take control of valves and rotors at an Iranian nuclear plant, according to Langner.

Assassin's Lawyer Says Sirhan Sirhan Was Brainwashed


Assassin's Lawyer Says Sirhan Sirhan Was Brainwashed
On Eve of Parole Hearing, RFK's Assassin Says He Doesn't Remember the Shooting

"There is no question he was hypno-programmed," lawyer William F. Pepper told ABCNews.com. "He was set up. He was used. He was manipulated."

March 1, 2011

A lawyer for Sirhan Sirhan, the confessed assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, plans to present new evidence at a parole board hearing suggesting that he did not act alone, was potentially brain washed and cannot remember anything about the 43-year-old shooting.

"There is no question he was hypno-programmed," lawyer William F. Pepper told ABCNews.com. "He was set up. He was used. He was manipulated."

Sirhan will appear before a California parole board on Wednesday for the 14th time since his May 1969 sentencing. It is the first time he will be represented by Pepper.


Here is PART 1


Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 1 hour, 12 minutes). Ethos, a powerful new documentary hosted by Woody Harrelson, is an investigation into the flaws in our systems, and the mechanisms that work against democracy, our environment and the the common good.

With a stunning depth of research and breadth of analysis, this film delves deep into the inter-connected worlds of Politics, Multi-National Corporations and the Media.

Most of us have wondered at some point how we have arrived at a situation where democracy is touted as having created an equal society when all we see is injustice and corruption.

Politicians openly deceive the public with the support of major corporations and the mainstream media. Wars are waged, the environment is destroyed and inequality is on the rise.

A Scientific Theory of the WTC 7 Collapse by Michael Fullerton February 14, 2011


A Scientific Theory of the WTC 7 Collapse
by Michael Fullerton
February 14, 2011

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 disaster. In these 10 years, not only have extremely important scientific questions about this tragedy gone unanswered, but they have even been ridiculed to the point of deranged absurdity. We owe a valid scientific explanation to the 3000 victims on that day, the steadily dying health-stricken first responders, the dead and wounded soldiers, and the untold thousands upon thousands of dead and injured Afghans and Iraqis resulting from the terrifying never-ending “war on terror”. Critics of those skeptical of the official story of 9/11 have often objected that an alternative theory has never been put forth. To that end, this article will put forth a scientific theory for one important aspect of the 9/11 event, the Building 7 collapse.

Collapse of WTC 7

(Photo: http://911research.wtc7.net)



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