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Sibel Edmonds Case: the untellable AIPAC Case, part 2 By lukery, Democratic Underground

Sibel Edmonds Case: the untellable AIPAC Case, part 2
Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2007-11-13 18:26. Activism

By lukery, Democratic Underground

In my recent post, " Sibel Edmonds Case: the untellable story of AIPAC," I made the case that the so-called 'AIPAC Case' - the trial of Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman - is only the tip of the iceberg.

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds wants to tell us what she knows about various criminal and treasonous activities that she became aware of that involve high level US officials, the embassies of Israel and Turkey, and lobbying groups associated with those two countries - primarily AIPAC and the American Turkish Council.

In this post, I want to discuss a few extra items that I didn't mention in my post last week.

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In my previous post, I quoted from a September 2004 Washington Post article which stated:

Bush marks Veterans Day in revealing THE PLAN

"The enemies who attacked us six years ago want to strike our country again, and next time they hope to kill Americans on a scale that will make 9/11 pale by comparison."

Bush marks Veterans Day in Texas...

Bush Marks 5th Veterans Day Since the Invasion of Iraq in Texas; Cheney Visits Arlington

AP News

Nov 11, 2007 18:24 EST

Marking his fifth Veterans Day since the invasion of Iraq, President Bush honored U.S. troops past and present at a tearful ceremony Sunday for four Texans who died there.

The White House had said Bush was going to also use his Veterans Day speech to scold Congress for not sending him a veterans spending bill. But the president finished without any reference to the bill or Congress.

"In their sorrow, these families need to know — and families all across our nation of the fallen — need to know that your loved ones served a cause that is good and just and noble," Bush said. "And as their commander in chief, I make you this promise: Their sacrifice will not be in vain."

Could Musharraf’s Actions Be a Dry Run for Bushco? By Reggie, Contributing Editor,

Could Musharraf’s Actions Be a Dry Run for Bushco?

A question posed by Reggie, Contributing Editor,

Does any thinking person really believe that the President of Pakistan is able to make ANY political or military decision without the approval, if not the actual direction of the US Government?

The answer is so damned obvious as to be childish: NO, HE CANNOT… because US dollars protect Pervez Musharraf and keep him in power. The 700 MILLION dollars in economic and military assistance the US gave to Musharraf this year alone are most definitely not an altruistic gift that comes without strings. The 800 million dollars scheduled to reach the Pakistani government in 2008 will guarantee that Musharraf continues to do exactly what the Bush administration wants. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that President/General Musharraf would not last a day in office without US aid and protection. Not a single day.

UK Muslim Leader Speaks out on 9/11, 7/7, CFR, Trilateral Commission and "Common Purpose" by Andrew Johnson

November 3, 2007 at 11:44:52
UK Muslim Leader Speaks out on 9/11, 7/7, CFR, Trilateral Commission and "Common Purpose"
by Andrew Johnson

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UK - Birmingham Central Mosque, 30th Oct 2007 - Elias Davidsson, Icelandic Scholar and Human Rights Activist had been giving a short series of talks in the UK regarding the lack of evidence for the official story of events on 9/11 being true. Following Mr Davidsson's talk, Dr Mohammed Naseem, chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque, addressed the audience regarding the context of 9/11 from both a Muslim and a wider perspective, saying that the official story of 9/11 and 7/7 was an "insult" to his intelligence.

In 2002, Mr Davidsson started research into the events of September 11, 2001 and founded the Icelandic chapter of the 9/11 truth movement. In October 2007, Mr Davidsson came to the UK and gave several talks regarding the basic lack of evidence which is available to support the official story of the 9/11 tragedy.

911: MORAL COWARDS AND FBI ADMISSION- Devvy Kidd Nov. 1, 2007

By: Devvy
November 1, 2007
© 2007 -
"One of our most precious freedoms is the right to learn the truth. The common man is in danger of losing that right when 90 percent of his mental food is prepared for him every day by those who select the news to prove a point -- and that point either reactionary or Marxist." --Henry A. Wallace (1888-1965), American Statesman



n late 2006, the movie 9/11 Press For Truth became a worldwide underground hit. It exposed the story of the "Jersey Girls" and their allies -- the 9/11 families who had fought for the Commission but ultimately failed in seeing 70% of their questions answered.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: THE UNTOLD STORIES OF THE 9/11 FAMILIES is the new, official companion DVD to 9/11 Press For Truth. Over 2 hours of unseen families' interviews and rare news clips originally intended for inclusion in the movie ended up on the cutting room floor -- until now.

A unique, balanced look at a diverse group of topics includes:

* Top officials' whereabouts and changing stories on the day of 9/11
* Insider trading before the attacks
* War games coinciding with Sept. 11th
* A confrontation between the families and FBI Director Mueller
* British reports that some of the hijackers named by the FBI are simply wrong
* Government whistleblowers' calls for accountability
* The FBI informant who lived with 2 of the hijackers

Former high-level officials challenge the conventional explanation of how and why the Twin Towers came down

Former high-level officials challenge the conventional explanation of how and why the Twin Towers came down
by Richard Clark Page 1 of 4 page(s)

A 2,000 word article, Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report, appeared September 23, 2007 in OpEdNews. (Link provided below.) The article details severe criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report by seven CIA veterans and calls for a new investigation. Here follows a brief quote or two from several of the individuals whose testimony is included in the article:

Ray McGovern, former Chairman of the National Intelligence Council and 27-year CIA veteran: "The 9/11 Report is a joke." “It has long been clear that the Bush-Cheney administration cynically exploited the attacks of 9/11 to promote its imperial designs. . . (And there is) evidence for an even more disturbing conclusion: that the 9/11 attacks were themselves orchestrated by this administration precisely so they could be thus exploited.”

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything By Tim O'Shea 10-30-7

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything By Tim O'Shea 10-30-7

Aldous Huxley's inspired 1954 essay detailed the vivid, mind-expanding, multisensory insights of his mescaline adventures. By altering his brain chemistry with natural psychotropics, Huxley tapped into a rich and fluid world of shimmering, indescribable beauty and power. With his neurosensory input thus triggered, Huxley was able to enter that parallel universe described by every mystic and space captain in recorded history. Whether by hallucination or epiphany, Huxley sought to remove all bonds, all controls, all filters, all cultural conditioning from his perceptions and to confront Nature or the World or Reality first-hand - in its unpasteurized, unedited, unretouched infinite rawness.

Olbermann: 'I heard Al Qaeda causes night to fall' Thursday October 25, 2007 Watch the Video!

Watch the Video!

Olbermann: 'I heard Al Qaeda causes night to fall'
Mike Aivaz and Jason Rhyne
Published: Thursday October 25, 2007

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann says the realistic threat of terrorism is being so overstated by the Bush administration -- and in turn, by Fox News -- that it's downright funny.

"What happens when the culture of fear begins to inspire not terror or outrage, but laughter?" asked Olbermann. "Am I being too optimistic, or has giggling now passed paranoia in response to the president and these macabre parrots working at Fox?"

Olbermann cited a report yesterday carried by Fox News which suggested that Al Qaeda may be the true culprit behind the rash of recent California wildfires. Basing their coverage on an article it said ran "five days ago" in the Arizona Republic, the Fox and Friends morning program discussed an FBI memo stating that an Al Qaeda detainee had brought up the possibility of such a plan.

Calling the the report "almost all wrong," the host took the network to task for grossly misreporting the age of the memo:

2007 Texas Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference, November 16-18, 2007, Addison, Texas

2007 Texas Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference
November 16-18, 2007
Addison, Texas
Crowne Plaza North Dallas (972) 980-8877
14315 Midway Rd, Addison, Texas
Special room rate of $92 per night available, reserve your room here!
The main part of this 3-day Conference will be Saturday, November 17, and Sunday, November 18, when we will have over twelve of the most informative, knowledgeable and exciting Justice, Peace, and Freedom speakers addressing a variety of the most important and life-changing events of our day. The Friday, November 16, event is a separate 6-hour class on the U.S. Constitution, your rights, freedom and law.
We also have a Friday night banquet with Constitutional Attorney Tommy Cryer and a Saturday night catered dinner with our Banquet Speaker, Congressman Ron Paul (Invited but has not confirmed yet). For your convenience luncheons will also be available on all three days. There are separate charges for the conference, the Friday Constitution Class and each meal. The non-food events have volume discount pricing; luncheons and dinners do not.

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill
Published on Thursday, October 25, 2007.

Source: Rogue Government - Lee Rogers

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed HR 1955 titled the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. This bill is one of the most blatant attacks against the Constitution yet and actually defines thought crimes as homegrown terrorism. If passed into law, it will also establish a commission and a Center of Excellence to study and defeat so called thought criminals. Unlike previous anti-terror legislation, this bill specifically targets the civilian population of the United States and uses vague language to define homegrown terrorism. Amazingly, 404 of our elected representatives from both the Democrat and Republican parties voted in favor of this bill. There is little doubt that this bill is specifically targeting the growing patriot community that is demanding the restoration of the Constitution.

First let’s take a look at the definitions of violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism as defined in Section 899A of the bill.

FEMA Caught Making Fake Report, Apologizes

FEMA Caught Making Fake Report, Apologizes

FEMA apologizes for fake "reporters"
Fri Oct 26, 2007 5:30pm EDT

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California turns to prisoners to fight huge fires

powered by Sphere Sphere

By Randall Mikkelsen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The main U.S. disaster-response agency apologized on Friday for having its employees pose as reporters in a news briefing on California's wildfires that no journalists attended.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, still struggling to restore its image after the bungled handling of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, issued the apology after The Washington Post published details of the Tuesday briefing.

"We can and must do better, and apologize for this error in judgment," FEMA deputy administrator Harvey Johnson, who conducted the briefing, said in a statement. "Our intent was to provide useful information and be responsive to the many questions we have received."

Neocons Embrace Islamic Terror Group

Neocons Embrace Islamic Terror Group
Submitted by davidswanson on Fri, 2007-10-26 18:16. Media

By Danny Postel, Common Sense

During the week of October 22-26, an official announcement effuses, "The nation will be rocked by the biggest conservative campus protest ever - Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, a wake-up call for Americans on 200 university and college campuses." Ringmastered by David Horowitz, this circus will be performing under the tent of something called the "Terrorism Awareness Project."

The purpose of this ballyhoolooza, we are told, is to confront the "Big Lies" of the Left regarding terrorism and militant Islam. Worthy subjects, to be sure. Indeed I would like to help the sponsors of the "wake-up call" promote awareness of them. Toward this end, let's consider the American Right's "special relationship" with one group of terrorists.

What is the Neither Party?

What is the Neither Party?
We are a new internet-based political party representing a new paradigm of political activism. We represent the virtual voice of the reality based community. What we are building is the next logical step, after first admitting the present two-party system is dangerously flawed, and needs fixing. Now. Yesterday.
We intend to be the catalyst required to mobilize those who are discouraged, dissatisfied, outraged or terrified at the direction our two party system is leading us, or those who feel that the political process is simply not worth their time or efforts. What could possibly be more important than the future of humanity and our planet?

We will bring together many of the existing third parties under "one tent" and unite us rather than pitting us against each other. The Neither Party extends the olive branch of welcome to Republocrats of both wings, as well as all of the other niche or one-issue third parties. United we stand; divided we fall.

Inhaled steroids protected 9/11 firefighters: study Oct. 24,2007

Christie Todd Whitman: "We are very encouraged that the results from our monitoring of air quality and drinking water conditions in both New York and near the Pentagon show that the public in these areas is not being exposed to excessive levels of asbestos or other harmful substances," Whitman said. "Given the scope of the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, D.C. that their air is safe to breath and their water is safe to drink," she added.

Dr. David Prezant, the fire department's chief doctor was thinking about how to keep them safe from toxins in the air.;_ylt=At6fEhKrbwlVqF3jPSC.GQxkM3wV

Inhaled steroids protected 9/11 firefighters: studyth
By Julie Steenhuysen Oct. 24, 2007
CHICAGO (Reuters) - As New York City firefighters struggled to find survivors in the haze and rubble of the World Trade Center collapse,
the fire department's chief doctor was thinking about how to keep them safe from toxins in the air.