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At This Point, How Can You Still Believe That 19 Hijacker Story?

September 28, 2007 at 07:45:50

At This Point, How Can You Still Believe That 19 Hijacker Story?

by Matt Kjeldsen Page 2 of 2 page(s)

At this point my fellow citizens; it is your duty to look for the truth. The same people who told you the story, simply cannot be, the source of confirmation of truth in the story. This government of ours, rarely ever tells the truth and yet, their corporate media always reports their dictums as if they are the one and only truth. America’s hope has always been her people and her freedom. We are under attack and our only hope now is our collective call for the truth and the power of our numbers. Question and then do not rest.

The story is a lie. Truth is freedom. Expose the truth.

[1] ‘no hard evidence’ front page fbi most wanted—what is Osama wanted for?[2] flight 93-- 4 minute video—no plane—Believe your eyes!

CFR's Hart Suggests False Flag Event For Iran War

CFR's Hart Suggests False Flag Event For Iran War
Tacit warning to Iranian government suggests staged event may be used
to ensure "bombs fall on your head"

Steve Watson
Thursday, Sept 27, 2007

Council on Foreign Relations member Gary Hart, famed for stating that
Americans will die en- mass on home soil this century, and for
declaring 48 hours after 9/11 that it should be used "to carry out a
new world order", has written a scathing letter to the leaders of Iran
clearly warning that the U.S. government has a history of staging
provocations in order to initiate conflict with other nations and that
Iran could be next.

Hart references the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbor in 1898,
which led to the Spanish American war, as well as the Gulf of Tonkin
incident, which was ultimately the catalyst for airstrikes on Vietnam.

Why does Hart reference these two cases? Because they are both
examples of staged managed events that were used to coerce the
American public into supporting war.

The sinking of the Maine was immediately blamed on the Spanish, with
the innovator of yellow journalism William Randolph-Hearst enflaming

"$9.11 for Rudy" AP 9/25/07;_ylt=AnspBdztdilJAnWqiaMY6xys0NUE

Giuliani party draws criticism from Dodd

By LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer 57 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - The International Association of Fire Fighters accused Republican Rudy Giuliani of exploiting the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because a supporter is holding a $9.11-per-person fundraiser for the presidential candidate.

The union — already a vocal critic of Giuliani's — said Tuesday that the fundraiser's "$9.11 for Rudy" theme is an abuse of the image and symbols of the 2001 attacks.

"It is nothing short of disrespectful to the legacy of the thousands of civilians and 343 brave firefighters who died at ground zero," IAFF president Harold Schaitberger said.

The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd called the theme "unconscionable, shameless and sickening." The firefighters' union has endorsed Dodd.

Another Democratic candidate, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, said the event was "overdoing it."

"You know, we shouldn't use a tragedy for politics," Richardson told New Hampshire reporters on a conference call.

Olbermann: Bush Used Bogus Terror Threat to Scare Votes for FISA Bill

Olbermann: Bush Used Bogus Terror Threat to Scare Votes for FISA Bill
By Logan Murphy
Crooks and Liars

Tuesday 25 September 2007

Keith Olbermann has been tracking the Bush Administration's use of trumped up terror alerts to manipulate the American people for the past two years, but in this latest Nexus of Politics & Terror report on Countdown, it appears the president stooped to a new low by using a bogus terror threat that specifically targeted Capitol Hill to manipulate members of Congress just hours before a crucial vote on the FISA bill last August.

Turning Santayana’s Dictum on Its Head- Rejecting Appeals to Ad Hominem by Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri / September 17th, 2007’s-dictum-on-its-head/

Turning Santayana’s Dictum on Its Head

Rejecting Appeals to Ad Hominem

by Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri / September 17th, 2007

With the exclusion of his closing remark, “‘Our way of life’ has caused a holocaust of unspeakable pain and suffering in much of the world, and for generations,” Manuel Garcia’s article, “Forgetting 9-11,” is an exercise in intellectual censorship, investigative debate, and the imposition of rigid ideological patterns under the pretense of achieved scientific and self-sustained epistemological verities.

Found over at

From VFP #23 in Rochester, NY
Submitted by danielifearn on Sat, 2007-09-15 15:57. IFPJ

Keemer-Riordon Chapter

The "Patriot Act," which strangled our Bill of Rights was written long before 9/11.

Does your organization consist of a bunch of wimps who don't care about constitutional law, or are they ready to discuss impeachment?


Impeachment is not about politics. It's about restoring constitution law.

We can bring experts on impeachment to your group starting October first 2007. We use a bright, high definition digital projector and surround sound. We will bring supporting DVDs and publications.

You supply the audience, chairs and roof. Finger food is often a draw.

This will be a mix of DVD shows supported by live discussions with people with constitutional law, military and historical backgrounds. Programs can be tailored to the audience's time and interests.

Some of the DVDs: adds 911 Truth to the Noble Truths

All of these articles at

9/11 First Responder Heard WTC 7 Demolition Countdown
Thu, 2007-09-13 07:56 — ABN This is important testimony. The article has video footage of him speaking. ABN

Homeland Insecurity: The 9/11 Conspiracy File: Myths and Facts
Wed, 2007-09-12 11:22 — ABN
I admit that I have been feeling a bit depressed about American democracy and the capacity of the American people to understand what is happening to their nation, but after reading the comments that follow the article linked below, my spirits have been lifted considerably. The article itself is a good example of the slop that mainstream journos serve the population, but the comments are the voice of the people--strongly worded, knowledgeable, and many of them funny as all hell... ABN
By James Ridgeway
September 11, 2007

World Trade Center Collapse: Spoof (A DailyKos parody)
Wed, 2007-09-12 07:43 — ABN
Good read, amusing piece. ABN
(Inspired by the DailyKos and the bastion of truthiness, BBC)
by Codependent Thinker, DailyDros
Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Thursday, September 13, 2007
"Of all the programs marking the anniversary of the attacks, 9/11: FOR THE RECORD is the must-see, a sobering, heartbreaking hour." - Newsday

"A riveting review of the missteps and failures of successive administrations and intelligence and security agencies during the months and years leading up to the attacks." - Rocky Mountain News
"Must-see TV"
- Seattle Times

Check local listings at

Fidel Castro says U.S. fooled world over 9/11;_ylt=AtCUARmODKkRsYw6OVTA0IRkM3wV
Fidel Castro says U.S. fooled world over 9/11
Tue Sep 11, 9:58 PM ET
HAVANA (Reuters) - Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said the U.S. government misinformed Americans and the world about 9/11, echoing conspiracy theories about the terror attacks against the United States six years ago.
In an essay read by a Cuban television presenter on Tuesday night, Castro said the Pentagon was hit by a rocket, not a plane, because no traces were found of its passengers.
"Today one knows there was deliberate misinformation," wrote Castro, who has not appeared in public since July of 2006 when life-threatening surgery for a secret illness forced him to hand over power to his brother Raul Castro.
"Studying the impact of planes, similar to those that hit the Twin Towers, that had accidentally fallen on densely populated cities, one concludes that it was not a plane that crashed into the Pentagon," Castro said.
"Only a projectile could have caused the geometrically round hole that allegedly was made by the plane," he said.
"We were fooled like the rest of the planet's inhabitants," he wrote.

A Prayer For the Heart and Soul of America. Time to Gather Under One Big Intent by Steve Bhaerman September 10, 2007

A Prayer For the Heart and Soul of America
Time to Gather Under One Big Intent
September 10, 2007

by Steve Bhaerman

As we approach the sixth anniversary of the day America lost her political virginity, there are many disheartened among us who fear the enlightened republic founded two centuries ago doesn't have a prayer. To this, I offer two pieces of good news. America does indeed have a prayer, and we the people are the answer to it.

Looking at it from the perspective of six years, our loss of innocence has had as much to do with the choices we made (or more accurately, the choices that were made for us) in response to the event as the event itself. At a moment when we had the world's attention and empathy, a great healing could have taken place. An enlightened leader could have used the tragedy as a breakthrough in promoting justice-based peace in the world, and isolating the sociopathogens that seek exploitation or destruction.

Much Love-CIA

Al Qaeda Announces New Bin Laden Video- ABC NEWS September 06, 2007 5:42 PM

Al Qaeda Announces New Bin Laden Video

(Note: Yahoo News coverage here (Thanks Yarrow):;_ylt=AjFbG7.LuxqnY0TdhFlY2Ies0NUE
Washington Post coverage here (Thanks Mekt):
Bloomberg coverage here (Thanks Gold):

ABC NEWS Sept 6th 2007
Al Qaeda Announces New Bin Laden Video

September 06, 2007 5:42 PM

Brian Ross Reports:

Alqaedaannoun_mn Osama bin Laden will soon send a video message to America, according to a Web site regularly used by al Qaeda.

A posting late this afternoon said, "Soon, with the permission of God, a new visual tape, the Sheikh, the Lion, Osama bin Laden. May God protect him."

Bin Laden has not been seen on a new video since October 2004.

A still frame accompanying the announcement shows bin Laden with an all-black beard. In his 2004 appearance, his facial hair was predominantly gray.


Reichstag 911 1hr 58 min

New 911 video Reichstag 911 1hour 58 minutes Google Video