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Splitting the Sky to donate $1000 to AE911Truth

Judge Manfred Delong granted conditional discharge to Splitting the Sky, who had been charged with obstructing a peace officer while attempting a citizens arrest of George W Bush for war crimes.

The judge ordered that Splitting the Sky must make a $1,000 donation to a charity of his choice and pay a $50 victim fine surcharge as conditions of his probation.

Speaking to reporters outside the court after the sentencing hearing, Splitting the Sky announced he would make his $1000 donation to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Listen to Joshua Blakeney, who was present at the sentencing hearing.

Did 9/11 provide cover for massive securities fraud by the Fed?

Alan Greenspan, then Chairman of the Federal Reserve, told the American Bankers Association’s Annual Convention on October 23, 2001, that the destruction of the World Trade Center had caused "difficulties in rolling over maturing commercial paper".

The resulting shortfalls in the coverage of billions of dollars of maturing paper were managed by rolling fails into the next day's settlement or by drawing on bank lines, causing bank assets to balloon for a few days.

Disruptions of communication lines and the shift to backup sites caused delays in payments and settlements, with billions in funds building up at a small number of participants. Fed and bank balance sheets ballooned with the maldistribution of reserves ...

Alan Greenspan, October 23, 2001

On November 27, 2001, Governor Laurence H. Meyer gave a speech before the National Association of Business Economics, St. Louis, Missouri , in which he said ...

Spymaster departs amid intelligence controversy

The New York Times reports on the "strained relationship between the White House and the departing spymaster Dennis C. Blair" ...

In recent months, Mr. Blair had also made a push to rein in covert activities carried out by the C.I.A., reflecting his view that the United States had become too enamored over stealth activities.

He even developed rules to guide policy makers before they approved a covert action. Among them were guidelines that covert activity should never be employed “for the purpose of circumventing a lack of U.S. public support for any particular overt policy,” according to one American official.

Officials said that some in the White House and C.I.A. bristled at Mr. Blair’s efforts to exert greater oversight over covert action. The reaction, they said, puzzled Mr. Blair, who had thought he had been given a degree of authority over these activities.

Seems to me, some oversight of covert operations would be a good idea ... apparently, the powers that be don't agree.

Lost Sense of Smell Noted Among Ground Zero Workers Post-9/11

Businessweek reports on a study of the health consequences of WTC dust for Ground Zero workers...

The study was funded by the U.S. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

The findings are based on an investigation involving 102 volunteer and paid post-9/11 World Trade Center workers.

Although most of the study participants were unaware of any smelling hardship, the authors found that two years after the exposure, 22 percent of the workers were less able to detect odors, while almost 75 percent were less able to detect irritants that cause pain, tingling, burning, stinging and/or prickling.

In terms of irritant detection, such long-term smelling impairment was harshest among those who were on the World Trade Center site immediately following the buildings' collapse. Such workers were rendered almost totally unable to detect irritants, the researchers found.


Yet more reason to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

ABC denies censoring the truth about 9/11

I recently wrote to several departments of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, requesting a response to six questions.

The letter read:

Dear ABC,

I am writing to respectfully request a response to the following questions:

1) Why does the ABC refuse to permit any discussion or debate about the controversy surrounding 9/11 and the diverse array of alternative commentaries on the subject?

2) Why does the ABC refuse to report on any of the independent investigations and publications that have been produced by individuals and citizen groups over the last nine years, regarding the events of 9/11?

3) Is there any formal or informal arrangement between the ABC and the Government or IC (Intelligence Community) with regard to reporting on the issues surrounding 9/11?

4) Is the ABC cognisant of the widespread, public scepticism, doubt and distrust about the official explanation for the events of 9/11?

5) Does the ABC believe it is immoral, inappropriate or impermissible to scrutinize or question the veracity of conventional wisdom and official dogma regarding momentous, historical events?

9/11 Truth as Citizens Intelligence Movement

The global, distributed, decentralized network of independent citizen activists and researchers known as the 9/11 Truth movement actually constitutes a free, open-source intelligence gathering and dissemination system - it could be thought of as a citizens intelligence movement.

This system, or movement, represents a valuable and effective instrument for public security and the protection of hard won civil liberties and political freedoms.

The information garnered, analysed, collated and distributed worldwide via the internet, represents a wealth of knowledge and evidence that can actively hinder or constrain the extralegal activities of state, especially those that threaten grave harm to the citizenry.

Since 2001, the public use of the internet and the consequential surge in the exchange of knowledge and information previously kept hidden by media (self-) censorship, have led to a broadening and a deepening of the social discourse.

Subjects previously kept strictly off limits have gained unprecedented exposure, which in turn has expanded the pool of knowledge and advanced public understanding of contemporary power structures and their covert machinations.

9/11 Truth Becoming An Issue In LNC Chair Race

Libertarian Chair candidates debate 9/11 Truth - Independent Political Report

Hancock told the audience: ?I will not back off from this 9/11 investigation. Will he?? Root responded: ?Abso-freaking-lutely. I?d run away from it like a train on the tracks. If you want to destroy this Party, name a national chairman who believes that 9/11 was an inside job by the government.? Hancock rebutted by saying ?if we?re not out there telling the Truth on things like 9/11? then the LP is ?not relevant?.

Latest installment of GWOT paradigm propaganda

Bin Laden misunderestimated U.S. retaliation to 9/11 - SifyNews

A former bin Laden associate has said that the Al-Qaeda leader did not expect the United States to strike back as hard as it has following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

"What happened after September 11 was beyond their imagination," The New York Post quoted Noman Benotman, who was the head of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in 2000, as having told the WTOP Radio.

Benotman said Al-Qaeda was overly confident based on the U.S. response to the attacks carried out by the group on their embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

"I'm 100 percent sure they had no clue about what was going to happen," he added. Meanwhile, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official also backed Bentoman's claims.

"Several captured terrorists have said publicly that Al-Qaeda never expected the towers to fall. Their goal was to frighten people and impact the U.S. economy, so they really didn't plan for the massive response the U.S. launched," the official said.


Well gee, that surely must prove bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 then...

Majority of Americans distrust the government

Pew Study Finds 'Perfect Storm' of Government Discontent - Business Week

Only 22 percent of survey respondents said they can trust the government in Washington and 30 percent said the federal government is a major threat to their freedom.

Few trust the government, poll finds - LA Times

Growing numbers of people want government's power curtailed, Pew reports.

Majority of Americans distrust the government - Washington Post

Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they do not trust the U.S. government to do what is right.

FBI false flag terror plot exposed in court

Defense says NY synagogue-bomb plot was feds' idea - Washington Post

Four men accused of trying to bomb synagogues and shoot down planes in New York last spring did little more than go along with a fake plot proposed, directed and funded by the federal government.

A federal informant chose the targets, offered payment, provided maps and bought the only real weapon involved, a handgun, the attorneys said in a dismissal motion filed this week in federal court.

"The government well knew that their case had been a government-inspired creation from day one and that the defendants had not been independently seeking weapons or targets," the motion said.

The dismissal motion identified the government's agent as Shaheed Hussain, a "professional informant" for the FBI. The defense claimed he was directed to visit suburban mosques, find members with anti-American leanings and recruit them to join a fake terror plot supposedly funded by a Pakistan-based group.

9/11 and Current Attempts To Cover Up An American Holocaust

From Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff, Marine Vietnam veteran, UN Diplomat, defense contractor and widely published expert on military and defense issues.

So far, the ?9/11 truth? movement is what it looks like, people unsatisfied with the explanation they got, scientists, scholars, politicians, world leaders and a few crazy people, all loosely tied to one idea, finding the truth, a truth that key members of the 9/11 Commission have said is not in their report because of a ?criminal conspiracy? to mislead them.

If anything, the ?9/11 truth ?movement is the victim, a victim of smear campaigns and it is increasingly reported that their organizations, which number in the hundreds, have come under investigation by security agencies and their membership has been heavily infiltrated much as with the militia movements of the 80s and 90s.

ABC 9/11 hit piece exposed

ABC News Nightline has an agenda ... to frame legitimate inquiry and scrutiny of the 9/11 crime as some sort of lunatic fringe obsession with conspiracy theories ... as this video demonstrates, ABC News Nightline has used highly emotive language and implied derision to provoke exasperated responses, then selectively edited footage to achieve the desired result ...

ABC News Nightline tried very hard to equate inquiry into 9/11 with lone gunman and lunatic fringe ...

Proof NIST lied to cover up WTC demolition

NIST claimed there was NO "incredibly loud sound" that would indicate explosives were used to demolish WTC 7.

NIST used this lame and untrue assertion to justify their refusal to test for explosive residues at ground zero.

The following video proves NIST lied in an attempt to cover up WTC demolition ...

WTC flashes captured on 35mm film

These images were originally captured by Aman Zafar on 35mm film using a tripod mounted, high quality camera.

The images show flashes occuring inside the Twin Towers on numerous floors during the time the towers were burning. One flash in particular (shown below) appears to have blown out windows on that floor and smoke is later seen emanating from the previously undamaged portion of the building.

These bright, white flashes would seem to provide corroborating evidence that explosions were occurring inside the Twin Towers prior to their "collapse", as shown in this video ...

WTC 2 core severed below 68th floor

"This is probably the most important photograph taken on 9/11" - Gordon Ross, Engineer

This photograph, taken by Aman Zafar from his apartment in Jersey, clearly shows that the core of the South Tower was severed well below the level of the aircraft impact and therefore could not have been severed by the aircraft.

The lower 60 plus floors of the inner core survived the initial collapse front and came down moments later. It could not, therefore, have collapsed, as NIST claims, under the weight of the falling upper section of the tower, which had already disappeared.

Gordon Ross presents a plausible and coherent explanation for the observed destruction of the Twin Towers.