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Final minutes of South Tower

Listen to the final moments of the daring rescue efforts of the New York City Fire Department operating in the South Tower of the World Trade Center moments before it suddenly exploded into oblivion. From ae911truth

Narrated by Major Reginald Shinn USAF (Ret)

Edit: Some notes courtesy of Major Reginald Shinn USAF (Ret):

  1. The audio tape was released in 2002 November by the Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey.
  2. The last part of the tape was redacted upon release.

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Video shows foreknowledge of WTC7 destruction

Video footage posted on YouTube proves foreknowledge of the destruction of WTC7.

At the media briefing on the NIST Investigation into the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, August 21, 2008, lead investigator Dr Sham Sunder claimed "What we found was that uncontrolled building fires similar to fires we have seen in other tall buildings, caused an extraordinary event. The collapse of World Trade Center 7 was primarily due to fires. This is the first time that we are aware of, that a building over 15 stories tall has collapsed primarily due to fire."

Strategies for raising the truth about 9/11

Academic research in the behavioral sciences provides clues to effective campaigning for 9/11 truth.

A paper published in the February issue of American Behavioral Scientist, entitled "In Denial of Democracy: Social Psychological Implications for Public Discourse on State Crimes Against Democracy Post-9/11", contains information relevant to anyone involved in raising awareness about the crime of 9/11.

The paper identifies some of the barriers encountered by 9/11 truth activists and explains some of the psychological mechanisms that prevent people from looking at the evidence objectively. By gaining insight into the reasons why some people find it difficult to confront the issue of 9/11, truth activists can learn to raise the issue in ways that reach people in a more effective manner.

Video footage shows NIST missed evidence

Video footage posted on YouTube refutes NIST's claim of no evidence for explosions in WTC7.

At the media briefing on the NIST Investigation into the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, August 21, 2008, lead investigator Dr Sham Sunder claimed "We did not find any evidence that explosives were used in the collapse of Building 7. We ran down detailed computer simulations of blast scenarios - what you see in the slide are the expected air pressures from the smallest possible blast capable of crippling a critical column. This size blast would have produced an incredibly large sound that was not recorded on videos of the collapse nor reported by witnesses"

CIA Domestic Black-Ops

Senate Burglary: Cia Domestic Black-Op Team Arrested - Veterans Today

The burglary at Senator Mary Landrieu?s office in the New Orleans Federal Building was more than it seemed, much more. All of the 4 arrested had been trained by the CIA and, possibly, Israel. One arrested, Stan Dai, is listed as an Operations Officer of the Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Program and a known expert and lecturer on, not only surveillance but explosives training, assassinations and ?false flag operations.? If you wanted a plane to crash, an enemy to get sick and die or a building to blow up, Dai would be the man to know how to make it happen. Problem is, his skills were being used as part of a criminal conspiracy inside the United States against members of our own government.

Academic research into state crimes against democracy

From American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 53, No. 6 February 2010

In Denial of Democracy: Social Psychological Implications for Public Discourse on State Crimes Against Democracy Post-9/11

Protecting democracy requires that the general public be educated on how people can be manipulated by government and media into forfeiting their civil liberties and duties. This article reviews research on cognitive constructs that can prevent people from processing information that challenges preexisting assumptions about government, dissent, and public discourse in democratic societies. Terror management theory and system justification theory are used to explain how preexisting beliefs can interfere with people?s examination of evidence for state crimes against democracy (SCADs), specifically in relation to the events of September 11, 2001, and the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. Reform strategies are proposed to motivate citizens toward increased social responsibility in a post-9/11 culture of propagandized fear, imperialism, and war.

US to shut down internet after next false-flag terror attack

Officials Warn al Qaeda 'Certain' to Try Attack Soon - WSJ

Al Qaeda remains a significant threat to the US and the group's recent evolution in tactics includes dispatching individuals who can enter the US without arousing suspicion, such as the man accused of attempting the Christmas Day attack. Such tactics have created "a new degree of difficulty" for US spies seeking to thwart the next attack.

In addition to terrorism, cyberattacks are the other key threat Mr. Blair emphasized, saying that "American efforts are not strong enough" to combat cyber threats. The recent cyberattacks on Google were a "wake-up call" that the attackers are outstripping US defenses.

Blair said it isn't certain that US computer networks would remain available in a time of crisis.

Senators Warned of Terrorist Attack on U.S. by July - NYT

The murky world of anti-terror undercover informants and double agents

Man who says he spied on Calif. mosques sues FBI - WaPo

Craig Monteilh is seeking $10 million from the FBI in a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in Los Angeles.

Monteilh said he infiltrated mosques for the FBI and gave the agency information about Ahmadullah Niazi, the brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden's bodyguard ...

Monteilh said he began posing as a new Muslim convert to infiltrate Southern California mosques between July 2006 and October 2007. He claimed that FBI agents authorized him to record Muslims using electronic surveillance at mosques, homes and gyms ...

Monteilh said the federal agency vowed to pay him $100,000 and relocate him after his anti-terrorism work.

FBI planting spies in U.S. mosques, Muslim groups say - CNN

The groups claim the FBI has sent undercover agents posing as worshippers into mosques, pressured Muslims to become informants, labeled civil rights advocates as criminals and spread misinformation.

US terror suspect David Headley was American spy

David Coleman Headley: a case study of the covert infiltration of terrorsit groups and the recruitment of terrorist operatives by western intelligence community.

Headley served as American spy - YouTube

Pak PM's PRO admits he is Headley's half-brother - Times of India

Obama Invokes 9/11 to justify more troops

Obama Invokes 9/11 to Explain Afghanistan Troop Surge

by Jason Leopold - Truthout

"We did not ask for this fight," the president said. "On September 11, 2001, nineteen men hijacked four airplanes and used them to murder nearly 3,000 people. They struck at our military and economic nerve centers. They took the lives of innocent men, women and children without regard to their faith or race or station. Were it not for the heroic actions of the passengers on board one of those flights, they could have also struck at one of the great symbols of our democracy in Washington, and killed many more."

Using the 9/11 attacks to justify an escalation could end up backfiring on Obama... (read more)

So if 9/11 is of such fundamental importance, why can't we investigate the event?

Clearly, the Truth about 9/11 threatens the ideological foundation of US-led "interventions" in that part of the world, if not the entire edifice of the West's militarised, hegemonic foreign policy.

SMH: Fire, not a government plot, felled third tower

Sydney Morning Herald weighs in on 9/11 conspiracy theory - by RICK FENELEY

"Building 7 has preoccupied conspiracy theorists ever since. Many believe it was brought down by controlled explosions. And if it was, so were the Twin Towers. And if they're willing to believe that, it is not such a big leap to conclude that the whole atrocity was a US Government plot. They have not been silenced by an official report that concludes their theories are bunkum."

Amazing, Ozzy MSM finally mentions 9/11...

Not so amazing, it has to be a biased, ill-informed piece of infotainment... nothing more than propaganda, really.

I'm so sick of the lying, twisted proponents of the official dogma.

The Sydney Mornig Herald claims to be commited to presenting information fairly and accurately.

They claim to welcome comments, suggestions and information about errors that call for corrections.

ReaderLink, ( ) the Herald's reader services department, answers inquiries, investigates possible inaccuracies and acts on complaints.

Giuliani angry at terrorist trial in NY

Rudy Giuliani says holding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's trial in New York will put the city at risk.

RUDY GIULIANI: The Obama administration is repeating the mistake of history. Many, many people have regarded that as a mistake that it was regarded just as a civilian act. It should have been treated as an act of war.

And it's part of the bigger picture here. It's part of Barack Obama deciding that we're not at war on terrorism any longer. Remember, he's told us we can't use the term "war on terror". The only problem with that is the terrorists haven't stopped going to war with us.