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CIA Drug Running

Former narcotics investigator Mike Ruppert, and author of "The Truth and Lies of 911", was forced out of the LAPD in 1977 when he exposed ... all » evidence of drug trafficking by the CIA. This is one of his first appearances caught on Video in 1997 at the Granada Forum in Tarzana, CA. Topic is "CIA Drug Running

Thomas Kean & Lee Hamilton, 9/11 Commission, Speech At Nat'l Press Club

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The National Press Club hosts luncheon speakers Thomas Kean, 9/11 Commission chair and Lee Hamilton, Vice Chair, 9/11 Commission.

It's important to note this was taking place at the same time the family members were calling for a new investigation across the hall.

Does Anybody Have A Problem With "Bumping" Threads?

In the past, I have been apart of boards that didn't like the "bumping" of threads. There would be massive arguments over "hogging" the board, etc...

However, I believe there is important information available on this site that doesn't get seen a lot because it was posted so long ago...

I do it a lot on my board, and no one seems to mind.


The Secret Government

It aired on PBS in 1987 and is as good as anything on the tape (must see). Moyers is a very respected TV journalist who also worked for ... all » Lyndon B. Johnson and has a very professional approach. He interviews many different people involved with the CIA and other government agencies. His documentary gives quite an overview of what has actually happened in the last 50 years regarding the CIA and the cold war (including Iran, Guatamala, Cuba, Viet Nam and Chile). He features such people as Ralph McGeehee and Phil Retinger (both former CIA agents), Rear Admiral Gene La Rocque (Ret. U.S.N.), Theodore Bissell (active in the CIA at the time), Sen. Frank Church and many others. Moyers is so very credible. The full video "The Secret Government" is 90 minutes - this segment is edited by Frank Dorrel to 20 minutes.

The LIHOP/MIHOP Labels Are Divisive

Most people don't realize that if elements of our Government lifted a finger, a FINGER to help with the success of the attacks, they MADE it happen.

That INCLUDES making a conscious decision to do... absolutely... NOTHING.

We know they did a HELLUVA lot more than nothing, but other people don't.

A lot of people have a hard time accepting that our Government would have a hand in it. It's until they see all of the evidence that they eventually follow suit.

I just think of my own experience with 9/11. At first, I wanted to carpet bomb the entire Middle East. Then, I started to see the reactions of our Government, and although I originally agreed with the idea of invading Afghanistan, I now know it was wrong.

Then I saw how the families had to fight for the creation of the Commission... Because the Bush Administration opposed it. It's not rocket science at the point. "Hmmm... what are they trying to hide.", and generally at that point, most people are "off to the races" as they say.

Other people research differently, and other people require different amounts of information. They get to a certain point in their research where they've been convinced, and make a decision that the truth must be told. For some, it's a different point than others. For others, they have to know everything.

If You Can't March When They Are Torturing People, When Can You March?

Note: You can find your local rallies here


September 27, 2006

"If you can't march when they are torturing people, when can you march?"

That was the question posed by Samantha Hamlin, Columbia College student speaking for World Can't Wait on Sept 26, right at Mayor Daley's door in City Hall, as the Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime brought together an impressive array of voices from across the political spectrum to speak out against the City of Chicago's denial of our permit application to march on Oct 5th.

The press conference was lead off by Samantha Hamlin of the Chicago Chapter Steering Committee, followed by Judge R. Eugene Pincham; Nick Egnatz from Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Vets for Peace; Donnie Moore, University of Illinois student; Bob Bossie, 8th Day Center for Justice who has made numerous trips to Iraq; Ali Khan, Executive Director of the American Muslim Council; Andy Thayer, gay and anti-war activist; Rev. Greg Dell of Broadway United Methodist Church (id only); high school students from Wells HS; and Dennis Dixon from the Chicagoland Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights.

Popular Mechanics Debunked

By Jon Gold

A few weeks ago, I went into a Barnes & Noble looking for Barrie Zwicker's latest book, "Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11."

Before I got to the counter to ask if they had it in stock, I saw several copies of Popular Mechanics' new John McCain endorsed book called, "Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts." They had them prominently displayed so everyone could see them.

Holding back an "upchuck", I walked up to the counter, and asked the girl if they had any of Barrie's book in stock. As it turned out, they didn't. They were nice enough to order me a copy.

While I was there, I do what I always do in a book store. I looked for books by authors within the 9/11 Truth Movement. I was able to find one copy of Michael Ruppert's book, but nothing else.

Admittedly, I have never read Popular Mechanics' book. Wait a second. What's Jon pulling? How can he debunk a book without even reading it?

Family Steering Committee Testimony

I'm willing to bet that there a lot of people who frequent this site who've never taken the time to read these. Please do. They are educational on so many different levels.


August 17, 2004
FSC members were invited to speak on Voicing a Need for Reform before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

Kristen Breitweiser

Mary Fetchet

August 3, 2004
Family Steering Committee members testified during the House Committee on Government Reform Hearings to Review the 9/11 Commission Recommendations

Beverly Eckert

Sally Regenhard

Robin Wiener

January 27, 2004
At the seventh Public Hearing of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, a Statement on Aviation Security by FSC member Carol Ashley was admitted into the record. (Note: Since the statement is 20 pages long, the PDF may take a while to load.)

You're Dishonoring The Family Members

I'm very tired of seeing people say that to members of this movement.

Let's be clear on what's being said here.

This Administration initially refused to investigate the murder of 3000 people until the family members forced them to.

This Administration underfunded that investigation until the families fought for more.

This Administration originally wanted a man who has warrants out for his arrest in other parts of the world, to lead that investigation, until the family members confronted him, and forced him to resign.

This Administration refused to hand over pertinent documents regarding that investigation.

This Administration initially didn't want anyone from said Administration to testify.

This Administration appointed a self confessed expert at creating "public myths" to direct the entire investigation.

This Administration vetted each and every chapter of a report that was supposedly created in a non-partisan, independent fashion.

This Administration murdered the heroes of 9/11 by telling them the air was safe to breathe, and the water was safe to drink.

This Administration has used the names of the 3000 people that died on 9/11 to start two illegal wars, take away our civil liberties, bankrupt the nation, make fortunes for the corporate elite, torture innocent civilians INCLUDING children... the list goes on and on.

The National Energy Policy Development Group - Energy Task Force

This falls under "What comes first, the chicken or the egg?"

Scalia says he's proud he didn't recuse himself in Cheney case


The West's Battle For Oil - The Energy Task Force
Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force
U.S. Court Dismisses Cheney Energy Task Force Case
May 2001 - The National Energy Policy Development Group


HARTFORD, Conn. -- Conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had some advice Wednesday for those who questioned his impartiality after he refused to recuse himself from a case involving his hunting buddy, Vice President Dick Cheney.

"For Pete's sake, if you can't trust your Supreme Court justice more than that, get a life," Scalia said.

Scalia, addressing an audience at the University of Connecticut's law school on Wednesday, said recusing himself from the 2004 case _ which focused on an energy task force that Cheney led _ would only have given fuel to newspaper editorial writers and other detractors who have said he is too close to the vice president.

Questions That Ronald "pomeroo" Wieck Hasn't Addressed

I figured this would be a good place to compile a list of all of the questions Ronald Wieck, for whatever reason, refuses to answer. Here's what I have so far. Ronald is more than welcome to, in a respectful way, addess these questions.

Please feel free to add to this list.

1) What time did Dick Cheney arrive at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center?

2) What do you make of this Ronald?

"We took an oath not to talk about it during the campaign, I think correctly so, to increase the capacity of that commission's report to be heard by the people's Congress. Now it's beyond the campaign, so the promise I had to keep this out of the campaign is over. Mr. President, you knew they were in the United States. You were warned by the CIA. You knew in July they were inside the United States. You were told again by briefing officers in August that it was a dire threat. Didn't do anything to harden our border security. Didn't do anything to harden airport security. Didn't do anything to engage local law enforcement. Didn't do anything to round up INS and the consular office, and say we have to shut this down, and didn't warn the American people. What did you do? Nothing so far as we can see ."

Bob Kerrey - 9/11 Commissioner

Osama Is Dead... Maybe

Here are all of the articles I have that says Osama Bin Laden may be dead.

If even one of them are right, what does that say about the Bin Laden video/audio that's been released?

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead


Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

"The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead," the source said.

Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

About 30 close associates of bin Laden in Al Qaeda, including his most trusted and personal bodyguards, his family members and some "Taliban friends," attended the funeral rites. A volley of bullets was also fired to pay final tribute to the "great leader."

Dr. Michael Parenti

The following is a lecture given by Dr. Michael Parenti, 2003, Canada. I don't know where, or the date specifically.

"Michael Parenti is an internationally known award-winning author and lecturer. He is one of the nation's leading progressive political analysts. His highly informative and entertaining books and talks have reached a wide range of audiences in North America and abroad."

I used to show these videos to people before anything else. A long... LONG time ago.

I have corresponded with Dr. Parenti on a few occasions, and I know he's "interested" in 9/11. Once, I asked him if he would be willing to speak at a 9/11 Truth rally, and he declined, but said he would like information on the "next one" because he might like to go. I haven't spoken to him in a long time. Recently, I sent him "9/11: Press For Truth." I haven't heard from him.

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Able Danger

As John Albanese pointed out in regards to Able Danger, there is more reason not to believe the Inspector General's report than there is to believe it.

Everything I have on Able Danger and Rep. Curt Weldon.

Truth be told, since Weldon was recently claiming that Osama died in IRAN, and claimed that there are WMD in Iraq, and refused to meet me for lunch, I have a problem with Able Danger. That's not to say I don't think it's incriminating. I have met Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, and he seems nice enough, and sincere enough.

Incidentally, I once delivered the following to Weldon's office.

Think he read or watched it?

Mohammad Atta Allowed To Escape One Year Before 9/11

Rep. Weldon On The Washington Journal - Video Inside

Congressman: Defense Knew 9/11 Hijackers

Congressman Wants Another Look At 9/11 Commission Probe

COINTELPRO: The FBI's War on Black America

I wanted people to see this movie.


Meanwhile, when he unilaterally lifted restraints on the FBI, Ashcroft reopened the door for COINTELPRO—counterintelligence program—the massive FBI spying operation against law-abiding civil rights, anti-war, and other activists run by J. Edgar Hoover from the mid '50s to the early '70s. In 1976, after a year-long investigation, the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, chaired by Frank Church, blasted COINTELPRO for methods "indisputably degrading to a free society" in "a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association." Though Church promised that "never again will an agency of the government be permitted to conduct a secret war against those citizens it considers a threat to the established order," COINTELPRO is, for all intents and purposes, back with a vengeance.