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Italia 9/11 * CIA * Habeas * Yucca * $-down

Italia 9/11 * CIA * Habeas * Yucca * $-down
Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
December 7, 2007 - Italia 9/11 * CIA * Habeas * Yucca * $-down

”.. all the democratic groups of both America and Europe,
including those of the Italian center-left, know very well
already that the disastrous [September 11, 2001] attack was
planned and realized by the CIA and the Mossad, with the help
of the Zionists, in order to put under trial the Arab countries and to
lure the Western powers to intervene in both Iraq and Afghanistan.”

-- Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga
Quote in Italy's popular newspaper, 30 November 2007

1) Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job
- - Former Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon speaks out on 9/11
- - Seven Senior Republican Appointees Challenge Official Account of 9/11
2) C.I.A. Admits It Destroyed Tapes of Harsh Interrogations
- - US intelligence report shows war drive against Iran based on lies
- - Two-Thirds of Israelis Oppose Attack on Iran: Poll
- - Habeas Corpus War for Guantanamo Prisoners
- - Legal Action by Inmates Could Close Guantanamo

Loose Change Final Cut * RAND * Poems

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
November 25, 2007 - Loose Change Final Cut * RAND * Poems

Take my blood.
Take my death shroud and
The remnants of my body.
Take photographs of my corpse at the grave, lonely.

Send them to the world,
To the judges and
To the people of conscience,
Send them to the principled men and the fair-minded.

And let them bear the guilty burden before the world,
Of this innocent soul.
Let them bear the burden before their children and before history,
Of this wasted, sinless soul,
Of this soul which has suffered at the hands of the protectors of peace.

-- Jumah al Dossari
The above is called Death Poem by Jumah al Dossari,
who is a 33-year old Bahraini who has been held at
Guantanamo Bay for more than five years. He has been
in solitary confinement since the end of 2003 and,
according to the U.S. military, has tried to kill
himself twelve times while in custody.

1) Loose Change Final Cut Truth-Wide-Open
- - Explosive and Revealing Quotations about 9/11 Completely Ignored
2) World Reports the Collapse of the Internal US Balance of Power
- - Moussaoui judge questions government

Sibel Challenge * 911Ballot * Drew Carey

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
November 5, 2007 - Sibel Challenge * 911Ballot * Drew Carey.

9/11 Truth is a very important issue with the
power to bring lasting change to our country.

-- William Sloane Coffin

This Week Powerful 9/11 Truth Events

Flyby News Alert -
29 October 2007
Editor - Jonathan Mark -

East Coast - West Coast Feature 9/11 Truth Events

Notes: These two events are indicative of the information and substance,
and the quality of people coming forth, to confront mainstream America,
its media and institutions, with a just demand for new 9/11 investigations.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Last Man Out of the North World Trade Center Tower Tells his Story
William Rodriguez - November 1st- November 7th, 2007
From Oakland, California to Seattle, Washington

Press Advisory

William Rodriguez will share his harrowing tale of transformation from janitor to international hero on Thursday, 7 pm November 1st, at the Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Avenue in Oakland, California, the first stop, on a North West Tour that will take him from Oakland to Sonoma, Sacramento, Eureka, Portland, and Seattle. Other guest speakers include Peter Dale Scott and Cindy Sheehan, the main talk will be followed by a reception for Rodriguez and local heroes.

Unravel Fascism * Molten Steel * Ice Caps

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
October 19, 2007 - Unravel Fascism * Molten Steel * Ice Caps

"We know that it is strictly impossible for any building, much less
steel columned buildings, to "pancake" at free fall speed.
Therefore, it is a non-controversial fact that the official
explanation of the collapse of the WTC buildings is false."

-- Paul Craig Roberts
Assistant Secretary U.S. Treasury under President Reagan

1) 9/11 Truth Has the Power to Unravel Fascism
- - Will DOJ Look into the First Death of a U.S. 9/11 Researcher?
- - In The Kingdom of Fear
- - Hillary Clinton’s Bush Connection
- - Hillary! Uncensored - Banned By The Media
- - New Film Exposes How Rudy Failed Firefighters On 9/11
- - Rudy Giuliani, liar extraordinaire
- - Molten Steel Does Not Lie
- - NIST Implicitly Admits WTC Towers Destroyed by Controlled Demolition
- - Kucinich Calls For B-52 Nuke, New 911 Investigations
- - Traveling the road to 9/11
2) Ice Caps Melting Fast: Say Goodbye to the Big Apple?

Editor’s Notes:

Debunking Update * USS Liberty * DU-Hawaii

"Until we get a complete, honest, transparent investigation
– not one based on 'confession' extracted by torture ­
we will never know what happened on 9/11.
David Griffin will never let this go until we get the truth"

-- Robert Baer
former CIA case officer and author of
See No Evil and Sleeping with the Devil

1) Debunking 9/11 Debunking - Revised & Updated
- - 9/11 isn’t “over,” Mr. Friedman
- - Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice October Newsletter
- - Special 9/11 Symposium – Nov. 3, W. Hartford, CT
2) THE STRIKE ON THE USS LIBERTY – Chicago Tribune Report
- - Seymour Hersh: White House Intensifying Plans to Attack Iran *
- - Venezuelan Foreign Minister on Iran Ties, Oil Prices, Biofuels
- - Peace Activists Refused Entry to Canada
3) Hawaiian Islands are Contaminated with Ballistic Uranium

Editor’s Notes:

RE: 9/11 Is Over

Fantastic reply I am forwarding from an email from erry Mazza, (Online Journal, writer),
in response to Thomas Freidman's NY Ttimes opinion "9/11 is Over" piece!

Dear Reader,

This was my response letter (truncated by the Times) to Thomas Freidman's
idiotic article that "9/11 Is Over." Perhaps for him, but not the rest of us
who were never satisfied by the government's 9/11 Commission of Omission.
Please look over my remarks to Friedman's bleak article.

Jerry Mazza


From: []
On Behalf Of
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 10:00 AM
Subject: 9/11 Is Over

This page was sent to you by:

Message from sender:
Dear Mr. Friedman, You are either colassally naive or a non-reader. 9/11
isn't over becuase its true perpetrators have not been revealed in your
paper or in the balance of the commercial press of America. It wasn't fire

Coup Occurred * Iran B-52 * WTC Whistle

here is a bit of summarizing from the last couple of weeks.. it has been a wild one..
please note too event with paul soloman, stating support for independent investigation.

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
September 30, 2007 - Coup Occurred * Iran B-52 * WTC Whistle

"Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States
as our Fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful
masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,
but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

-- Abraham Lincoln

1) A Coup Has Occurred
- - Ellsberg Calls for Actions to Prevent War with Iran
- - Attack on Iran Said To Be Imminent
- - Ahmadinejad Seeks to Soothe Critics
- - Democrats Were Charged To End A War, Not Start One
- - B-52 Nukes Headed for Iran, Not For Decommissioning: Airforce Refused
- - Guantanamo transport plane crashes with four tons of cocaine on board
- - Nafeez Ahmed - "Creating Terror"
- - Fears of dollar collapse as Saudis take fright
- - Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney
- - Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008

Impotent Antiwar * Iran * FedReserve

"9/11 Truth is a very important issue with the power
to bring lasting change to our country."

-- William Sloane Coffin

Flyby News
Editor - Jonathan Mark
19 September 2007

1) 9/11 explains the impotence of the antiwar movement
- - Sibel Edmonds case: The real culprits of 911
- - 9/11 First Responder Heard WTC 7 Demolition Countdown
- - A New Standard For Deception: The NIST WTC Report
- - "9/11 Blueprint for Truth" - Architectural Integrity vs Official Lies
- - 9/11 Gold Heist Story Heist
- - Spitzer Helped Silverstein Win $4.5 Billion WTC Insurance Windfall
- - Fidel Castro says U.S. fooled world over 9/11
- - 9/11 - the big cover-up?
2) Bush Setting America Up for War on Iran
- - War Against Iran and the Logic of Dominance
- - Drift into War with Iran Out of Control, Says UN
- - B-52 Nukes Headed to Iran?
- - Greenspan Admits Iraq was About Oil, As Deaths Put at 1.2 Million
- - The Nightmare Is Here
3) World Reports and another thrilling Wanta episode as the world turns
- - Masters of the Universe, The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve

Valley 9/11 Truth presents:
“9/11: Blueprint for Truth:
The Architecture of Destruction”

Sept. 11 * Cheney-Media * Political Prisoners

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
September 7, 2007 - Sept. 11 * Cheney-Media * Political Prisoners

“First, let the technical truth emerge.
Then, if necessary, cope with the inevitable
political, conspiracy and other questions. But let us
not allow a possible painful truth block the primary
task of determining once and for all what caused
the collapse of the WTC towers and building no. 7.”

Joel S. Hirschhorn, PhD
Former Congressional Office of Technology
Assessment Senior Staff Member

1) Poll: Majority of Americans – Investigate Bush-Cheney on 9/11
- - Congressional Technology Member Calls for New 9/11 Investigation
- - New DVD Examines World Trade Center Destruction on 9/11
- - Twenty-Two Things We Now Know Six Years After 9/11
- - If not now, when? General Strike on 9/11/2007
- - 9/11 truth Event and Webcasting from NYC!
2) Cheney Orders Media To Sell Attack On Iran
- - Is Bush Staging Nukes for Iran?
- - False Flag Terrorism
3) Kucinich Recently on Leonard Peltier
- - Free Lori Berenson
- - Free Richard Sitcha

Editor’s Notes:

Re: Peace, Injustice and Ron Paul

The following is in reply to an article by David Swanson
called: Peace, Injustice and Ron Paul, posted at:
by Jonathan Mark

As those who have read Flyby News over the years, or have checked out our,51253, "Campaigns for Reclaiming a Lost USA Democracy" you would be aware of my history with Dennis Kucinich, which began years before he was a 2004 presidential candidate. With goodsister, we launched one of the most active yahoogroups at

Iran Attack * September Surprise * Sicko +

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -,91929,

Sooner or later, everyone sits down to
a banquet of consequences.
- - Robert Louis Stevenson

1) Report: US Has Plans to Attack Iran
- - The Kennebunk Warning
- - Rep. Conyers' Latest on Impeachment
- - Are Bush & Co. Gearing Up to Attack Iran?
- - Market Crash Forecast Suggests New 9/11
- - National Guard Troops from Florida Deploy To Nation's Capital
- - UN reports record production of opium in Afghanistan
2) The Truth About 9/11 Is Rising to the Surface
- - Academy of Sciences Member Calls for New 9/11 Investigation
- - Thunder Bay, Ontario's only daily newspaper covers 9/11 truth
- - Evidence Suggests CIA Purposefully Spiked Investigations
- - 9/11/07 Global Day of Action & Letter from Donna Marsh O'Connor
- - Police provocateurs caught 'rock-handed' at SPP meeting in Canada
- - Robert Fisk--Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11
- - Chief of NIST's Fire Science Division Calls for Independent Review
- - 9/11 First Responders Benefit & Rally

Global Warming Crises & 9/11 Awareness

This is an article that I solicited from Craig Hill, former US Senate candidate from Vermont and 9/11 truther. I asked Craig to write this article from heated debates on the 9/11 Boston Tea Party listserve. Some 9/11 truthers, like Alex Jones, advocate that Global Warming is a hoax. However, like 9/11 as a false flag operation, the evidence for man-made global warming is overwhelming.

This article was originally posted in the June 20, 2007 issue of - item 3 - Global Warming Crises & 9/11 Awareness – Building Coalitions - - Warming and 9/11 Related Danger Zones.

The bigger, more urgent reason to bring down the perps of 9/11 ~~
By Craig Hill

9/11 Truth * StrakeOff * OKC-Moon Hoax

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
February 24, 2007 - 9/11 Truth * StrakeOff * OKC-Moon Hoax
"He who controls the present, controls the past.
He who controls the past, controls the future."

- George Orwell

1) 911 Truthers - Time Is On Our Side
- - BBC Hit Piece a Tissue of Lies, Bias and Emotional Manipulation
- - Did America mastermind Sept 11?
- - “Improbable Collapse” – Spring 9/11 Truth Northeast Tour
2) Norman Mineta Exposes Dick Cheney on 9/11 Stand-down
- - Fitzgerald and Cloud Over Cheney
- - Cheney hints at Iran strike
3) Feds cancel Divine Strake explosion
- - New OKC Revelations Spotlight FBI Involvement In Bombing
4) The Apollo Moon Landings Are Science Fiction

9/11 & Hustler * Improbable * SmokeMirrors

The individual is handicapped coming face to face with
a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists.

-- J. Edgar Hoover

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
January 27, 2007 - 9/11 & Hustler * Improbable * SmokeMirrors

1) London Guardian and 9/11 News
- - More 9/11 Emergency Calls Released in 2007
- - Huslter Magazine and 9/11 Truth Making Time
- - Only 16% Think Government Telling the Truth about 9/11
- - The 9/11 Movement: Those Who Divide and Those Who Unite
- - Michael Berger & “Improbable Collapse” Spring NE
2) ChemTrails and the New World Order

Editor's Notes:

While the media spins news of the protests today in Washington, D.C., this issue inflates, too, closer to the bursting point. Meanwhile keep an eye on updated reports at The first item in this issue opens with the Guardian, London, newspaper covering Loose Change 9/11:

The power of the film is that it lays down layer upon layer of seemingly rational analysis
to end up with a conclusion many would find incredible. It is compiled from original footage
from numerous news sources, narrated in Dylan's mild, almost monotone voice, and backed