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Installation of a fiber optic network initiated in June 2001 in the WTC complex

Hello from France (sorry for my approximate English),

In June 2001, a contract was signed between the Port Authority of New York (still owner of the WTC but not for long) and the company EurekaGGN, through its subsidiary BRAM, to build a new communication network made of optical fibers in the twin towers from the basement to the 110TH floor.

The works were sufficiently rapids compared to the size of the buildings.
They were to be completed in the fall for WTC1 and on the 12/31 for the WTC2.
There is no doubt that these works were well advanced during the months of July and August 2001.

This first source announces the contract on 6/6/2001 :

EurekaGGN, a full-service integrated communications provider,