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Shop? Go To Jail!

See this hidden video of two Canadian tourists getting a taste of the new Amerikan Police State.


Good thing it wasn't me. My conversation would go this way:

Police: Which store are you going shopping at?

Me: I'm going to Herr Hitler's Boutique. The same place you got your shiny jack boots.

F*****ing NAZIs suck.


Rena Patty and Pamela Senzee are bicycling across America to bring 9/11 Truth to firehouses, police departments, sheriffs and local media.

See the latest video about Rena's stop in Erie, PA.


Please visit Pam and Rena's blogs here:



Richard Gage in NYC--9/9 & 11/2012

Architect Richard Gage will present Blueprint For Truth at the following location

Walker Stage
56 Walker Street
NY, NY 10013

Sunday SEP 9 -- 1-8 pm
Tuesday SEP 11-- 8 pm


More events to go to:


1964--New Weapons For a 1970 Battlefield

Title: Unconventional Weapons for the 1970 Battlefield
Date: July 1964


See the list of References beginning on PDF page 73.

Thanks To 9/11 We Have This--Congratulations!

Don't turn away. Don't make excuses.

The 9/11 Justified War on Terror up close and personal.

Put your daughter or son into this picture. HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any mofo who pays taxes for this obscenity has blood on their hands. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMERICA is NOT a Democracy!

Not a Democracy!
Debbie Lewis, DebLewis87@gmail.com

Columbia MO, May 9, 2012 - We do NOT live in a Democracy...there, I said it! The mainstream media and the news seem to want us to believe we do, but we do not. The GOP and the Democrats would like for you to believe it, as well. In fact, even Chief Justice John Roberts, as Paul Sheridan has so eloquently pointed out, wants you to believe it and our school system preaches it like it's the gospel truth.


Wouldn't that be nice? Making this viral is no big deal. Please spend a few minutes to grow this to huge proportions.


UPDATE: The original petition was taken down so this version was recently submitted.

PLEASE spread this around to resurrect the enthusiasm that was driving the first one.

Architects and Engineers Translation Team

Check out this brand new production by the A&E Translation Team.

Well done!


STOP CISPA From Undermining Internet Privacy

Please sign this petition. Just like the roundly defeated SOPA and PIPA this new bill seeks to strip us of Internet Privacy.


Over 100 Members of Congress are backing a bill (CISPA) that would give private companies and the US government the right to spy on any of us at any time for as long as they want without a warrant. This is the third time the US Congress has tried to attack our Internet freedom. But we helped beat SOPA, and PIPA -- and now we can beat this new Big Brother law.

NYC Financial District Preps For Terrorist Attack A Week Prior to 9/11.

Just another coincidence, of course.

One week prior to the 9-11 attack, MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority ) and NYC OEM (NYC Office of Emergency Management) had been preparing a tabletop exercise to develop plans for recovery of operations and business continuity in the Financial District after a terrorist attack. Discussions and plans for a program known as BNET (Businesses Networking) had been tested in Buffalo, New York


BNET link:


What this amounts to is a private, special access identification program to get business people past security checkpoints after a disaster.

9/11 and Aftermath

Magnum Photographers relate their 9/11 stories and concerns about the results of the War On Terror.


Kurt Haskell Decides Underwear Lawsuit Futile


Christmas Day Two Years Later and the Current State of the U.S.

by Kurt Haskell

Change of Plans?

What is this? UA93 requested a change of flight plans? From San Francisco to DC? (at mark 3:15)