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William Pepper, Attorney at Law, Pursuing NIST

William Pepper, Attorney at Law, Pursuing NIST via OIG Re: Fraudulent WTC 7 Report

Written by Dennis P. McMahon, Esq.

    Investigation Demanded Based on FOIA Release Info

On behalf of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, esteemed human rights attorney William F. Pepper has written to the U.S. Department of Commerce's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) demanding that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST,” a non-regulatory agency within the Commerce Department), for which OIG has oversight responsibility, “be directed to produce a corrected analysis and report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.”

The demand was triggered by the discovery that the official steel fabrication drawings of Building 7’s construction, released in response to a FOIA request, reveal critical structural features that were inexplicably missing from consideration in the NIST report on the collapse of Building 7. Specifically, as explained in the recent article “MaladmiNISTration” by David Cole, upon close examination of the depiction, in Frankel shop drawing #9114, of the connection between Column 79 and the adjacent girder–a connection that NIST claimed had failed–one can see another steel element in the drawing that NIST had never mentioned, i.e. “stiffener plates,” that were specified at the end of the girder and welded in place to both sides of the web and to the bottom flange.

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Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of C.R.E.W., agrees to review the evidence

On January 21, 2014, Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of the Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington (CREW) was a guest on C-SPAN's Washington Journal:


Melanie Sloan is the Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington, and said she would look into a callers claim regarding the collapse of WTC Building 7 while on C-SPAN Tuesday morning.

Melanie Sloan serves as CREW's Executive Director and is a nationally recognized expert on congressional ethics. Prior to starting CREW, she served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Columbia where, from 1998-2003, she successfully tried cases before dozens of judges and juries.


See here:

Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) informed on C-SPAN about WTC7 omissions


Or fast forward to 41:01 in this video:

    Transcript of the exchange:


"Congress's refusal to investigate the evidence that Building 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition on 9/11 is based on its blind trust in NIST's WTC 7 report, which has now been found to contain incorrect data about the building design that, when corrected, renders NIST's fire collapse conclusion impossible. As appropriations committee member would you be willing to review the errors in NIST's report and help in seeking accountability from NIST for its errors considering that NIST has spent over 20 million dollars of taxpayers money to produce this erroneous report? "

Representative Marcy Kaptur:

"I would be more than happy to receive information from you sir and turn it over to those who have that particular agency under their jurisdiction. I have seen some of the callers who have called into programs and I think you're getting your message through, and as I said earlier, 'Truth will out'...sometime the government doesn't have all the facts, or there is an effort in some matters to not reveal the facts, for whatever reason, but ultimately if the American people are persistent the truth will be revealed. So you certainly can send me material and I will discuss it with those who are in charge of funding those agencies."

    Link to the evidence and complaint:



NIST Replies to WTC7 Stiffeners Inquiry

I am pleased to offer the following email from Public Affairs Officer Michael Newman, dated 25 OCT 2013. The inquiry actually began in March 2012 immediately following our discovery of the stiffeners on girder A2001. Despite what the answer says, I made my inquiry on 26 JUL 2013 and followed up on 24 SEP. No reply was received so I sent a final letter on 19 OCT.

Background on this inquiry can be found here:


From: michael.newman@nist.gov

CC: wtc@nist.gov
Subject: RE: WTC7 Report Discrepancies
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 12:55:28 +0000

Dear Mr. Cole,

Following your e-mail of September 24 (see below), a set of responses to your questions were prepared. Unfortunately, the partial shutdown of the federal government delayed our getting these responses to you. With our apologies for tardiness, here are those responses:

A) In NCSTAR 1-9, which design drawing was used to create:

Figure 8-21?.................1091, 9114
Figure 8-23?.................1091, 3004, 9114

60 days--NIST Refuses To Reply

It has been 60 days since I asked NIST about the numerous discrepancies between Frankel Fabrication Shop Drawing #9114 and certain figures found in their WTC7 report NCSTAR 1-9.

Frankel Drawing #9114 clearly shows stiffener plates welded onto the end of the girder that NIST claims walked off its C79 seated connection on floor 13, leading to an unprecedented global progressive collapse.

Please contact NIST Director Patrick Gallagher and Public Affairs Officer Michael Newman at the following email addresses and ask for a prompt reply to these pertinent questions.


You may phone them at:

Patrick Gallagher-- 301-975-2300 (Director )
Michael Newman-- 301-975-3025 (Public Affairs)


To: michael.newman@nist.gov; patrick.gallagher@nist.gov
Subject: WTC7 Report Discrepancies
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 23:31:55 -0400

Dear Mr. Newman and Mr. Gallagher,

It has been 60 days since I sent my inquiry regarding the figures in NCSTAR 1-9.

The Case Against NIST

The case against NIST is taking shape. Everybody agrees that the time has come to enter the courthouse.


Can YOU Spot The Difference?

What's the difference?  Those plates welded to the girder.  They are called stiffeners.

Why aren’t the stiffeners shown in the version above from the NIST report when they are shown in the actual WTC7 drawings? (NOTE:  I drew the stiffeners in because NIST failed to.)

Why the stiffeners are so important:
Stiffener plates are critically important.  They allow a girder to transfer loads to a wider footprint (bearing surface) and increase its ability to resist failure.

WTC7 Shear Studs and Video Expose

Please visit the Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth websites for two new articles about WTC7.

This article deals with the shear studs on the girder NIST claims caused the initiation of global progressive collapse:


For a more in depth look at the shear studs issue, and the numerous other NIST errors and omissions, continue to this link:


Questions?: Email the video producers at

NIST Notified of Discrepancies

The following email has been sent to NIST director Patrick Gallagher and Public Affairs officer Michael Newman.

This concerns many errors/omissions in the NCSTAR 1-9 Report.


Dear Mr. Newman,

On March 16, 2012 I wrote your office with an inquiry about certain errors in the NCSTAR 1-9 report. Your reply follows:

From: michael.newman@nist.gov

Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 16:49:50 -0400
Subject: Your Inquiry on NIST NCSTAR 1-9

Dear Mr. Cole,

Joseph Main forwarded your e-mail of March 16 to me for handling. Our researchers looked into the issue you raised and found that there is indeed an error in the drawing number cited for Figure 8-16 in NIST NCSTAR 1-9, Structural Fire Response and Probable Collapse Sequence of World Trade Center Building 7. The drawing used in Figure 8-16 was “Structural Drawing S8” rather than “Erection Drawing E12/13”. Figure 8-16 is used to locate features of the floor framing, and either drawing would serve this purpose. The differences between the two drawings are minor, involving some notes that appear in one drawing but not the other. The information of interest is the same in both drawings, and the error in the drawing number referenced does not affect any observations, findings or conclusions in the NCSTAR 1-9 report.

NIST will include an erratum to the report to indicate this correction.

Thank you for catching this error.

Michael Newman
NIST Public Affairs

911 MAPS

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