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A Quick Review of Manuel Garcia’s article “We See Conspiracies That Don’t Exist: The Physics of 9/11”

This article* offers the US government another opportunity to answer serious questions about 9/11 without anyone actually having to take responsibility for those answers. Like Shyam Sunder of NIST, promoting the Pancake Theory in a Popular Mechanics interview even after that theory was proven to be incorrect, a US government scientist (Garcia) can say whatever he wants in an informal media presentation. And in this case, Garcia does just that, repeating many unsubstantiated claims, and even adding some new ones.

Garcia begins by suggesting that those who question the Bush Administration’s story are psychologically disturbed in some way. Of course, the absurdity of this implication is obvious. The official theory is not only a conspiracy theory, but is one that appeals to our most contemptible instincts. And after what we’ve been through in the last five years, questioning the Bush Administration’s ever-changing explanations for those important events would seem, for most of us, a pretty good idea.

As an introduction, readers get only a brief, dismissive hint that there is an alternative hypothesis for “collapse” of the WTC buildings. A link to a Wikipedia article on the subject is provided, but a more direct, and more fair, approach would have been to provide links to sources like Steven Jones’ paper at the Journal of 911 Studies (, or Jim Hoffman’s site ( And a much more interesting article would have included some explanation from Garcia about his own employer’s growing dominance in research on the use of Aluminothermics (