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Loose Change Final Cut matinee in Fremont, CA this Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

Tri-City Independent Documentary Series presents a free screening of the film LOOSE CHANGE: FINAL CUT. (2007) Written,directed and edited by Dylan Avery. Produced by Jason Bermas and Korey Rowe.

2400 Stevenson Blvd at Paseo Padre
Saturday, April 19th at 1:30 pm


Only three steel skyscrapers have ever collapsed - ostensibly as a result of fire - and all three came down in one day at the World Trade Center. In fact, one of them wasn't even hit by a plane. How could this be? How do we explain the near-perfect symmetry of their falls? Why did neither Dick Cheney nor Donald Rumsfeld order the Pentagon to be evacuated when it was known that a hijacked plane was racing toward it? If there is evidence that Osama bin Laden was behind the terrorist attacks, why did the Bush administration not provide it to the Taliban when they offered to turn him over? Why was bin Laden never even indicted, let alone killed or captured?

Taking the truth on the road (part 2)

Hello from Seattle (Bothell actually!), brothers and sisters in truth!

I actually rolled into Seattle a little after 7pm on Tuesday evening, but have been too busy to post until now.

Last night we did a film premiere of 9/11: The Myth and the Reality at a lovely neighborhood church in the Green Lake district. The small gym had everything we needed to show the film and do Q&A afterward. The only shortcoming was a very small audience (10 people), all of whom are already hip to 9/11 Truth.

Marketing, folks, it's all about promotion. If it's not out there, by definition, people won't see it and can't know about it.

This event was a late addition to the main DRG event on Friday (tomorrow) and was not co-promoted along with it. Additionally, there was very little separate promotion of the event, thus the very low turnout.

(If I had known how little promotion was going on for this event, I would have come up a day earlier and done my flyering thang, ahh well, live and learn, the point of this post, btw)

Our hosts are great and Seattle rocks! I hope to see some of the Vancouver crew down here tomorrow as I didn't make it there last night (my regrets to Van).

Taking the truth on the road (part 1)

Hello from Shady Cove, Oregon!

(I'm on dial-up here, so my apologies if this is slow, LOL)

Last night on my way up from the SF bay area I stopped in Arcata to pick up some dvd's and stuff for tabling at the David Ray Griffin events I'm working in Seattle, Portland and Ashland. While waiting in beautiful downtown Arcata (around midnight) I happened across scores of college age folks enjoying the nightlife. Never one to miss an opportunity I whipped out some deception dollars and started working, they were universally appreciated and started a few conversations about 9/11 which gave me the chance to spring some 11 Remarkable Facts cards on the college aged crowd. Many had never seen or heard of WTC 7, so this really got some people thinking.

(Many thanks to the tolerant folks at "The Alibi" bar who put up with a certain crazy 47-year old dancing while wearing a Curious George shirt. Good dj, btw. There is a "PG-13" rated version of this story, see me for details, LOL)

Mysteriously, a few "9/11 Truth Ends War" stickers appeared in Arcata that same night.

Do we need a new national poll on 9/11 at this time?

A few weeks ago we had a very spirited thread on a blog about the need for a new national poll asking 9/11-related questions.

I happen to think that a new poll would be of great value. It would give us more recent numbers to present to the msm, refute their constant attempts to marginalize the 9/11 Truth movement and the polling organization's independent press release would be a "credible" msm news story and could, depending on the results, spark a firestorm of news stories and opinion pieces. A new poll, carefully crafted, would also give us quantitative data on exactly what is getting through to the general public and let us know where we should increase our focus, among other things.

Caught while truthing, a note from the front lines of suburban northern CA

This morning I had a visit from my local police department. An officer and a detective from my town came and wanted to know if I was the one who had been putting up stickers all over town. Since I always tell the truth (believe it or not) and since they seemed to have an eyewitness account of my activities (it turned out to be one of their own, on his way to work, smooth move on my part, NOT, LOL), I freely admitted to being the perpetrator and agreed to not put any more stickers on public property in my town (please note the specificity of this agreement as any owners of private property will have to make a complaint before they act; however, they now know who I am and where I live, sigh).

They suggested that I express my opinion by putting more stickers on my van, even though I don't drive it much (12 mpg, I live on a steep hill) I'm considering painting 9/11 messages all over it (my daughters will disown me it I do, they don't like riding in my work van already). (You can be sure I'll post pics here if I do, btw.)

The best of "9/11 Accountability: Strategies and Solutions Conference" 7-Disc DVD Set

The best of "9/11 Accountability: Strategies and Solutions Conference"

14 hours of DVD-video from Arizona!

7 DVDs with the complete presentations of two dozen speakers.

These are highest quality, live mix, full resolution DVDs, with titles and credits.

Only sold as a set. 7 DVDs for $35

Produced by 911tv.org


AlterNet covering Rosie O’Donnell and WTC 7

Joshua Holland has written a snide piece carefully bending the truth in an attempt to maintain the government myth.

Please come over and comment. The more the merrier. Everytime AlterNet runs a 9/11 piece it tops their most commented list and the comments run pro-Truth in greater numbers each time.

We are winning, brothers and sisters, day by day and one person at a time.

I love you all very much.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Activism 101 - Truth Stickers

Get the truth out there! You can print your own stickers at home quickly, easily and at low cost. Just put them up in high traffic areas where people are stopped at traffic signals or wait for buses, etc. I also love putting them on newspaper boxes, especially those near coffee shops. Here are a few samples:

AlterNet posts Monbiot hit piece

AlterNet has posted the George Monbiot hit piece.

Come on over and let's give them a whole lot of truth.

Analyzing the Paula Zahn Hit Piece

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi

They found out that ignoring the 9/11 Truth movement didn’t work.

Then they realized that ridiculing us just helped us grow.

Now the real fight begins.

When media royalty like CNN’s Paula Zahn and Larry King are moved to the front lines we need to realize that 9/11 Truth is now considered to be a serious threat to the status quo. This is a perverse form of respect.

January 11th Action Proposal

As part of our on-going efforts to bring 9/11 Truth and related issues greater attention I would like to propose that our action on January 11th focus on the plight of the first responders and other victims of the toxic dust.

For my part I will be freeway blogging on January 11th with a specific focus on the need to help those suffering from the toxic dust as well as calling attention to the 9/11 toxic dust itself. I will also be calling my local House member, Speaker Pelosi, my two Senators and Senator Reid. Additionally I will make a point of telling everyone I meet about the plight of 9/11 dust victims. I will also write letters to the editors of the local papers and the S.F. Chronicle regarding this issue.

I think that this is an especially good issue to open our 2007 campaign with for the following reasons:

1) These people are suffering and the government has turned its back on them. Supporting them is the moral thing to do.

2) Helping these people is a very positive goal and a great way to start the year. The need our help NOW.

3) This is an issue that many people do not know about and is a relatively non-controversial entre' to 9/11 Truth.

4) This is an issue which is relatively non-threatening to the MSM and will allow us to get our foot in the door with them and begin to cultivate a real dialogue which can lead to more interest in the truth of 9/11. This is a classic human interest/environmental story that can easily be presented by and to the MSM.

Friday Commute Signs

I can't let the last Friday of 2006 pass without giving everyone in my neck of the woods a little 9/11 Truth.

The Christopher Hayes hit piece posted on AlterNet and some thoughts on this weekend's Tea Parties

I'm sure most of you have read the Christopher Hayes piece "Is 9/11 Paranoia Bad for the Country?" that was originally in The Nation.

It was also posted on AlterNet where I used to waste way too much time. In the past 48 hours it has had over 700 comments posted on it, many more and much faster than I've seen there before. A great many of the comments on the article attack it for being the obvious hit piece that it is and there are the usual hard working shills and disinfo types trying to counter the facts stated in many of the comments.

What I find especially noteworthy is that the article states that the 9/11 Truth Movement is in fact a genuine political Movement and needs to be confronted as such. To me this is yet another signal that the MSM and thus the perps they work for are now starting to fully comprehend that we can't be ridiculed away and that they must fight us more openly before our numbers increase too much further and we reach the tipping point. I believe that there is a pretty solid third of the American population that have accepted either MIHOP or LIHOP and that we are now fighting the perps for the all important middle third of the American people.

One more for the afternoon commute

I love this location because it catches some of the wealthiest people in the US (and the world) as well as some relatively famous folks like Sean Penn and Huey Lewis close to their homes. I'm sure that Sean Penn knows the truth about 9/11 and is just waiting until he feels safe to come out. Anyway, this sign will be in regular rotation around here:

If it's the 11th, there must be SIGNS

After a few days of prep I put out signs at 10 locations, here are some of the ones I could get photos of:

Yes, I know that one is kind of blurry, hard to get a good pic off to the side at 55 mph. LOL

We are winning, brothers and sisters!

Back to my sign shop.

Be well, y'all.