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BUILDING WHAT?! Day 2 (and Day 1 Recap)

Fellow Advocates:

Thank you to everyone who helped make Building What?! Day 1 a great success.

3 down. 48 to go.

Before repeating yesterday’s instructions, here’s a snippet from the emails we received from people who called in.

“The office of Maria Arroyo was very nice to me and seemed excited to hear from me!”

“In all 3 cases, they asked if this was in regards to WTC 7 before I had said anything.”

“Before the words 'Building 7' were out of my mouth they said, 'Yes, we know.'… The aide said they'd been receiving calls to look into this and will announce further action on his part, since this is the first they've heard about it.”

“I said something like, ‘I have been ignoring all this stuff until now because I just saw a video of 7 coming down and that just seems impossible to me.’ She then kind of laughed at me and said, ‘You only just learned about this? We have ALWAYS known about building 7.’ In short, I'm getting the feeling this was a GOOD IDEA."

Message From Bob McIlvaine: Join the “Building What?!” Campaign

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“Building What?!” is a phone and fax campaign aimed at helping the New York City Council become aware of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, The Salomon Brothers building, and amplifying the request from more than one thousand architects and engineers that a new investigation be opened into the destruction of this building.

Richmond, New Hampshire Passes Resolution For New 9/11 Investigation

On March 9, 2010 voters in the town of Richmond, New Hampshire became the second town in the United States to pass a resolution calling upon Congress to open a new investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. The first resolution of this kind was passed by the voters of Lincoln, Vermont in 2007.

The Vote For Answers resolution instructing New Hampshire’s congressional delegation “to pursue a new and independent investigation to address thoroughly all of the evidence and unanswered questions related to the event of September 11, 2001” passed 48 to 45 in Richmond (52% in favor).

ABC Nightline Monday night broadcast of Treason in America

Unbalanced coverage of this past weekend’s 'Treason in America' conference in Valley Forge. Note the specific placement of pejorative keywords to condition the viewer. Many clues are given as to techniques used to marginalize open discussion of the subject.

Definitely a huge step forward in the right direction. By engaging the mainstream media with factually clear, rationale dialogue when the opportunities arise, we win the hearts and minds of more critically thinking Americans every day, all of whom have the potential to stand for the Justice and Accountability due us all.


Breaking Down Personhood, the Pre-9/11 Roots of Torture

INN World Report’s Tom Kiely to host ground breaking author Hank Albarelli next Friday at historic Walker Stage, one half mile north of Ground Zero.

INN’s ongoing lecture series continues with “An Evening with Hank Albarelli". Albarelli will discuss his new book “A Terrible Mistake, The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Cold War Experiments” A book signing will follow.

Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies at New York University and author of the book 'Fooled Again, How the Right Stole the 2004 Elections' will be participating in the discussion of the roots of today’s torture programs and their origins in the CIA’s mind control experimentation in the 1950’s and 60’s, including the use of LSD to break down the individual. He is known for his writing on American media and for his activism on behalf of democratic media reform. His books include Boxed In: The Culture of TV, Seeing Through Movies, and Mad Scientists, a study of war propaganda.

Newspaper: 9/11 conspiracy makes it onto town warrant

Victims' Family Member reports on 'Vote For Answers NH'

Vote For Answers NH has been covered for the third time in another major New Hampshire newspaper, now in the capital of Concord. Read the article here.

The group is $1,100.00 shy of meeting their campaign budget - all of which is going toward advertising / publicity expenses. Please donate what you can, $5, $10, $25 or more to help ensure the resolution for a comprehensive, fact-driven investigation passes in all 12 towns. As you can read from the latest article, with one of the Barnstead town's councilman calling the resolution "nonsense", we have to meet their insults by disseminating real information to the voters in any way we can. These actions represent exactly the kind of fight that moves our cause forward.

Go to http://voteforanswersnh.com/donate.php to donate right now, and please comment on the article at the Concord Monitor's Web site: 9/11 conspiracy makes it onto town warrant.

Thank you all for every effort.

Manny Badillo

The government doesn't want a 9/11 public trial

RT again covers again what the corporate, consolidated, controlled mainstream media in this country refuse to.

“The trials need to be held. They need to be held here [NYC]. They need to be held in a civilian court where the evidence can come out – evidence that’s still being collected … in this mass murder, which begs for a new investigation ... evidence that just might be in the lungs of the sick and dying by the tens of thousands first responders. Let’s get that evidence out there to find out what really happened.”


At least 10 towns in New Hampshire to vote on a new investigation into 9/11!

Fellow Advocates for Answers and Accountability:

Last week it became official! At least ten towns in New Hampshire will have the following question on the ballot at this spring’s town meetings:

Shall New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation be instructed to pursue a new and independent investigation to address thoroughly all of the evidence and unanswered questions related to the events of September 11, 2001?

Voters in Hanover and Stoddard, which have later deadlines, will file their petitions in the next few weeks to bring the total to 12 towns. Most towns will have their town meetings on March 9, while Hanover, Stoddard and Peterborough will have them on May 11. The dozens of determined individuals in New Hampshire who have worked very hard since early December - from collecting signatures in the bitter cold to holding weekly organizing meetings - deserve a huge round of applause, and it is now up to us give them all the help they need to ensure their campaign is a success.

Yet another 9/11 widow calls for new investigation

Interview with 9/11 family member Jane Pollicino, who lost her husband Steve Pollicino.

Jane courageously speaks out in favor of a proper investigation into her husband's murder, spurred by the NYC CAN petition drive. She was one of the 50+ volunteers who helped prove that enough voters legally signed the historic petition.

On the 27th of September, join NYC CAN and thousands of New Yorkers as they converge on the streets of the City to demand an impartial investigation into the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Jane is the reason why so many of us actively pursue Justice and Accountability.

NYC CAN Lawyer Gives Inside Scoop on Air America with Richard Greene


NYC CAN Lawyer Dennis McMahon and Manny Badillo on Air America's 'Clout' program hosted by Richard Green.


U.S. Senator Supports a New 9/11 Investigation

Senator also wants to see recent study confirming explosives in the debris of the World Trade Center as Fox News propagandizes the report.

By Manny Badillo, nephew of Thomas Joseph Sgroi, written on 06/03/09

NEW YORK, NY -- New York's junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand fully supports the victims’ family members, hero first responders, and all New Yorkers pursuit of justice concerning the events of Sept. 11th, 2001.

Filling the Senate seat of Secretary Hillary Clinton, Sen. Gillibrand is one of the first in Congress to speak publicly about her commitment to finding out what really happened during the unsolved mass murder of innocents close to eight years ago in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

After hearing of the recent peer-reviewed and refereed study, which found explosives in the debris of the world trade center, Sen. Gillibrand said, “ “Based on what you’ve just told me, and that 70% of family members questions were not answered during the commission hearings, I think those questions should be answered.”