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9/11 Explosive Eyewitness Testimony

I've been collecting videos of eyewitness testimony online for many months and I figured the best way to present them all would be to create a compilation of footage instead of keeping them all separated. Here you have firefighters, citizens, and news reporters all telling you about explosions. Some witnesses explain that they felt an explosion before the plane even hit the building. Others report explosions in the basement, and the lobby. News reporters report that they've been hearing explosions all day, and one reporter Pat Dawson, spoke with the Chief of Safety for the NY Fire Dept. who said that he thought there were bombs planted in the buildings.

Thank you very much for your continued interest in 9/11.

FLIR camera footage of twin towers shows low fire temperatures

This newly released FLIR camera footage is remarkable! It was taken around 9:18-9:19 in the morning on 9/11 which is about 15 minutes after the second plane strike.

I'm no expert so I'd like to see some expert analysis of this video, but from what I can see, it looks like the fires are about 100 degrees Celsius which is about 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, of course, this contradicts the widely held belief that the fires were a "raging inferno" reeking havok on the building's steel columns.

More possible evidence of NIST tampering?

Knowing that there is potential evidence of tampering with some of this FOIA video evidence NIST has released thus far, I find it suspicious that in the following video you only see the first two seconds or so of the first tower collapse before it cuts off and then after it comes back the smoke has already covered the area... (:39 seconds to :42 seconds in)

At first, I thought it may have been just a problem with the camera or maybe the operator needed to change batteries or something. Then, I noticed that the second time the video cuts out at 2:33 and comes back 2:37 you miss the entire collapse of the second tower.

That's not all I noticed though...

Eyewitness Evidence

*Updated December 20th, 2010 - With more eyewitness videos!*

Most of these videos are from the FOIA lawsuit against NIST.

Firemen Explosion Testimony

9/11 Explosion In The North Tower Lobby Eyewitness (WNBC Dub4A 27)

9/11 Explosion In The North Tower Before The Plane Hit - Eyewitness