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Developer [Silverstein] Sues to Win $12.3 Billion in 9/11 Attack


Larry A. Silverstein, who has won nearly $4.6 billion in insurance payments to cover his losses and help him rebuild at the World Trade Center site, is seeking $12.3 billion in damages from airlines and airport security companies for the 9/11 attack.

Mr. Silverstein, the developer of ground zero, sought the damages, whose amount was not previously known, in a claim filed in 2004, that says the airlines and airport security companies failed to prevent terrorists from hijacking the planes used to destroy the buildings.

His case was consolidated last week with similar, earlier lawsuits brought by families of some victims of the attack and by other property owners. But in seeking $12.3 billion, he is by far the biggest claimant in the litigation.

The size of Mr. Silverstein’s claim was revealed last week at a status conference on the litigation in United States District Court in Manhattan.

9/11 conspiracy theories originate from ignorance


Incredibly ignorant commentary on the 9/11 story and the truth movement- posted in full:

The Jews were responsible for the events of Sept. 11, 2001. So was the mysterious Bildeburger group, the “military-industrial complex,” the Israeli intelligence agency called the Mossad and the contracting company named Halliburton. Using the evil radio-wave emitter in Alaska acronymed HAARP, the reptilian aliens disguised themselves as world leaders and members of the British royal family, and demolished the World Trade Center. Confused yet? So am I.

Conspiracy theories about the events of Sept.11, 2001 are more prevalent than Ohio State fans on the Ohio University campus. Now, I’m not one to judge people, but some of the people who believe in such wacky stories are plain loco. Here’s why.

9/11 and the incompetence excuse: Could a bunch of sociopathic screw-ups really pull off the crime of the century?


OnlineJournal.com publishes a nice roundup of reasons to doubt the official 9/11 BS, in the context of countering those who defend the Bush Administration's 9/11 account by claiming they were too incompetent to have any involvement in pulling off a successful false-flag operation.

"Many who deny government complicity in 9/11/01 maintain that some of the best evidence against official involvement in the crime of the century lies in the Bush administration's unbroken record of sheer incompetence, an argument bolstered by the perception that key members of the administration, notably The Commander Guy, spent that entire day running around like headless chickens.

On the contrary, they did no such thing. Rather, the administration was highly competent and enormously successful that day -- they just had different criteria for success than would sane people. And they've been highly competent ever since. You just have to adjust your standards for evaluating success, then view the past six years through the PNAC/neocon lens. Let's review some of their primary accomplishments -- on 9/11 and in the six eternal years since:"

9/11 Contradictions: Bush in the Classroom by David Ray Griffin

9/11 Contradictions: Bush in the Classroom

DRG has a new book coming out "9/11 Contradictions". I hope in this one he no longer promotes the "no plane at the Pentagon" theory, or at least acknowledges that it's controversial and not accepted by most people that question the official story. This article in The Canadian is the first in a series, very intelligent analysis of the Secret Service violations of standard procedure in Sarasota.

"The Secret Service’s failure to hustle Bush away seemed even stranger in light of the reports that Vice President Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and several congressional leaders were quickly taken to safe locations. Should not protecting President Bush have been an even higher priority? As Susan Taylor Martin of the St. Petersburg Times put it on July 4, 2004: "One of the many unanswered questions about that day is why the Secret Service did not immediately hustle Bush to a secure location, as it apparently did with Vice President Dick Cheney."

Sibel Edmonds’ State Secrets Privilege Gallery

Sibel Edmonds’ State Secrets Privilege Gallery

anyone recognize these people, besides Feith and PerleHarbor?

California Supreme Court Rules Malls are Free Speech Zones

Please exercise your right responsibly. Thanks to Martin (and WeAreChangeLA) for the heads up

Court Ruling on Protests Curbs Malls in California

SAN FRANCISCO — The California Supreme Court ruled Monday that privately owned shopping malls cannot stop protesters from demonstrating there to urge a boycott of one of the tenants.

In a 4-to-3 decision, the court said a San Diego mall violated California law protecting free speech when its owners barred protesters from distributing leaflets in front of one of the mall's stores, asking shoppers not to give the store their business.

"A shopping mall is a public forum in which persons may reasonably exercise their right to free speech," Justice Carlos R. Moreno wrote in the majority opinion.

Justice Moreno said shopping malls were entitled to enact and enforce "reasonable regulations of the time, place and manner of such free expression," to avoid a disruption of business.

"But they may not prohibit certain types of speech based upon its content," he wrote, like speech urging a boycott of stores.

Dec 24: Kean: CIA impeded 9/11 inquiry


Latest Kean statements:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 24 (UPI) -- The chairman of the Sept. 11 commission Monday criticized the CIA, accusing the U.S. spy agency of interfering with the panel's work.

Former New Jersey Gov. Thomas Kean told CNN the CIA should have turned over tapes of agents interrogating suspected terrorists with "enhanced" techniques, including waterboarding. The CIA earlier this month admitted destroying several tapes and the admission has prompted a series of investigations.

"I'm not a lawyer and I'm not sure if they broke the law or not," Kean said. "But what they did do is, I think, try to impede our investigation, because we asked for legitimate -- anything to do with those detainees, because they were the ones who knew most about the plot of 9/11 and that was our mandate. And we asked the CIA for everything having to do with those and we asked them not on one occasion but three and four and five and six occasions, and those tapes were not made available to us."

9/11 airport security pariah tries a comeback


Selected quotes from the article:

But in 2000, its parent company, AHL, pleaded guilty to allowing untrained employees, some with criminal backgrounds, to operate checkpoints at Philadelphia International Airport from 1995 to 1998. It paid a $1.2 million fine.

By 2000, AHL was an unwieldy public company made up of many disparate parts and that stock — once at $42 a share — had free fallen into single digits. In December, 2000, Argenbright Security was purchased by a British company, Securicor. Argenbright was kept on as an executive.

Argenbright Security's past came to haunt the company after 9/11. Ashcroft and other government officials repeatedly brought up the Philadelphia case as part of a successful move to federalize screeners and create the Transportation Security Administration, which now performs screening at American airports.

More Naomi Wolf 9/11 Comments- intvw w/ Ian Masters Dec 16

Look for the "pod cast" link near the top- the whole thing is worth listening to- her interview starts about 1:03, 9/11 comments start 1:42-

i'm paraphrasing- she says with the destroyed CIA tapes, the whole Commission Report is in question and there needs to be a new investigation, she doesn't take a position on the "9/11" issue, but doesn't put anything past the Bush Administration, talks about how Christie Whitman's lies injured her son as proof they're willing to injure/kill people, ends with positive message; when millions of people support truth and justice, the powers that be can't stop it. Masters comments that Hamilton and Kean are now distancing themselves from the report.

Al-Qaida Offers 'Interview' With No. 2


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Al-Qaida has invited journalists to send questions to its No. 2 figure Ayman al-Zawahri, the first time the terror network has offered an "interview" with one of its top leaders since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.

The invitation — issued by Al-Sahab, the group's media arm on an Islamic militant Web site — is the latest in al-Qaida's increasingly sophisticated efforts to get out its message. Al-Sahab has dramatically increased the number of messages it has issued this year, and its videos have shown more complex production.

The statement, first posted Sunday, invites "individuals, agencies and all media" to submit written questions for al-Zawahri by sending them to the Islamic Web forums where Al-Sahab traditionally posts its messages.

Al-Sahab asked the forums to send it the questions "by the letter, with no changes or substitutions, no matter whether they agree or disagree (with the question)."

Lee Hamilton Says the CIA Obstructed the 9/11 Commission

9/11 Commission's Lee Hamilton '52 Reacts to CIA Destruction of Torture Tapes

December 8, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - "Did they obstruct our inquiry? The answer is clearly yes," says Lee Hamilton, who co-chaired the 9/11 Commission, in the wake of reports the CIA destroyed videotapes of interrogations of two al-Qaida suspects. "Whether that amounts to a crime, others will have to judge," adds Hamilton, a 1952 graduate of DePauw University, in today's Detroit Free Press.

... Meanwhile, the International Herald Tribune reports "the former chairmen of the Sept. 11 commission, who said the CIA assured them repeatedly during their inquiry that no original material existed from its interrogations of Qaeda figures, said they were furious to learn about the tapes ... Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton said they had made clear in hours of negotiations and discussions with the CIA, as well as in written requests, that they wanted all material connected to the interrogations of Qaeda operatives in the agency's custody in order to get a complete understanding of the events leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks for their 2004 report."

Facebook group protests U.S. House bill

Facebook group protests U.S. House bill By Justin Mohn, Staff Writer.

Tyler College sophomore Ryan Steele, the creator of another protest group called “Students Against H.R. 1955,” said he thought the bill broke with the Founding Fathers’ view of America, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

“I think it broadens the description of a terrorist,” Steele said. “I think it includes U.S. citizens who are against the government in the description.”

Shey said he is also worried about the descriptions of terrorists.

“Would ‘9/11 Truthers’ or anti-war protestors, such as Code Pink, constitute having an extremist belief system for the purpose of facilitating ideologically based violence?” he said. “If definitions such as this one are stretched, dangerous conclusions could be reached.”

The vague language of the bill caused concern, Shey said.

Guillaume Dasquie charged in connection w/ April Le Monde article

(Here is the report that got him in trouble; September 11, 2001: The French Knew Much About It. -rep.)

Reporters Without Borders: Journalist freed after being charged with revealing defence secrets

Guillaume Dasquié, the editor of the Géopolitique.com website, was released last night after being charged with “possessing information or files that are national defence secrets and revealing them to the public.” It carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros.

Dasquié in now “under judicial control.” An anti-terrorism judge, Philippe Coirre, has been put in charge of the case.

Reporters Without Borders continues to regard the judicial procedures being taken against Dasquié as improper. He was just doing his job as a journalist and should not held responsible for leaks from within the government."

The Guardian UK
French Author Accused of Outing Secrets

Thought Crime Flyer

1/2 page "Thought Crime" Bill protest flyers attached: The .pdf generically recommends concerned citizens contact their Senators; The Word .doc you can edit your specific Senator's phone #'s into, (and you can change the wording as well, if you like- if you are not in California, take note that the Word .doc has Senators Boxer and Feinstein's names and #s just above "National Lawyers Guild" near the bottom of the 1st page.


US presidential hopefuls 'wrong' to play 9/11 card

US presidential hopefuls 'wrong' to play 9/11 card

"More than six years after the terrorist attacks on the United States, September 11 is playing a major role in the 2008 race for the White House. New York's mayor on that day, current Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani, is touting his response to the attacks as an example of his ability to lead during a time of crisis. But a small group of firefighters and their families say they are appalled that the presidential contender is playing the 9/11 card."

"But Mr Giuliani is not the only presidential candidate who refers to September 11. New York Senator Hillary Clinton has woven it into her campaign ads too. She stood by Ground Zero workers who sacrificed their health after so many sacrificed their lives and kept," one campaign ad said."

"But a 10-member strong group of firefighters and their families are accusing Mr Giuliani of using those deaths to advance his presidential ambitions.
Jim Riches is the New York Fire Department's deputy chief, and his firefighter son Jimmy was killed on September 11. Mr Riches says lives were lost because Mr Giuliani did not provide firefighters with adequate radios. "He's politicised 9/11 from day one," he said. "He's made millions, tens of millions of dollars speaking about 9/11, when the only thing he did that day was get on TV, calm the nation and tell everybody everything would be all right and we'd pull through this. That's all he did." His group is now raising money to run TV ads against the former mayor in Iowa and New Hampshire - the two states which kick off the presidential nomination race. "We are trying to let everybody know exactly what happened that day, to set the record straight on 9/11 that this man was no hero," he added."