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Anti-Muslim Crusaders Make Millions Spreading Fear

Anti-Muslim Crusaders Make Millions Spreading Fear

By Bob Smietana • THE TENNESSEAN • October 24, 2010

First of Two Parts

Steven Emerson has 3,390,000 reasons to fear Muslims.

That's how many dollars Emerson's for-profit company — Washington-based SAE Productions — collected in 2008 for researching alleged ties between American Muslims and overseas terrorism. The payment came from the Investigative Project on Terrorism Foundation, a nonprofit charity Emerson also founded, which solicits money by telling donors they're in imminent danger from Muslims.

Emerson is a leading member of a multimillion-dollar industry of self-proclaimed experts who spread hate toward Muslims in books and movies, on websites and through speaking appearances.

A Long History of America's Dark Side

A Long History of America's Dark Side

By Peter Dale Scott and Robert Parry
October 7, 2010

Editor’s Note: Many Americans view their country and its soldiers as the “good guys” spreading “democracy” and “liberty” around the world. When the United States inflicts unnecessary death and destruction, it’s viewed as a mistake or an aberration.

In the following article – cobbled together from previous stories published at – Peter Dale Scott and Robert Parry examine the long history of these acts of brutality, a record that suggests they are neither a “mistake” nor an “aberration” but rather conscious counterinsurgency doctrine on the "dark side":

There is a dark -- seldom acknowledged -- thread that runs through U.S. military doctrine, dating back to the early days of the Republic.

Iran Wants Probe Into 9/11

Monday, October 11, 2010

Iran Wants Probe Into 9/11

Iran wants probe into 9/11
Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 15:29

Mohammad Kowsari is an Iranian lawmaker and he says Iran is ready to form a truth-finding committee into 9/11 and present their findings to the United Nations.

Surprisingly many American citizens also want this because there was no "real" investigation into the events of 9/11.

The group would find out who was really behind 9/11. Ahmadinejad called for the UN truth finding mission.

Mohammad Kowsari said that forming such a committee is needed to resolve "global problems".

9/11/01: New WTC 7 Vid backs up Barry Jennings's Testimony

9/11/01: New WTC 7 Vid backs up Barry Jennings's Testimony

Uploaded to Youtube by FederalJackTube3 on October 10, 2010

Who was Barry Jennings?

NOTE: I suggest everyone download this video to their computers immediately to protect this important piece of video evidence. - LV911Truth

Muslims Didn't Do It

September 11, 2010
The Wisdom Fund

Muslims Didn't Do It

"All the proffered evidence that America was attacked by Muslims on 9/11, when subjected to critical scrutiny, appears to have been fabricated." -- David Ray Griffin, Professor emeritus, philosopher, and author of couple of dozen books on philosophy and 9/11

Military and Intelligence Services Officials

NAMAW calls for new 9/11 investigation

Friday, September 10, 2010

NAMAW founder and Chairwoman Anisa Abd el Fattah

US Muslim women's Association says Muslims have been unjustly scapegoated and calls for new independent investigation of 9/11.

In an attempt to set the record straight and to end false and unproven allegations that it was Muslims who planned and carried out the devastating and criminal attacks on the World Trade Center in NY City, and the Pentagon in Washington DC, on September 11, 2001, a national Muslim Women's organization will provide proof during an international radio broadcast, that Muslims did not carry out those attacks.

Contest: Submit Your Toughest Building 7 Question and We'll Ask It!

Ask the<br />
Candidate - Presented by Lehigh Valley 9/11 Truth

By Jeff Jacobucci/

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania - Lehigh Valley 9/11 Truth announces, today, that it will be giving residents of the Lehigh Valley the opportunity to go straight to their Congressman with their toughest questions about the destruction of Building 7.

How was the building destroyed?  How was freefall possible?  How did nano-thermite get into the debris?  Who committed this horrible crime?  And, why?

It's been nine years.  We feel that your Congressman ought to be able to give you a straight answer by now on just, exactly, what the scoop is about Building 7.

The rules of the contest are:

Outreach at the Wilson Borough Firestation in Easton, Pennsylvania

Outreach at Wilson Borough Firehouse, Easton

By Jeff Jacobucci/

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania - "It makes you think," said a local firefighter at the Wilson Borough Firehouse on Monday, September 13, after watching the 10-minute version of Richard Gage's Blueprint for Truth DVD with about five of his other fellow firemen on the big tv screen in the lounge area inside the firehouse.

"Lounge" is hardly a word that describes the occupation of these men: the alarm sounded twice during my short visit with them; once for a fire, and a second time for a personal health emergency.  The first alarm dispatched about four men; the second about two more, leaving about five or six to view the Blueprint DVD.

Just another day on the job in the life of the Easton firefighters, it would seem.

And, these men, as a group, were well aware of 9/11, and their Chief, Mike Collins, knew just how many firefighters lives had been lost on that day: 343 to be exact.

Donna O'Connor Statement on Olbermann Based on Unproven Allegations

By Jeff Jacobucci/ 

In a recent interview with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows national spokesperson Donn Marsh O'Connor delivered an emotional statement in support of construction of the Muslim community center six blocks from the site of the former WTC and the crimes and murders of 9/11/01. 

Having lost her own child in crimes of 9/11, her voice and face showed great emotion that was not lost upon her respected MSNBC interviewer, Keith Olbermann. 

There was only one problem with Ms. O'connor's emotional statement: her main premise was based on unproven allegations of guilt of the FBI's list of 19 suspects:

The foundation for her entire argument can be heard at minute mark 4:34, where Ms. Connor says:

Masud, Gage, et al. Deliver a Bounty of 9/11 Facts in the Catskills

Gage, Masud Deliver 9/11 Facts in the Catskills

By Jeff Jacobucci/

Evidence of the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and other crimes on 9/11/01 reached a crowd of about fifty enthusiastic listeners in Livingston Manor, NY, thanks to event host and author Sander Hicks.  The event was held at King's Catering Hall on Old Route 17 from 1-5 pm on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Topics at the event ranged widely, covering different aspects of the Truth movement, including social activism and even the formation of a new 'Truth' political party.  But, certainly, the most important evidence of the 9/11 crimes was presented at the event by the well-researched heavy-hitters Masud and Gage.  This article will focus on that evidence.

Masud 'Unveils' the Evidence that AA Flight 77 Did Not Strike the Pentagon on 9/11/01

A Song Dedicated to We Are Change

By Jeff Jacobucci/

I dedicate this original song to all the hard-working people at "We Are Change."  You guys are a continue source of inspiration to us all.  Thank you!!


Cause to Celebrate: A&E Petition Hits 10,000 This 4th of July

Cause to Celebrate: A&E Petition Hits 10,000 This 4th of July

Posted on July 3, 2010 at 11:10 PM

By Jeff Jacobucci/

Lehigh Valley, PA - On Saturday, July 3, 2010, the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition, which demands Congress start a new and independent investigation into 9/11, hit the 10,000 signers mark.