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Reaching out to Americans

This is a newly posted 2-page essay on reaching out to Americans - beyond the Internet. Note that at the bottom there are two sets of links. One set is to videos with John Perkins, on "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". The other is a set of links to sites on investigations into the events of 9/11.

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I first became politically active back in 2003, when I felt disenfranchised watching a majority in congress vote to invade Iraq, and when I heard one Howard Dean speak out against that war. I heard my voice on that particular act of congress.

I began to use the Internet to gain access to hundreds of publications via search engines, researching topics at my own fingerprints. I began to conduct my own investigations. As the months and years rolled on, I came to know, increasingly, how different the real world was from what the mainstream media and news sources would say. Today, I know that the truth, in wholesale, is just not being displayed.

Steven Colbert calls 9/11 Truth "miniscule"

On the May 29, 2012 episode of the Steven Colbert show, Steven Colbert likens 9/11 Truthers to "alien abductees", "doomsday preppers" and "sasquatch hunters", while compiling a comedy-list of groups to get Mitt Romney from 43.6% to 50.1% of the US popular vote.

Full Episode
(Romney sketch begins at 9:45)

This seems like an acerbic likening. According to Sienna polling data from May of 2011, 48% of New Yorkers support a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade building 7. That would be just about half the audience.

How the US Promotes Democracy Abroad

More people are fooled when that which is promoted is called democracy than perhaps by any other name. North Korea, for example, is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or DPKR. (See North Korea - Democracy Web, CIA Wolrd Factbook - North Korea, or Wikipedia - North Korea. Focus groups know this well (See How democracy turns out : Focus groups and polling or Democracy Corps - Focus Groups).

This article from Russia Today includes videos and provides a good, lengthy read on the topic.
Democracy promotion: America’s new regime change formula
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Is Jon Stewart Alluding to Questioning 9/11 on the Daily Show?

On the July 20th episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the official 9/11 story appeared to come into question.

From 10:20 to 11:06, while on a ramble about Murdoch and News Corp, Jon has a segment about how absurd the Bush/Cheney conditions were to appear before the 9/11 Commission.

STEWART: "Do you remember when the 9/11 Commission had the audacity to ask pertinent questions to our then president and vice president?"...


Cheers, Mark

The Questionable History of Lawrence Livermore National Labs

Here is the self-described Lawrence Livermore lab from the wiki.

"LLNL is self-described as "a premier research and development institution for science and technology applied to national security."[1] Its principal responsibility is ensuring the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons through the application of advanced science, engineering and technology. The Laboratory also applies its special expertise and multidisciplinary capabilities to preventing the proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction, bolstering homeland security and solving other nationally important problems, including energy and environmental security, basic science and economic competitiveness.

9/11 Truthers and Believers

I recently found myself caught up in another of those seemingly unavoidable debates where the topic of 9/11 arose. Sides were taken, lines were drawn and opposing parties became embroiled in battle. Having been down this road as many times and with as many people as I have, I can only imagine that this must be a familiar experience for so many citizens by now, particularly for those who participate in Internet discussions. This time, it was an Internet discussion, beginning with a post laughing at 9/11 truthers in general and issuing an all-too-familiar wholesale character attack. I think it's time for 9/11 truthers to read this common man's article and to consider the development of a collectively shared view upon what the most common, basic elements of 9/11 psychology are.

Watch out for ACTA

I think everyone needs to see the video from Russia Today, interviewing Shelly Roche from (Along with the original video report), along with the interview on Fox News, with Judge Andrew Napolitano:

From Canada on this new, leaked ACTA information (Michael Geist):

Existing intellectual property protection - WIPO and the DMCA and for when people violate existing, implemented copyright protections. Now, they want ISPs to be intellectual property cops, which is a huge infrastructural and technological woe. Where the agency is smaller, and fits in the 'safe harbor' clause, they will come after you directly, and ban you from the internet for 3 strikes on intellectual property protection violations, whether proven or not. This is government oversight on all internet traffic, and I find the technology very costly and circumvent to the real task at hand.

911/Related Songs

Here are some hand-picked 911/related music videos and MP3s, the better part of which are from the ‘’ page. I hope everyone’s YouTube hits goes up with this one!

Music, as well as comedy and drama, have the distinction over basic news and information that it has now been digested by humans, and it is being spit back out. It's got the human dimension.

Speaking as a middle-aged lover of various music over my years, below I’ve selected around 30 of what I would call good songs, some with videos, and which are 'revolutionary'. There’s always more on the ‘net to scour, I’m sure.


- Mark

911 Music Videos

“911’s a Lie”

(the Free Bees)

3 min 24 sec: Disco! And for just a moment in there, it
sounds like “the Wall”.

Yet Another "9/11 Was An Inside Job" Song

(Scootle Royale)

4 min 51 sec: Pop-rock. Lots of lyrics.

I, Robot

Perhaps the timing was too perfect, for last night Violet and I watched “I, Robot” with Will Smith for the first time. This morning, I got up and saw the news. As you may already know, AIG has paid $165 million in bonuses from the federal bailout money, and congress is working on writing tax laws in response to try to mop it all up. While I may be coming from my usual unusual angle, I am reminded of this film.


I’ve no doubt that all of mankind can stand there, watch AIG pay those bonuses, and feel horrified at the thought of $165 million in fresh, federal bailout money being washed away. As one focusing on public infrastructure, I see robots.

As everyone stands horrified, it is robots that pay these bonuses. Our robots are the trusted, publicly documented agencies of our civilization, and they respond with built-in precision. The robots of our day are our rules, our procedures and our laws.


Asimov's Mule

Has the world changed? In 1941, FDR and top military brass knew weeks in advance of an impending Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor, but commanders at Pearl were not informed. In the 1960s, there was the Gulf of Tonkin incident, where by way of US propaganda, it was said that the North Vietnamese bombed a US ship, which as we came to find did not really happen. In 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany following those who died in the Reichstag fire, and in 1939, led in staging a Polish attack against Germany, launching the Germans into their first aggression, later to be collectively known as World War II. In 2001, inside elements of the US, Israel and Great Britain created a false flag attack against the United States, as conducted by modern-day “sand Poles”. Through all of this, the one major distinction that appears to me is that of the emerging network of networks; the decentralized and uncontrolled internet.

Friend or Foe?

How about a Jehovah's Witness? How about the guy who introduced himself to me, and tried to sell his God to me? We just met. Please consider how you feel when this happens to you. Are you open to them? Do you trust them?

This is a matter of awareness on how much one listens to a stranger, or who has not yet opened their personal doors to them; with open ears and open mind, at least to hear what one has to say.

I want to tell you about a huge success I recently had exposing an entire discussion forum to Yes, you can always lead a horse to water, but can you make it drink?

Sometimes 911 Truthers appear to have rabies on the matter of interpersonal communications, and that is when they scare people. As they say in network marketing, "is it duplicatable?" This is a central concept in all Network Marketing: People have to see themselves duplicating the behavior of the person that turns them on. While I am thankful for all of the work of every 911 Truther, I also find wars amongst strangers that amount to so little, and in some cases, who may even be capable of producing negative results.

Announcing the Co-Operative Assembly

The internet has seen threaded discussions, blogs, email, and even wikipedias. Well, it's going to see another one.

Since the "4th House" has basically been hijacked, America's 1st amendment rights are no longer being exercised, and it's like living in two Americas.

It's time, like when this country began, to take the 4th House back. This is the Co-Operative Assembly, and it is a structure for the creation of a 911 site like none we presently have. It is a self-governing system, as comprised of 3 branches of checks and balances, strong identification for all members in their processing of material, random selection of who performs what task, and all pointed at checks against the rise of power in the system. A combination of public records along with the information one's Assembly produces, is designed to gain trust in the public eye, and to rise to gain the trust of more reputable societal institutions, to be endorsed for use for research purposes. Yes, this thing can fly right up the flagpole! That's the kind of trust I think people should be able to have, based upon the kinds of promises they are willing to make to the public, in their information processing.