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Freeway blogging in Davis, October 09

What happens when citizens exercising their right of free speech come up against overzealous CHP officers who have decided to put an end to the display regardless of the Constitution and the law?

Watch our exciting video and find out.

To make a long story short we were within our rights to be doing what we were doing, yet a couple of CHP guys who admittedly “don’t care what the law says” came along. We tried so many times to talk with them, to reason with them, but they were not open to it. They just repeated their assertions and ordered us to leave. Threatened with arrest and jail, we took down our banner and left. But we caught almost all of it on camera.

Freeway Blogging in Davis on 9/11

Three determined men, Bob, Petr and Mark, do our first ever freeway blogging on the 8th anniversary of 9/11. Our banner reads, "9/11 was Created by U.S. Gov to Manipulate U.S. into War." We had a visit from the CHP. The sergeant was friendly and cooperated and gave us no problems. He said that the traffic at our overpass was backed up but not because of our banner. We cooperated with him too. We had a long conversation and he did not make us leave. One of his sidekicks had an attitude but we did not have to listen to him. Watch for the shot of the Sergeant holding our banner for us. Later on the Davis P.D. came by and also had an attitude, but we were leaving for lunch. Overall many drivers honked in approval. It was hot, sunny, and noisy, and we learned some key things about video and audio quality. We will be back! This was fun and I encourage you to try it! By the way see the videos from April and May 2008 of freeway blogging by We Are Change L.A. They had visits from the fuzz too and handled them. Knowing your rights you can exercise them.