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Well known "debunkers" submitted a paper for peer review and publication to Journal of Engineering Mechanics

I just wanted to make visitors of this site aware that a bunch of well known "debunkers" submitted to the Department of Civil and Envriomental Engineering at Northwestern University a paper on the mechanism of collapse of the WTC Towers for peer review and publication by the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

Here is a link to the paper concerned.

I want to raise concern so that scientists and engineers from the movement move to respond to this paper.

NIST releases some of the Computer Models for a Fee.

Some of the Computer models have been released according to this person and the ones he acquired are available for download.

He obtained them after a successful Freedom of Information Act request.

The fee for obtaining his models was $58.

Download links to obtained models:


I hope we can obtain rest of the models NIST relied on for further study.