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911TruthDVD.com - April update for 2008 - New Audiobooks, T-Shirts, DVD's, eBooks

Hey all I wanted to let everyone know that we appreciate the support from everyone who has been on our page, if you would take the time to check out our new stuff!

We have added new DVD's, Audiobooks, T-Shirts, and eBooks as well now, take the time to stop over and check it all out at www.911TruthDVD.com


911TruthDVD.com New Site, New Items! Take a look - Please help out in any way!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to post here to say thank you all who have helped us keep our site alive, we are back and we are fully running with a NEW site!

Please take the time to stop over and check out the new categories, write a review, sign up for a free account (no credit card information is asked) or leave a donation!

We need everyone's help to be able to keep the page up so that we can get AS many of these films and as much of this information out to as many people WORLDWIDE as we can!

Thank you all



Never forget 9/11 Dedication Video

Please check this video out we made for a friend of ours who asked us to do something special for him.


911TruthDVD.com update - Thank you all - Donations of $710.00 made!


Hey everyone, I wanted to announce that we have went live with our new store site, this should make ordering from our website a lot easier,

Now we have review sections, search box, and more, check this out, we also have added a audio books section to our new site, so now we are able to offer more then DVD's!

Thank you all for the donations, we have made $710.00 of our 1200.00 target, so we have $490.00 to go, remember anyone who donates $50.00 or more will get a FREE Ron Paul 4 DVD Set (Factory Pressed)

Anyone who has ordered and has not received an order, I apologize very much, I have been very sick this last week along with trying to fulfill orders and update the site, but we are back now and in full action.

We have also posted 9/11 Press for Truth, The Money Masters and 9/11 Eyewitness in our Multimedia section for your viewing pleasure!

Please take the time to check out the site, order a DVD, write a review on a DVD, or make a donation, we thank you all!



Hello, I've posted a few times here about our site so that we can try to do our part in spreading the knowledge that everyone else has, some have argued, some have disagreed with us about our place in the movement and the info war, but I am here to speak about a person who we ALL need to watch and pay attention to.. someone the media blocks, ignore and throws in the trash..RON PAUL

On our site we give away the DVD's for free with a small $2.50 shipping and handling charge for singles and cheaper for sets... I am making this film publicly avaliable for $1.50 per DVD shipped.

Also I want to give a direct link to the FILM download so if you have the speed and time you should download this.. I am doing this out of pocket and I am offering multiple copies for a lot cheaper.
I want everyone to see this film.. I want everyone to feel the way I felt when I watched this film.. EVERYONE should watch this link below or buy pick up a copy of the DVD.

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2403923911173745161&hl=en (Direct Google Video Link)
http://www.911truthdvd.com/ronpaulrevolution.htm (DVD link for $1.50)

911TruthDVD.com - Update for Feb/March 2008 - Thanks again guys!

Hey all, I wanted to thank everyone from 911Blogger who showed their support this last month, we got a bit behind trying to get everyone there items, I wanted to tell you all that you WILL get your stuff it has all been mailed as of today FRIDAY 2/15.

We added 3 films last week to our free DVD selection, note if anyone has a problem with a film we have on the site we are giving away please contact me - conspiracydvd@gmail.com

Check out the page for more updates, also the 82 DVD package is still $100.00 for now, so everyone if you want a complete package on EVERYTHING, we suggest you check out the 82 DVD pack.

Thanks again

$2.50 Unlimited Conspiracy DVD's - Please Read Everyone!

NOTE: If anyone has a problem with a film on our site please contact us directly at 911truthdvd.1@gmail.com and we can discuss this issue.


Thank you all for such a good turnout on the update last month, I wanted to remind everyone all films are $2.50 and we are still adding DVD's.

This month we have added 4 DVD's which are as follows :

The End Of America (Short film)
America Remembers 9/11
No End In Sight
The War In Iraq

These are all decent films and everyone should check them out, remember ALL films are $2.50 regardless when they were put on the site!

Garry - 911TruthDVD.com



$ 2.50 $ per DVD, UNLIMITED CONSPIRACY DVD's for $2.50 each. - Massive Update.


Great to be able to email everyone and let you know about our MASSIVE update we have did for 2008, I figured since my main motive here is to get these films out and get this information out to as many people I would update our prices, some films were a bit pricey and more expensive then others, we have decided to sell EVERY film for $2.50 USA/CANADA and $3.75 INTERNATIONAL each film, this way people can get more movies for a lower price, this way more people can see this information for the cost of making the DVD's.. any profits made from our site go back into research for our site and for acquisition of films and other website/hardware costs, also we do DONATE to creators who allow there films on our site, if you have a film you want on our site please let me know.

So point blank, all films $2.50 from now on!

Updates for Jan 2008 are as follows below
We have the complete 82 DVD package on sale still for $100.00 Shipped and also the 3 pack of JFK DVD's for 6.00!

We have added the following films to the site today


911TruthDVD.com - New Years 2008 Update - 100.00 COMPLETE 82 DVD SET!

Hello All and HAPPY NEW YEAR from your friends at 911TruthDVD.com

I noticed we had a really good turn-out on the special for Christmas so I have extended the sale on our 82 DVD complete set for the whole month of January.. so get them while they are cheap! We have updated the site and extended the rest of the December Specials to this month, keep a look out for new films coming everyday..also we have our JFK 3 pack still on sale also on the specials page, 3 JFK DVD's for $5.00!

Thank you all for your support, we can still do any conversion for anyone who needs ANY film on DVD, so please contact us for CD/DVD duplication, prices are cheaper then anyone else out there.. we also carry many other movies that we can't list on the page so if you are looking for something particular please contact me also.




$100.00 - 82 DVD Set from 911TruthDVD.com - Complete Set Discount for Christmas!

Hey all, thanks to everyone here who has visited our site and came back again and again!

I wanted to tell everyone we have the 82 DVD set on sale for Christmas for $100.00 USA and $160.00 WORLDWIDE, this is everything we offer on our page for a discounted price, I believe that everyone should see this information so I am offering it at cost today.. EVERYONE should see these films.. so check out our page!


Above is the link for the complete set! This makes each DVD right around $1.20 per DVD.



I wanted to let everyone here know that we can put ANY video on DVD that you would like, any format!

If someone has a file they would like on DVD just contact us, and we can do it!
As long as you can either provide us with the file or with a link to the file.

Any film makers need DVD authorization for there film you can contact us also, we can create graphics, menus, and we are cheaper then anyone, also we do short run duplication for anyone who has a film they need multiple copies of.

I'm here to put this information out, no matter what it takes!

Thanks all for the support!



911TruthDVD.com December Specials ! Thanks guys!

We have added quite a few special packages this month, 2 for 1 prices, check it out!
http://www.911truthdvd.com/nov.htm *I know it says Nov.htm :) *

Also we are offering ARTWORK now for all of our DVD's, artwork for each DVD is $1.00 per DVD, so if you want to place and order with artwork for each DVD you order please contact me.

Thank you all!

911TruthDVD.com back up and running, new DVD's avaliable!

Hey all I wanted to tell you that our site is back up and running in full swing, please stop by to check out our site and browse through our information we have posted and check out the films we have avaliable. Thanks

911TruthDVD.com Update. (DVD's and facts)

Hey all thanks for the support, we have updated our page again and would like for feedback and things that need added, anyone who wants to contribute films, web design or whatever just contact us below, :) thanks

Criticism is welcome also!



Hey guys, I wanted to inform you all of our updated specials for November!

Thanks for everyone who has bought something recently, if you have ordered something it's on the way!! You all are the ones who make us able to keep the DVD's available at a low cost!
So any donations or order will help us in keeping up the server and keep more films coming in, so we appreciate you!

I wanted to mention once again that the US and Canada orders are the same price now, we decided with the exchange rate the way it is that the prices should be the same!

We have added the following DVD's within the last 2 weeks,

9/11 Guilt - The Proof Is In Your Hands
911 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
American Blackout
The Big Buy
Billion Dollar Crop
Ron Paul Ann Arbor Rally