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Government BULLET STOCKPILING Story Breaks Into MSM

"In yet another stunning victory for the alternative media (InfoWars, Drudge Report, Natural News, WND, etc.), the story of the U.S. government stockpiling huge quantities of ammunition (1.6 billion rounds and counting, mostly handgun) has finally broken through media censorship and gone mainstream.

Forbes.com contributor Ralph Benko recently wrote a piece calling for a “national conversation” on why the U.S. federal government would need to stockpile enough ammunition to wage a 20-year domestic war against the American people.

Remember, until this piece was published, the entire leftist media (NPR, MSNBC, CNN and countless leftist websites) all pretended these 1.6 billion bullets were imaginary and didn’t exist. It was all a grand “conspiracy theory,” we were told, and anyone who reported the truth on the government’s ammo purchases was labeled a fringe lunatic.

Obama Says STOP 'Global War On Terror' But CONTINUES ON

Permanent WAR Economy

by Ari Shapiro
March 11, 2013 4:38 PM

"After the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, President George W. Bush often made a provocative claim: He argued that the U.S. was fighting a war without a typical battlefield. In effect, he said, this war is everywhere.

"Our enemies make no distinction based on borders," he said in a 2007 speech in Michigan. "They view the world as a giant battlefield and will strike wherever they can."

He said the U.S. has to fight back accordingly — without borders.

That idea has profound legal implications. If the whole world is a battlefield, then the laws that apply uniquely to war apply everywhere for the foreseeable future.

When President Obama took office, he changed the rhetoric. "Global war on terror" had bad connotations from the Bush years, and al-Qaida was using it as a recruiting tool. But Obama never abandoned the idea of global war."


President Karzai Accuses USA Of Colluding With The TALIBAN

The USA denies the allegation.

"The US has denied that it is collaborating with Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan to prolong the stay of its forces beyond next year, refuting an accusation made by President Hamid Karzai in the wake of a series of suicide bombings.

Interesting "coincidence" : Hagel visiting... The terrorist acts coincided with Chuck Hagel’s first visit to Kabul as the US Defense Secretary, in which he was meant to discuss the gradual reduction of America's presence and the fates of Afghans held in custody by US forces.

"This attack was a message to him," Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in the aftermath of the detonations."

But this is not how Karzai saw the incidents.

"Taliban leaders and representatives are talking with the US abroad every day," he claimed.

The Taliban, a radical Islamic movement that controls swathes of the country, refuses to recognize Karzai’s legitimacy.

The Taliban has “strongly rejected” the accusations in an email communiqué.

The US and NATO forces commander in the country, General Joseph Dunford, also rebuffed Karzai’s allegations.

Are You A "Conspiracy Theorist"?

March 6, 2013 Posted by: Off Grid Survival

"In a report prepared for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is asking the Federal Government to create a new inter-agency task force which will be dedicated to tracking and taking down conspiracy theorists, survivalists, “Patriot groups” and the “American radical right”.

The Government Supported Attack Group, who is actively creating lists and conducting surveillance on Americans, says the following people need to be tracked by the Federal Government.

Those who talk about, or believe in Conspiracy Theories.
Those who talk about or believe in Agenda 21 — a United Nations sustainability plan that was signed by President George H.W. Bush and is part of a plan to impose socialism on America and strip away private property rights.
Those who believe that the government is poised to take their guns.
Those who believe the President is trying to impose Socialism on the American people.
Those who call themselves Survivalist or belong to Patriot Groups.

TSA Allowed People With Criminal Records To Get Airport Security Badges

March 10, 2013

"...according to a recent report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), the agency’s bungling of an airport security badge vetting program allowed at least 11 individuals with criminal backgrounds to obtain access to secured airport areas

What’s more, says the OIG, because of the TSA’s lack of oversight, some individuals with criminal records may retain such access to this day.

TSA, in its wisdom, decided that if airports couldn’t operate without security badges and the badges were being held up because background checks were delayed, the solution was not to fix the problems with the project (or even to revert to the old system) but simply to allow airports to issue badges without background checks. Thus, from April 20 to June 1, 2012, airports could issue badges to those whose background checks were in limbo, with the proviso that these badges would be revoked if the checks were not completed within 14 days.

New York: Son In Law Of Bin Laden Pleads NOT GUILTY

A son-in-law of Osama bin Laden pleaded not guilty in a New York court on Friday to conspiring to kill Americans, becoming one of the highest-ranking al Qaeda figures to face trial in the United States for crimes connected to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Suleiman Abu Ghaith, a militant who has acted in videos as an al Qaeda spokesman, made his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, only blocks from the site of the hijacked plane strikes on the World Trade Center.



Moral Victory For Protestor Who Says BBC 9/11 Coverage Was False

Wednesday, February 27 2013

Story by Ian Henshall
Reinvestigate 911

Campaigner and film maker Tony Rooke claimed a moral victory today after a UK court gave him a conditional discharge even though he has refused to pay his BBC license fee. Over 100 supporters from as far away as Denmark and Norway cheered in front of the court house as independent media people conducted interviews and photographed the crowd. Court officials had booked their largest room for the case but were at a loss to find that well over 50 people could not be fitted in.

Tony said: "I am taken a back and hugely grateful for all the support." He is asking for at least one person to take up the campaign by refusing to pay or taking other legal action (see below).

Dearly Departed, Jane Pollicino, 59, spoke out for 9/11 families

Jane Pollicino, 59, of Plainview

"Jane Pollicino, 59, of Plainview, who became a prominent voice for families of 9/11 victims after she lost her husband in the Twin Towers attack, died Feb. 21. She suffered a stroke while on vacation with her family in Cancun, Mexico.

Pollicino was a homemaker when her husband, Steve, a corporate bond trader and vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald, was killed on Sept. 11, 2001. Her children,..."

Jane was a featured speaker in Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth's: Explosive Evidence EXPERTS SPEAK OUT and will be missed,

Long Island NewsDay

Silverstein’s 9/11 LAWSUIT Against Airlines Continues !!

The Wall Street Journal
Sunday, March 3, 2013 2:22:7 GMT
New York

SILVERSTEIN, the leaseholder of the WTC Complex and infamous for his videotaped comment, "PULL IT" regarding BUILDING 7 in the PBS TV Special, America Rebuilds which aired in 2002, is now seeking even more money.

"Under a new agreement, the bankruptcy of American Airlines’ parent company won’t completely halt pending litigation from the World Trade Center’s developer over claims the carrier failed to prevent the hijacking of Flight 11 during the Sept. 11th terrorist attack.

In a long-running legal battle, World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein has accused AMR Corp. and its American Airlines subsidiary of failure to put into place safeguards — such as securing the cockpit — to prevent terrorists from seizing control of its airplane. Flight 11 crashed into the site’s North Tower with 81 passengers and 11 crew members on board.

Steve Pieczenik: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State: 9/11 False Flag

Steve Pieczenik, M.D., PhD – Served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter and Senior Policy Planner under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (41). Former Colonel, U.S. Army.

Dr. Pieczenik trained in Psychiatry at Harvard and has both an MD from Cornell University Medical College and a PhD in International Relations from M.I.T.

"It's very rare to have a host like Alex Jones who had the bravery to bring me on ten years ago right after 9/11 when I pronounced not only was 9/11 a "false flag" and stand down operation ...."



SILVERSTEIN Challenges Airline’s ‘Act of War’ Defense for 9/11 Attacks

February 21, 2013 by Editor - Finance Top Stories ROCKET NEWS

Larry Silverstein, leaseholder of the World Trade Center properties and famous for his "Pull it" statement regarding BUILDING 7 in the PBS TV Special "America Rebuilds" aired in 2002, is now asking a U.S. federal judge to reject arguments that American Airlines is not liable for damages stemming from the Sept. 11, 2001 hijackings because the attacks were an act of war.
(Here's the Building 7 quote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEwF_eX3vGU

Larry Silverstein filed court papers Wednesday asking U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein in Manhattan to dismiss that line of defense by the airline and its parent, AMR Corp , in the developer’s long-running negligence lawsuit against them.

Silverstein has sought to hold American and United Airlines, now United Continental Holdings Inc., responsible for damages from the 2001 attacks for allegedly failing to provide adequate airport and airline security.

SENIOR AGENT In Charge Of The F.B.I Los Angeles: PRIOR Knowledge

Mr. Gunderson had 700 people under his command at the Los Angeles Division of the F.B.I. with an
Annual Budget of $22.5 Million. He describes the absolute evidence he had documenting that the F.B.I.
had PRIOR Knowledge about 9/11 and did nothing to prevent it.


Abby Martin Talks to Firefighter Fernando Salguero: Philadelphia

Philadelphia Firefighter seeking to survive recalls encounter with the New Jersey Police
and highlights how 9/11 was a major "wake up call" for him.

Scroll down for the video, and then into 6:20



9 / 1 1 Experts SPEAK OUT : Marin County California Feb. 20th

North of the Golden Gate Bridge is Marin County home of many concerned citizens who are
awakening from the 9/11 nightmare and realizing that we are now living in a Police State.

Marin TV provides Marin County with it’s own non-commercial community, educational and
governmental cable channels. Available on Comcast 26, 27, 30, AT&T U-verse 99 and online
on this site. http://cmcm.tv/about The channels cablecast programming 24/7 to over 70,000
Marin households.

Airs at 5:30 PM

EXPERTS SPEAK OUT To Air In Marin County, CA Sun Feb. 10th

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth's Explosive Evidence EXPERTS SPEAK OUT will Air on the
local Cable TV Network CH 26 at 10:30PM.

Just north of San Francisco this suburb is noted for it's beautiful landscape, but it is also home to
many open minded people who are beginning to realize that we have a serious problem with 9/11.