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The Gitmo Goat Herders

The President ordered Gitmo to be closed and then changed his mind. This is because he only thinks he is commander-in-chief.

One possible reason for this flip-flop is that somebody decided to tell him the truth about the prisoners there - that they are mostly innocent farmers and goatherders.

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Obama Puts Off Gitmo Closure Until After 2011

Kurt Nimmo
December 23, 2009

Yes We Can… be exactly like the Bush administration. In another glaring example of the near seamless transition between the Bush and Obama administrations, The New York Times is reporting Obama may not close the Gitmo torture concentration camp until after 2011, maybe later...........

Mysterious Death of John Millis

One little known event on the 9/11 timeline is the mysterious death of John Millis. If you conclude that he was in fact murdered, you must assume that his murder was for the purpose of making sure 9/11 came off smoothly, and that there was nobody around to contradict that WMD bullshit put out by the Bush Administration as an excuse to invade Iraq, the enemy of Saudi Arabia, who apparently supplied the terrorists. Chandra Levy also worked for the House Intelligence Committee. It is pretty obvious that nobody living in caves in Afghanistan could have committed this possible murder. The following is from the NY York Times:

John Millis, 47, Aide in Congress
Published: June 06, 2000

John I. Millis, a former case officer with the Central Intelligence Agency who for the last three years served as the top staff member of the House Intelligence Committee, committed suicide on Sunday, the police and Congressional officials said today. He was 47 and lived in Vienna, Va.

George J. Tenet, the director of central intelligence, described Mr. Millis as ''a tenacious advocate for a strong national intelligence capability.''