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12e ONZE BOUGE( Every 11th of the month) en FRANCE 11 mai 2008

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
I have just finished my 12e Onze Bouge à Herblay. This after noon in Paris members of Reopen will be distributing flyers and I will update this entry later when I have their report and photos. The text of the flyer that I distributed is at

France Canal+ attacks the 911 truth movement the 24 april 2008

bonsoir ,

in France, Thursday 24th April 2008, the French television CANAL + attacked the 911 truth movement with their Documentary called
"Jeudi Investigation : Rumeur, intox : les nouvelles guerres de l’info" by Stephane Malterre


Vidéo Jeudi Investigation : Rumeur, intox : les nouvelles guerres de l’info

The Shell Game. What do the Iranians think about the book ?

John Mitchell
Herblay France

bonjour ,

have just finished the "Shell Game". Great book and it could be a good tool to wake up America and the world to the real dangers of death hanging over our heads.

Has anyone put on the web the "Shell Game" text ready to be translated into any language ?

I looked up google with "six years, Mr. Futrell?" taken from page 29 and found the excerpt put up by STEVE ALTEN,+Mr.+Futrell%3F%22&hl=fr...

This is a good start but not enough. We need the whole book internet downloadable in China , Japon , Russia , ... IRAN !

Has Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received and read the Shell Game ? Or at least one of his advisors? Does President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad know that the book exists?

Jon Gold is there not a way with the help of the Iranian Embassy to organise an interview of Iran's President via an internet linked web cam. To have his opinion on the Shell Game book as he and the Iran are completely concerned in this story and in real life too !

When are we going to have a group : Journalists for 911 truth

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

we have
..............Scholars For 9/11 Truth
..............Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth
..............Artists for 9/11 Truth
.............. Etc , ...

but when are we going to have
.............. Journalists for 9/11 Truth ?

Are there no journalists reading or all the other 911 web sites ?

Yours John

+1000 French soldiers for Afghanistan on tonight's television FR2=>it's Bin Laden's fault !

Télé 01 34 50 13 90

le 31 mars 2008

à France 2
Journal 20h00
Présentateur: David Pujadas

Bonsoir ,

ce soir sur le journal de 20h00, vous justifiez l'envoi de 1000 troupes françaises supplémentaires en Afghanistan à cause des attentats du 11 septembre 2001 commandité par Ben Laden.

Mais sur quelle base vous dites que ça a été Ben Laden ? George Bush vous l'a dit ? Mais vous n'êtes pas au courant que ce monsieur est un menteur notoire

Même Colin Powell n'est pas capable de nous donner son "White Paper" promis en 2001 prouvant la complicité de Ben Laden dans ces attentats.

Le FBI ne recherche pas Ben Laden pour les attentats du 11 Septembre 2001.

Herblay FRANCE "911 Vérité" sur le marché le 16/03/2008

Herblay FRANCE


On the Herblay market today , I discussed with Bob his idea that the 911 truth mouvement should make an intervention for ten minutes during the UFO monthly meeting the 1st of April 2008 in the center of Paris.
About 10% of the personnes participating at these meeting ( ~100 went to see the 9/11 Press for Truth shown in Paris the 11th of December 2007

Ten minutes to explain the 911 truth mouvement but it must not be politique and it has to fit in with the objectifs of the ufolique meetings
. declines this invitation because they do not want their position deformed like with Marion Cotillard.
Yves , Moshin and I, in our own name will try to organise something but April is too early.

A young girl student came up to encourge Bob and me. She knows nothing for the moment about the PNAC

"Onze Bouge" (every 11th of the month ) at Herblay France the 9 March 2008.

"Onze Bouge" at Herblay 95220 the 9 March 2008

As the 11th of this month falls on a Tuesday, I did my "Onze Bouge" at my local market today.

Despite the rain I managed to have several conversations on 911 and especially concerning the lynching of Marion Cotillard by the media.

A young ex military man menaced to hit me and he was incapable to explain his anger. He felt that what I was doing on the market was an insult to the french soldiers who have died in Afghanistan..

I had many encouragements from people on the market but for the moment I am still all alone to manifest for the 911 truth at Herblay. Hoping that others Herblaysiens will join up with me.

Marion Cotillard in the French Press posted 8 march 2008 and this page will be updated as information comes

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

I have scanned and put together ( sorry only in French) what the journalists are saying on Marion Cotillard since the last week. The included reactions of the public are very interesting. I will add to this page any new future articles as they come.

. 0) 11 Septembre: Cotillard souffle le show et l'effroi aux Etats-Unis
. 1) Le Canard enchaîné du 5 mars 2008
. 2) du Vendredi 29 Février 2008 - 07:00 Bénédicte Charles ( article lu 100356 fois au 8 mars 2008 )
. 3) Charlie HEBDO mercredi 5 mars 2008
. 4) Libération Lundi le 3 mars 2008
. 5) Le Parisien , mercredi 05 mars 2008 par Guillaume Serina
. 6) L’affaire Cotillard sur "Parlons Net "

"Onze Bouge" Herblay et Saint-Michel center Paris FRANCE the 9 et 10 February 2008

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
. sorry I am late posting this "Onze Bouge" but as for a lot of you with the 911 truth movement who are working your guts out at your bread earning jobs, looking after your famiilies, we have little left to spend on the truth movement. When are the police and FBI going to be put on a real investigation of the 911 crime and let us get on living a normal life ?
. As the 11th of February fell on a Monday, at Herblay we avanced our "Onze Bouge" by a day so that we could touch more Herblaysiens. It was a sunny day and we talked to quite a lot of people on the market.
. One guy that I know for more than twenty years , syndicalist very engaged, very educated on geopolitics and who I agree with most of the time , could not accept that the towers were brought down by other than the airplanes and gravity. We told him about WTC7 which was not even hit by a plane so how did it fall ? This is the third Sunday he has talked with me about 911 and after 40 minutes with us this day I think he is at last having doubts on the official version. Hoping that the next time I see him he will have looked up about WTC7.

Use Automatic Voice Stress Analysis LIe Detector Software to highlight 911 lies ?

Herblay FRANCE ,

Bonsoir ,

some years ago the french television showed with a great fanfare the super developments on lie and fraud detection developed by Israel. Some one talking over the telephone can be detected a liar just by his voice.

Looking up on the internet I found these links but there are many more

Has anyone used or tried these computer programmes ? Are they reliable ? Has anyone put them to the test ?

It is possible to replace the telephone with the audio output of video like with
is Rudy Giuliani lying ? ==>
, is Peter Power lying on the 7/7 London attacks ? ==>
, is Ron Paul lying on his commitment to 911 truth ? ==>
, are George Bush , Dick Cheney lying ? ==> etc

How many people on 911blogger have seen "The.Road.To.Guantanamo" ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

I have just seen the film "The.Road.To.Guantanamo" and it is so deeply moving. We can ask ourselfves how is it that the christian world has become so low. You can like me download it from the internet.

How many people on this have seen this film ?

Yours John

How can the world citizens 911 victims have justice for the murders in America , Afghanistan , Iraq , ... ?

Seen that the American government is being accused of the murder of 3000 people on the 11th of September 2001
Seen that the mass media manipulated the world's population to believe the Bush Government's 911 lies , Iraq lies , ...
Seen that the mass media has covered up on the real authors of the 911 attacks
Seen that the American citizens are having their 911 court cases being blocked by the juridical system
Seen that the 911 Whistle Blowers can not speak out with loosing theirs jobs
Seen that some courageous journalists speaking out the 911 truth are being threaten to loose their jobs
Seen that the United Nations is too dependent financially on the Bush government
Seen that America is a permanent member of the UN and can block all UN 911 independent investigation
Seen that George Bush has unconditional support of Nation leaders like Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Bliar, ...
Seen that world 911 truthers are being insulted , diffamed by non American journalists like George Monbiot
Seen that the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) had planned ahead the permanent Military camps of Yugoslavia, Iraq, ...

Projection "PRESS FOR TRUTH" 7th December 2007 great success. Possibility to buy the DVD.

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

Our first public 911 film "PRESS FOR TRUTH" being projected at Paris the 7th of December 2007 in the "le cinéma Action Christine de Paris"

There were so many people that the cinema was full and a lot of people outside in the rain. The organisator offered to do exceptionally an other projection two hours later. Thanks to the person who bought out the DVD's to buy. Nearly everyone bought their copy or copies and while waiting for the next projection we all went to the café next to the cinema. There was very little room but most of us managed to get some floor space. We were rewarded for our efforts by the excellent debate with Elias Davidsson. New comers to the 911 truth movement were amazed to learn so much.

"Onze Bouge" 16 December 2007 France Herblay

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

As there was no 911 action (to my knowledge) at Paris for the 11th of December I did one today Sunday (16 December) on the market at Herblay. This is my second time on the market for 911 and it went uch better than the first one

. I had a lot of reaction with my sign "Is Bin Laden Innocent for the 911 attacks". Only one guy, who was present amongst the dead in New York the 11 September 2001, was rough with me because he could not accept that I was putting in doubt the official version. In his own words, he saw with his own eyes Bin Laden's work so I have no right to put a doubt on that.

Some of my documents were in American/English which did not please the French. They went me to translate everything but I told them that I work during the week like them and time wise it is difficult to do everything.

Whats happening to certain pages on ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

Whats happening to certain pages on ? since some time I have noticed that internautes are not being able to access certain pages with an access denied by 911BLOGGER ?

Ten minutes ago I witnessed this strange event and a am including a screen image of this problem.

Has anyone else noticed this problem ?

Yours John

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