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Suggestion for an 911 Activist's group Google world map

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

Has anyone used the new annotating function of Google Map where you can put addresses on the map. I suggest that gives us this possibility on this blog so that the 911 truth seekers can see who lives near them. I am including an example at the bottom and I especially suggest it for the 11th of each month 911 truth event.

I would like to do a gathering on the 11th of July in the Tuileries Gardens the centre of Paris as is happening in the United States. This June 11th is too early as an official permission has to be obtained from the Prefecture. I can not do it by myself but if there are some Americans or others living in Paris and who are prepared to help organise it and the following months then contact me at the email above and with the subject like ==> Contact 911 truth event the 11th of each month Tuileries Gardens

For four years I and friends organised an unemployment gathering twice a month in "le jardin de Tuileries".