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Inside the Bill Maher "rendition"

My friend Zan Overall asked me to post this:

There is quite a story about what happened to the man who was ejected forcibly. I got what I am writing first hand from the man involved. He does not want his name used.

Other demonstrators were escorted out, without incident. Because he was the first to speak out he bore the brunt of the anger from the people associated with the show. He saw people come down from the stage and head towards him. I had assumed that he was ejected by security guards but he tells me that most of the people ejecting him were crew people from the show. Some of them were well dressed and he assumed they were producers of some kind. He says there may have been one security guard in the "posse." that ejected him.

Once outside the show, on an outdoor balcony, near the ledge, he was taken to the ground roughly. He was handcuffed. Someone put a knee in his back to hold him down. He said they twisted him like a pretzel. It is fortunate he did not have serious injuries. By the way, he is not a large man. You might call him slight. He would appear to have grounds for a lawsuit

November 11, 2007 in Santa Monica

Join 9/11 truth community in Southern California for impromptu meetup near the Santa Monica Pier and pedestrian shopping district, 3rd Street Promenade. We will meet at Colorado and Ocean Avenues at 11AM and then visit the promenade later in the morning. We will also set up one or more information booths and hand out free literature and DVDs. We are inviting people from all corners of Southern California to show our strength in number for this action. Please bring information that can be distributed free.

Visit website for more information:

We have produced a YouTube video which we hope will inspire you to come out and join us: