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Sudden profusion of Anti-Truth Blogs, websites, et, a cause for alarm? Action?

Is my burdgeoning paranoia gotten to the point where I see a sudden effusion of anti-9/11 Truth blogs, websites, etc...?    Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?  And they span from the ridiculous the even more ridiculous.  

Many of them share several most annoying traits, such as the lack of ability on the part of the reader to retort or respond to their claims--they have no "leave a comment" link--or "contact us," link, or if they do, they lead down a blind alley.  Of course, the other trait they all share is their utter disregard for logic, and the facts of the case.  Some lie with great aplomb as if their statements are handed down from God Almighty, (i.e., "Most high rises have concrete inner core or concrete-encased outer columns, or both. The World Trade Center had neither."  Guess it was held up by cardboard and paper clips. From,   

Will someone PLEASE respond to this clown?

Someone, either mole or sheeple, is expending lots of energy trying to debunk the 9/11 Truth movement on Youtube. I've tried to respond but I've been, apparantly, blocked, so don't be surprised if you can only post once. Most his responses are support, of course.

Here is the link:


I feel it's our duty to respond to this disinformation wherever it appears. I hope you feel the same way. Again, thanks.

Has the ball been dropped on BARRY JENNINGS?

One of the most intriguing and tragic stories to come out of 9/11 is the mystery surrounding Barry Jennings. A believeable and open witness to the fact that there were explosions in building 7 long before the collapse his testimony before true investigatory commission would have been devastating to the official story. But since his death (which still remains a mystery) and since Dylan Avery was warned by a PI not to pursue the case, the case has been dropped like a bad habit.

Is everyone afraid of this case? Is there no prominent organization or person that can pick up the trail without fear of retribution? Is Mr. Jennings heroism, courage, honesty and love for this city going to end up in that dustbin we hear so much about? It sickens me.

Is there an elected official who can take up the cause? If Mr. Jennings was a NYC resident, perhaps his Councilman might assist. (NYC Council members see themselves as extremely powerful people with egos to match). Perhaps his Councilman may see this as an opportunity to advance his/her political ambitions.

Or are they more likely to see it as a way to end them? As you can tell I am very frustrated.

TIMES SQUARE (*yawn*) BOMB SCARE! Is it me?

Is it me? Have I become so cynical that I believe nothing I see/hear reported in the MSM in particular when it comes to "bomb scares."? Because this latest "bomb scare in my city seemed like nothing more than a prank, or a set-up to show how badly we need two things: 1) police cameras, and 2) to be very, very afraid.

Perhaps I'd be less cynical if within the first 4 minutes of the local news report I was watching the word "terrorism" had not been used 11 times. Or, if there wasn't a blatant suggestion that "home grown" terrorists were become the real problem (i.e, US, the citizens of the United States are the REAL TERRORISTS). Or, if there were not some representative of government law enforcement explaining how hidden and not so hidden camera's are so crucial to the life and death of citizens.

Or, if a brutally ugly and biased piece like this:

from the NY Times wasn't so predictably foreboding in its import. Note: passersby were asked their opinion, as if their opinion mattered in the dissemination of a news story, and what did they have to say?

September 11, 2001

I cancelled my piano lessons for the day. Another miserable cold and fever problems forced me to stay in bed. The morning was pressing on and I thought of getting out of bed but the sun was so nice coming into my bedroom window and directly onto my bed that I just lay there, enjoying the warmth and the silence which was so comforting.

Suddenly, my windows rattled and I heard a rumbling which seemed quite a distance away. The last time I had heard a sound like this which rattled my windows was the 1973 bombing of the WTC. In the pit of my stomach I knew something really bad had happened. I got up. Put on the television and learned, or so I thought, what had happened. A second window rattling explosion made me nauseus as, on the television at the same instant another huge explosion could be seen in the other tower. Continued replays of it made me sicker, that I had to turn it off and go outside. Then, a new, horrific realization: my city, New York City, the city I was born and raised in, the city I still lived in, of old black and white movies with Fred Astaire, or William Powell, the elegant tuxedo'd New York, glittering, sparkling, yet gritty and filthy, a place to come to forget your problems, and live in a fantasy of lights and entertainment, of Broadway and museums, the place I had always felt safe in--would never be the same.

SNOPES.COM and the Barry Jennings mystery


I was curious if Snopes had anything on the Barry Jennings mystery and, no, they do not. So I took the liberty of "Submitting a Rumor," concerning an "Urban Legend," explaining all the mystery surrounding the man's death. This was about two weeks ago.

It is possible that Snopes may choose not to investigate this for many reasons, but I am inclined to think that if many more of you write in it may be an issue they will find impossible to ignore completely.

May I suggest that you take a moment to visit and submit an inquiry?

Thank you.


World's Tallest Building to Soon Open in Dubai--(think they've accounted for Thermal-Expansion?)

I was wondering if anyone here has the expertise or knowledge of new building construction since the discovery of "Thermal Expansion," which, according to NIST, of course, can bring down a building in a symmetrical, free fall speed collapse, due to small fires only.

Have new construction codes been put in place? I have yet to hear of any.



I have just been reading the numerous accounts of witnesses who had foreknowledge of the collapse of WTC7. These were firemen, policemen, Emt professionals, news persons and citizens.

Were any of these witnesses questioned as to who, precisely gave them the information, the warning, that collapse was imminent.

It seems that Chiefs Frank Cruthers, and Frank Fellini, after a meeting with "staff chiefs" made the decision to cordon off a "Collapse zone." Why? Based on what? They do not say.

From that point on it seemed all police and firemen were preparing for a collapse.

Has anyone interviewed any of these men and asked "why?"