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Organized Campaign for the Larry King Show.

Larry King asked viewers to send in their requests for show guests on his 2/20/08 episode...
I suggest we all make an effort to send in Dr. David Ray Griffin as the suggestion.

Email - larrykingguests@cnn.com

Show Website - www.cnn.com/larryking

Hope it works. At least the staff will be made aware of our concerns.

Google Video Numbers Must be Astounding on 9/11 Truth Films.

By the looks of Google Video's "Most Viewed" videos we ought to be doing real well at educating the masses. The top three have consistency been Zeitgeist, Loose Change, Freedom to Fascism, etc and End Game is in there as well. I wish Google still had their total views listed so we could see just how many people have seen these films. I remember well over three million had seen Freedom to Fascism around a year ago. The numbers must be amazing, its just that Google is no longer showing those results. Too bad. But at least there are a lot because these have been in the top ten for weeks if not longer. I'd like to get to the bottom of this.

See Prison Planet's viewpoint on this issue as well...

See Google Video's "Most Viewed" Videos:

Please contact Google Video and ask them to explain their policy regarding view counts on their Google Video service..

Freedom of Information Act gets updated.

Dear 911 Truth Activists,

It's official: the American people finally have a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) that they can count on to improve government transparency in the 21st Century.

Last week, President Bush signed the OPEN Government Act into law, updating FOIA to bring greater transparency to a government that, in recent years, has increasingly made its decisions out of public view. I'm proud to have authored this important bill, and I'm even prouder that the President decided to sign it.

Our Leahy online community played a pivotal role in helping this legislation gain traction, win the support of Congress, and secure its enactment. The reforms of the OPEN Government Act will make 2008 a welcome turning point toward greater accountability, giving our government a much-needed dose of sunshine that will serve Americans for generations to come.

The OPEN Government Act will improve the FOIA process by:

* Imposing meaningful deadlines on agencies handling information requests;

* Establishing a FOIA hotline;

* Bringing government records held by private contractors into full public view;

New Article by Alan Miller of PatriotsQuestion911.com

The article, Eight U.S. State Department Veterans Challenge Official Account of 9/11 – Official Account of 9/11: “Flawed”, “Absurd”, “Totally Inadequate”, “a Cover-up” was published today on OpEdNews. http://www.opednews.com/articles/genera_alan_mil_080104_eight_u_s__state_dep.htm

The article details severe criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report and calls for a new investigation by:

* Daniel Ellsberg, PhD, former State Department envoy to Viet Nam and Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense
* Col. Ann Wright, former U.S. Diplomat, including assignments as Deputy Chief of Mission of U.S. Embassies in Sierra Leone, Micronesia, and Afghanistan.
* Fred Burks, former interpreter for Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
* Melvin Goodman, PhD, former Senior Analyst at the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Also later served as Division Chief of the CIA’s Office of Soviet Affairs and as Professor of International Security at the National War College

Bill Maher Continues on Jan. 11th, 2008

Bill Maher's Real Time is going back on the Air on January 11th, 2008. We might want to work as part of the "11th of every month" campaign and coordinate something special for the audience members to do again. What a way to kick off 2008.


People over at www.TruthAction.org are working for this day as well.

http://www.WeAreChangeLA.org is a great place to mobilize, organize, and coordinate with the people for an interesting demonstration of mass creative disobedience.

More information: http://forum.wearechange.org/YaBB.pl?num=1191261230

Also feel free to visit the Blogs over at HBO and see if you can convince anyone to look into the truth of 9/11

Henry Waxman Confonted - by Cheri Roberts-Piper

Truth Squaded! An Encounter with Rep. Henry Waxman
by, Cheri Roberts-Piper – MTR News - http://www.mtrnews.com/group/news.php

Thursday night Rep. Henry Waxman walked into a crowded room of concerned constituents and citizens - after what had reportedly already been a trying day. The longtime and much loved Congressman got a little more than he bargained for. Waxman was met in a small community room at the Westside Pavilion Landmark Theater building in Santa Monica, CA, by more than a hundred people, most of whom appeared to be there to discuss and press for the impeachment of both President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Still Hope with The Sundance Channel

The Sundance Channel is a channel based off the creation of Robert Redford known as the Sundance Film Festival. They show lesser known movies and have gotten more popular as the years have gone on. I hope you check out this meager correspondence and consider adding to it by contacting them with more support for the best 9/11 films..

Subject: RE: 9/11 Truth?
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 14:41:03 -0500
From: feedback@sundancechannel.com
To: Me.

Thank you for your suggestions.

From: Me.
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 1:44 AM
To: feedback@sundancechannel.com
Subject: 9/11 Truth?

Dear Sundance,

Are you guys able to show movies that deal with 9/11 such as Loose Change: Final Cut or America: Freedom To Fascism or even 9/11: Press For Truth?

How can I find out if you'll air these movies, and if you will, how can I get you to do it.


(Please contact them with more "suggestions" at feedback@sundancechannel.com)

Update from Kucinich Campaign - 12/8/2007

Dear [Orangutan]

Dennis continues to conduct an ongoing study of the unaswered questions
about 9/11. I anticipate he will go public with his findings and
at some point in the future.

Sorry, we can not be more exact.

Herbert J. Hoffman
Director, Constitutional Convention Initiative
Kucinich for President 2008

This email was in response to my question below that I asked in response to some email they sent me about something..

Dennis. Are you blind or do you realize that the WTC Buildings were demolished using explosives?

How To Inform our Nation's Police Officers about the NWO.

This document was written by Police Officers for Police Officers to educate them about the dangers of tyranny and Police State measures. We are definitely there now, although this document is from 1992. It is meant to be given to local Police Departments and Officers. I haven't found a real efficient method yet of accomplishing this, but we can print it out. Email it. (My local department has the contact information for each individual officer.) Or possibly buy copies and mail or hand deliver them.


The document basically talks about the Constitution and the rights of citizens to bear arms and defend themselves against a Police State Tyrannical Administration.

If Police Officers are informed of this, we can deflect the New World Order plan for a police state with limited to no civil liberties. It might be a worthwhile effort.

Here is the document again for your perusal.

Dennis Miller needs some information.

Dennis Miller went on The O'Reilly Show on Oct. 31st, 2007 and discussed his views on 9/11.

Dennis Miller commenting on 9/11.

Miller commented on Rosie O'Donnell and other radicals who imply that 9/11 was an inside job. "I just want to say to Rosie - if you have some information that George Bush and Rudy Giuliani somehow chose to blow up World Trade Center Building # 7, I as an American citizen want to see that. If you're a patriot and you have that information, you owe it to this country to bring it out."

I couldn't fine the video of this segment, but hopefully someone TiVo'd it so we can put it up. I say we take his advice.


Please post video and Dennis Miller contact information below.

Keep Your Hopes Up.

T H E * N E W * G O L D E N * A G E

"The entire upheaval could last from 2009 to
2016, but if "we the people" strive hard, it could end
sooner. When things are at their worst, greatness
springs from the resilience of the human spirit. It is
for us to turn the near-term adversity into lasting
bliss. We will have to persevere in order to open a
new chapter in the ever-flowing spring of
civilization. Our success is assured, because history
is about to repeat itself: after the downfall of the
American business empire will come a global golden

Excerpts from the 2007 book:

THE NEW GOLDEN AGE The Coming Revolution Against
Political Corruption and Economic Chaos
~~by Ravi Batra

"Batra has set the standard for economic analysis."

"Dr. Batra writes about his subjects as clearly as if
he were telling bedtime stories."
-The New York Times

....THE BIG QUESTION NOW IS, what is in store for
us...? My answer, coming in the midst of numerous
omens and forebodings, will surprise you: we are
headed toward a golden age, which will come after a
tidal wave of public fact-finding and a subsequent

Google Video Top 100. Good news.


Loose Change: 2nd Edition
9/11 Mysteries.

All in the top 100 and as high as I've seen them.

That has to be good news for this movement. That's a lot of educated earthlings.

Motivation to keep on pushing.


Video of John Edwards on the Day of 9/11


"When asked by Barbara Walters on the night of September 11, 2001 if the 9/11 attacks were carried out by forces within the U.S., 2008 presidential candidate and then senate intelligence committee member John Edwards becomes evasive and refuses to answer the question, after having spoken to CIA director George Tenet earlier that day."

This is not really all that groundbreaking, but I hadn't seen the clip before and thought it should be added to the mix. And I didn't even know Barbara Walters or anyone else in the media was questioning if this attack came from domestic or foreign entities. I was impressed by that.


Dan Rather Suing CBS for 70 million bucks.

I suggest we question, hound, and hassle Dan Rather to investigate and cover 9/11 Truth in his new show Dan Rather Reports on HDNet which is owned in part or entirely by Mark Cuban. Who for those of you who don't know at one time agreed to produce Loose Change: Final Cut for theatrical release in America. Dan Rather is also in the news lately for finding some balls and standing up for the truth of his story about George Bush's military years. He is currently suing CBS for something like 70 million and according to him wants to restore the principles of investigative journalism back into the news industry. Suing CBS like this is probably not winning him too many friends and I agree it takes a lot of courage for someone like Dan Rather to go through with something like that. Anyhow. I figure now is as good a time as any to reach out to him and encourage him to investigate the 9/11 Truth Movement and steer him towards the more credible researchers in our movement.

Here is his show's website: DAn RAther Reports:

Here is the contact form:

MUST SEE: Student Tasered after asking Kerry questions 9/17/07 - ACTION ALERT

The video link below will disgust you. A student asks questions then
is dragged away and tasered. This is the end of our great republic
unless we take a stand and do something about it. After watching the
video call the university and demand the firing of the officers who
acted brutally to crush the passion and voice of this student.

Copy and paste this link below:


Even though you may or may not agree with the student's question he should
not have been treated in such a way.

Please call to express your concerns about this horrific incident:

University of Florida Police Department: (352) 392-1111

University of Florida main switchboard: (352) 392-3261

University of Florida Police Department's Dispatch Center: (352) 392-1111 available 24-hours daily.

Forward this information along to fellow Americans you know.