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In honor of Dr. King, fellow truth-seeker

To the greater 9/11 Truth community --

We can see what's going on. But most folks don't. It's not because they can't; it's because they won't.

As activists, we pass out information, post online, and procure time on-the-air. And while these steps undoubtedly advance our cause, we still will have a very large segment - indeed the majority - that will refuse to listen.

It is common for humanity to work toward a better future. But it is unpopular to strive for a better past; a more true past. This outlook, however, is unique to our community and we must capitalize on this strength. Events prior to 9/11 cannot be dismissed as irrelevant to our cause for in fact it is the very foundation. The ability to relate pieces of information, to "connect-the-dots," is exactly how this movement will grow.