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Ottawa July 11th, 2009 Truthaction - HOPE BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNEY


This SATURDAY is Ottawa's HOPE Beach Volleyball Tournament. This year we have entered our 911 Truth team and we were put on a waiting list. Somehow we were called up to play against the corporate teams on the only court reserved for fans. Please join us in our peaceful expression of truth about 911!

Ottawa 9/11 Truth is going to be at Ottawa biggest summer beach party - The HOPE BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT . Thousands of people descended on Mooney's Bay on July 11th,2009 . Be there in support and for the festivities if you can .

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Ottawa 9/11 Truth at Obama Rally - Feb 19th,2009

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Mat (Smith Falls 9/11 Truth) and myself ,Tyrone, ( Ottawa 9/11 Truth ) went to the Obama welcome rally when the president came to visit the nation's capital on Feb 19th,2009. Security was tight but there was no incidents with our truth action. The cops treated us and all who attended with respect and dignity.

Ottawa 9/11 Truth February Truth Action at Winterlude 2009

Members of Ottawa 9/11 Truth went to Winterlude 2009 for our February Truth to hand out DVDs to bring awareness regarding the other side of the story of 9/11. Winterlude is an yearly festival centered around the Rideau Canal which use to be the largest outdoor skating rink. This is a popular tourist attraction for the ice sculpture competition and other various other activities all over the city of Ottawa.

We encountered many Canadians who were largely unaware of this information due to the mainstream media cover up.

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Ottawafro's 9/11 Truth and Conspiracy Store

I recently made an ONLINE activism store at I made a number of products concerning 9/11 Truth, SPP and NWO.
I made this activism gear for myself, it has helped me find my voice and get off the computer and get involved.

Ottawafro's 9/11 Truth and Conspiracy Store

I will be updating this store with more products regularly.


Ottawa WEARECHANGE & 9/11 Truth @ Coalition Rally

Members of Ottawa 911 Truth and WEARECHANGE Ottawa went to the Coalition rally on Parliament Hill. Leaders of the Liberals, Bloc Quebecois and NDP gave short speeches. Was able to get a few comments from our party leaders regarding issues that concern Canada such as 9/11 Truth and the implimentation of the SPP.

Video quality isn't the greatest , didn't notice when I was recording that the camera was set on low quality recording :-(

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Ottawa 9/11 Truth's November 11th Truth Action

Here's a video regarding Ottawa 9/11 Truth's November 11th, 2008 Truth Action.

Here's a write up regarding the truth action on Rememberance Day.

It was Rememberance's Day in Canada. A day where Canadians remember the courage and sacrafice of our troops past and present. Members of Ottawa 9/11 truth attended the ceremony in the morning to pay our respects to our fellow Canadians who served our nation.

Ottawa 9/11 Truth's October 11th Truth Action

Members of Ottawa 9/11 Truth took to the streets in the Market in front of A-Channel to raise awareness regarding the events of 9/11.

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