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Politico scribe cites 9-11 in critique of Robert Fisk's "dollar" piece

Politico writer takes a swipe at Robert Fisk's "dollar" piece

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, Friday, October 9, 2009--Eamon Javers of Politico (www.politico.com) has taken some hefty swings at veteran journalist Robert Fisk, begging the question of why Javers is so intent on attacking the messenger, so to speak.

Researchers refine theory for lab origin of swine flu

Researchers refine theory for lab origin of swine flu

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, Tuesday, September 22, 2009--The swine flu that is making its rounds throughout the world has signs it was produced in a laboratory, say two researchers, although a theory that the virus had been circulating undetected among swine for some time before jumping to humans has not been ruled out.

According to a research note (http://www.petersnewyork.com/Gibbsnote.html) circulated by two virologists, Adrian J. Gibbs and Jean Downie, the signs that point to a laboratory origin of the swine flu are that it came from three parent viruses, all from disparate parts of the world, and that the last time these parent viruses were sampled in pig populations was from eleven to seventeen years ago.

9-11 hero's testimony sparks controversy on the first anniversary of his death

9-11 hero's testimony sparks controversy on the first anniversary of his death

by Peter Duveen

PETER’S NEW YORK, Wednesday, September 9, 2009--Barry Jennings was one of the heroes of 9-11, but an apparent news blackout regarding his death a year ago has raised fears among some investigators of a concerted attempt to hide Jennings's testimony about the events of that day.

On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) collapsed into piles of steel, concrete rubble and dust an hour or so after being hit by two aircraft. Later on the same day, another high-rise office building collapsed into its own footprint in a mere six seconds, even though it had not suffered any direct impact from aircraft. In a number of reports meant to explain the three collapses, the federal government contended that damage to the WTC complex was due entirely to the impacts of the aircraft and resulting fires. It also claimed that the aircraft were piloted by Islamic terrorists from the Middle East.

Columnist/talking-head Debbie Schlussel cites 9-11 sites on Novak's "inside job" piece

In a recent column or blog entry, mainstream media mouthpiece Debbie Schlussel tries to trash recently deceased columnist Robert Novak by associating him with the 9-11 Truth movement. Perhaps she doesn't realize that admiration for Novak's lifetime of investigative journalism might just spill over to the movement, an obvious miscalculation on her part. Interestingly, she argues that the website www.whatreallyhappened.com, while quoting Novak's column regarding 9-11's being an "inside job," failed to quote the part about Israel being the big winner from 9-11. In actuality, www.whatreallyhappened.com hyperlinked the headline above the excerpted material to the Peter's New York article on www.911blogger.com, and of course that article cites the passage she implies the "Truthers" are trying to distance themselves from. What Really Happened did a bangup job with the proper quotes and link, but Schlussel demonstrates poor research by basing her article on a missing phrase which was actually in the article quoted from, and by failing to give complete attribution to the author (although I was delighted to be called a 9-11 Truther).

Virologist to make his case for lab origin of swine flu

Virologist to make his case for lab origin of swine flu

By Peter Duveen

PETER’S NEW YORK, Monday, June 29, 2009--The scientist who made headlines in May by positing a laboratory origin for the swine flu that has swept the world will defend his theory in the scientific literature, Peter’s New York has learned.

Dr. Adrian Gibbs, a Canberra, Australia-based virologist with more than 200 scientific publications to his credit, said that over the weekend he submitted his latest work on the swine flu to a prominent scientific journal, and is awaiting a response.

Gibbs, 75, was part of a team that developed the antiviral drug Tamiflu.

Back in April, when the first cases of swine flu were diagnosed in Mexico, Gibbs examined the genetic structure of the virus that had been posted on a public database. His analysis led him to speculate that the virus may have been the result of a laboratory error. He contacted the Geneva, Switzerland-based World Health Organization with his conjecture, and scientists there scrutinized his findings, concluding, however, that the virus was most likely a product of nature.

Arnaud de Borchgrave presented with 9-11 truth on C-SPAN

Today on C-SPAN, a caller asked a question about the presence of thermite in the World Trade Center dust and its implications for American foreign policy. I wrote the entire program up as an entry for a diary on OpEdNews. The last graph contains the 9-11 question.

New Middle East war on the horizon, says foreign policy expert

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, Monday, June 1, 2009--In a revealing and informative interview, journalist and foreign policy expert Arnaud de Borchgrave said today there is no relief in sight for what ails the Israelis and the Palestinians, and that a war involving the two parties was all but inevitable. He also said Iran was close to obtaining a nuclear weapon, but that military action against that country by the United States or Israel was not a realistic option.

Historical account of Spanish flu shows how bad it can get

Arctic explorer describes bout with 1918 flu in memoir
The evidence is in: expert says Mexican flu could have laboratory origin

News analysis

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, Thursday, May 14, 2001--As health officials worldwide scramble to stem a flu pandemic, the public may be puzzled as to what all the fuss is about. Flu is generally an illness which, for most, is not more serious than the common cold. But there is good reason for concern, if the past is any judge of what the future could be like.

Because the strain of flu currently spreading around the world is said to be a descendant of the Spanish flu, deaths among those contracting the illness could be far in excess of those produced by other strains of the virus. The Spanish flu, also named the 1918 flu, was known for the high proportion of deaths attributed to those infected by it. It had a mortality rate of 2.5 percent or more, far greater than that of ordinary human flu.

Can the "Mexican flu" be traced to the Centers for Disease Control?

Can the "Mexican flu" be traced to the Centers for Disease Control?

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, Saturday, May 2, 2009--The strain of flu that allegedly began circulating in Mexico in March and April and that has appeared in other countries since, including the United States, may have emerged from research at the U.S Centers for Disease Control. This flu has been mistakenly referred to as "swine flu." While its composition contains elements of "swine flu," it has not been shown to infect swine. This article will refer to the new strain of flu as the "Mexican flu," after the country whose capital, Mexico City, has been virtually shut down as a result of its presence there.

McClatchy Newspapers tells us the following about it:

"Q. What makes this swine flu (sic) virus special?

"A: It's a novel combination of bird, pig and human viral genes never before found in the U.S. or elsewhere, so people have no immunity to it. It's a descendant of the H1N1 virus that killed tens of millions of people worldwide in the pandemic of 1918-1919, mixed in with recent strains of swine and bird flu viruses."

Jury acquits three charged with helping 7/7 London Bombing

A story about the acquittals in the 7/7 bombing was headlined on Yahoo News, but the link led nowhere. It then magically disappeared from the yahoo headlines. One supposes the CIA desk at AP wanted this one softballed before it went out to the public. So I fished this version out: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090428.wbombings0428/BNStory/International/?page=rss&id=RTGAM.2009042.... Interestingly, the story mentions: "Police have always maintained that the 7/7 bombers had assistance from other people with links to al Qaeda as they would not have had the technical expertise to construct the hydrogen peroxide-based bombs themselves." Maybe Guiliani Partners knows something about this. Mr. G. himself was in London at the time, if I am not mistaken, and furthermore, was not Robert Kiley imported from David Rockefeller's think tank, The Partnership for New York (or whatever it's called these days) http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Partnership_for_New_York_City to run the London subways?

Author Griffin: Obama, special prosecutor best hope for new 9-11 probe

Author Griffin: Obama, special prosecutor best hope for new 9-11 probe

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, Monday, April 20, 2009--David Ray Griffin holds out more hope than ever that a sea change in public opinion will prompt a new investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.

A staunch critic of the government's account of what happened that day and author of seven books on the subject, Griffin is now touring several European capitals, armed with the topic "9-11: time for a second look." Before he left for Europe, he made a few stops in New England, including at Keene, New Hampshire, where he delivered an address and fielded questions from the audience. In particular, Griffin said the change in tone of the executive branch of government accompanying the election of U.S. President Barack Obama may auger the best chance to challenge the government storyline that 19 men from the Middle East pulled off what was arguably the greatest breach of North American security since Columbus landed in the Caribbean 517 years ago.

Sen. Schumer lends qualified support to a new 9-11 investigation

Sen. Schumer lends qualified support to a new 9-11 investigation

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, Saturday, April 18, 2009--U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) said yesterday that while he was positively disposed toward a new investigation into the events of 9-11, his support for such a probe would depend on the form it would take.

Schumer, who was attending the launch of the Tour of the Battenkill annual bicycle races in Cambridge, New York, responded to a question regarding efforts in New York City to establish a new 9-11 investigation.

"I think it's not a bad idea," Schumer said. "You know, you've got to do it in a good way, but yes, I'd be for it."

Schumer qualified his remarks by noting that his support would depend upon the manner in which the investigation was structured. "I'd have to see the parameters of the investigation and all that," he said. He briefly mentioned "finding body parts," which may have referred to the discovery in 2006 that the roof of the Deutsche Bank building near the former site of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was strewn with human remains from 9-11.

Small Chips in World Trade Center dust identified as unexploded Thermite

Small Chips in World Trade Center dust identified as unexploded Thermite

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, April 4, 2009--A group of researchers says it has positively identified residues of undetonated explosives in dust samples collected soon after the collapses of three World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001. The positive outcome of tests carried out in painstaking detail appears to contradict the assertions by U.S. government experts that explosives were not used to take the buildings down.

Pakistani elite questions 9-11

Azeem Ibrahim of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, thinks it is a shame that the Pakistani elite fail to recognize the terrorist threat within their own country. In an opinion piece published by the Middle East Times, Ibrahim claims that "...most of the Pakistani elite are in denial. Too many authoritative figures simply refuse to face the extent to which the terrorist threat from Islamist radicals comes from within Pakistan."

Ibrahim goes on:

"Last year, I met a prominent member of the Pakistan National Assembly who was educated in the West. He told me that he sincerely believed that the 7/7 attacks in London in 2005 and the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in the United States were both the work of Western intelligence agencies.

"When I put it to him that Mohammed Siddique Khan, the leader of the 7/7 bombers, had made a video claiming responsibility, he just looked at me with a face of deep sympathy. To him, I was a young guy who was just naive."

He continues with a barrage of reasons why people subscribe to so-called conspiracy theories.

I chimed in on their discussion page, as follows:

Chief military tribunal judge challenges presidential authority to suspend Guantanamo trials


By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, January 30, 2009--A military judge has directly challenged President Barack Obama's order to suspend trials of alleged "terrorists" by military tribunals at the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Associated Press says in an online article published early this morning.

AP journalists Mike Melia and Andrew Selky report that Army Col. James Pohl, chief judge for the tribunals, yesterday challenged President Obama's executive order of Jan. 21 to bring a halt to "all proceedings of such military commissions to which charges have been referred but in which no judgment has been rendered."

Pohl insisted in a ruling yesterday that some of the proceedings must continue, arrogating to himself the power to challenge the president's order, and claiming that "on its face, the request to delay the arraignment is not reasonable," according to the AP report.

The significance of Pohl's ruling was in no wise lost upon at least some Pentagon officials. It is a direct challenge to the authority of the U.S. president, who is the commander-in-chief of the military under the U.S. constitution.

Impact of the Department of Homeland Security on local governance, commerce, individual rights and the balance of power

I recently submitted a position paper on the Department of Homeland Security to a local town board after briefly raising the issue at previous town meetings. Local government may be our last best hope exerting a positive influence on the political destiny of the United States.


Impact of the Department of Homeland Security on local governance, commerce, individual rights and the balance of power: a position paper


I recently approached the Town Board informally at its monthly meeting and expressed my concern regarding Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff’s remarks regarding the overriding of local government policy by Federal policy.