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9/11 Aftermath: How it Relates To Current Geopolitical Developments

Hi all,

He is our latest project from PCC 9/11 Studies Club in OR for your review. Please
feel free to share. The purpose of this presentation is to look at the big
picture of what does 9/11 has to do with current geopolitical developments. It is a little long but we feel it is a good introduction to the big picture view of how everything interconnects.
It has videos from other activists as well and we try to make it easier for the public to understand and to connects so many dots. We list whistle blowers within the military, intelligence, congress,
commissioners, etc, We talk false flags, historical context, 9/11 physics and
then move to address current geopolitics and how close we are to an accident
and possibly WW3. Please feel free to share and we hope you like this project.

Thank you!