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Article on the Toronto Hearings

Canada's largest right wing newspaper has published an article on the Toronto Hearings. The article is biased toward the official story of course. There is a comment section which has a lot of ill-informed and offensive comments. Initially they allowed commenting without registering, however now they require you to register.

Jesse Ventura hit piece on Foxnews

Foxnews has chosen to attack Jesse Ventura. Most of the early comments are incredibly ill-informed and pro-Fox. I tried to submit a comment suggesting people Google Operation Northwoods but despite trying twice was unable to get it up there due to a computer problem at my end. I've never heard of this guy criticizing Jesse but he claims to have first hand experience at Ground Zero. The piece is a joke because the guy doesn't seem to know anything that's happened in 9/11 Truth since about October of 2001.

Vietnam veteran takes on 911 and everything else that's rotten in America

I discovered this website entitled: Veterans Today. Military veterans and foreign affairs journal. It's been around since 2003 and has lots of articles relevant to 911 Truth. The article that caught my attention is entitled:
Don't just stand there, arrest somebody, by Gordon Duff, the Chairman of the journal's editorial board.

I agree with most of what he says in this article and virtually every other one I've glanced at (there are many). I do find he has a bit of a rough approach -- as a disabled veteran I'll grant him that, and I don't get all of his irony, but don't let that stop you from taking a good look at this article and some of the other recent ones such as the murders at Guantanamo or the day democracy ended in America (yesterday). Many of the articles are by Gordon, but he also has other journalists on staff.

This guy is a major ally. He knows about the CIA overthrowing Iran in 1953, the plot against Cuba by killing Americans: Operation Northwoods in the 1960s; he has bitter memories and knowledge of corruption during Vietnam and has really done his homework on 911 and the military industrial congressional complex.

Free speech radio muzzles Cynthia McKinney

Voting for nine positions by Thursday for Pacifica Foundation's local station board, KPFK is more important than ever for free speech since Pacifica Radio National Board and interim Pacifica Foundation Executive Director, Grace Aaron's regime eliminated Cynthia McKinney from competition for the Executive Director job, emailing the rejection unsigned and is attempting to defund Amy Goodman's program. (Don DeBar, New Pacifica's" frontal attack on Democracy Now!, October 9, 2009)

The Real News Network now covering some 911 news

Many have not heard of the Real News Network.

A few months ago I wrote to them requesting they cover 9/11 stories such as the nano-thermite paper. They replied that there is only so much they can cover as they are small, underfunded etc. I read between the lines and figured they are afraid to cover 9/11 for fear of losing subscribers and or being lumped in with conspiracy theorists. They bill themselves as an online TV network with aspirations of becoming big-time on cable. Until now, it is my belief that they have systematically excluded 9/11 news just like the major media, however, if you look at the stories, they do cover much in-depth news that the major media won't, such as the real issues behind the health care debate, the real story of the coup in Honduras, Israeli war crimes, etc. I watch their interviews because I get a lot of information I get no where else.

Cause of destruction of WTC discovered - opinion piece, example of effective activism.

In an "opinion" piece published online and in print in News Chief, a newspaper from Winter Haven, FL, a citizen reports on the Nano thermite story. Even though it's not an opinion, after all, a peer reviewed paper was published, many people seeing this for the first time might shrug it off, but eventually they might start asking, "Why haven't I seen this story on CNN?". This story made it to the top of News Chief's most read list of stories.

Somewhat positive book review

The Sacramento News and Review has published a somewhat positive review of the new book by Kathryn S. Olmsted, Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11.

Project North Woods / Northwoods is mentioned as is the prior warning about Pearl Harbor.

National Geographic to air new "documentary".

National Geographic has announced it will air a documentary with the title: 911 Science and Conspiracy.

Title of the announcement:
Official Version or Cover-Up Conspiracy? The Truth Behind 9/11 Put to the Test in New National Geographic Channel Program.

Based on the comments about it at the announcement website here:
it doesn't look like it will be very fair. For example, they say that "Eight years have passed and no stone has been left unturned in the painstaking process of piecing together what happened that fateful day". In what alternate universe? This is just propaganda. Of course it's what people think has happened and of course it should have happened, but didn't as we all know. The writer doesn't seem to be aware of the stone-walling by the Bush administration to even HAVE an inquiry, let alone any of the incriminating details intentionally left out of the official report. As a number of 911 truth luminaries like Richard Gage will be featured, it will be interesting to see if they are treated fairly. I'm not holding my breath.