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Media Release: University of Kent - debate with world experts asking 'Was 9/11 an inside job?'

Media Release

University of Kent - World Experts to Debate 'Was 9/11 an Inside Job?'

Event: A formal debate featuring world experts will be conducted at the University of Kent asking the question 'Was 9/11 an inside job?'

Date: Tuesday April 1st, 2014
Time: 7.00 - 9.00pm
Venue: Grimond Lecture Theatre 1, University of Kent, Canterbury

Event Overview
The views of the '9/11 truth movement', which has long argued that Al Qaeda must have had some kind of assistance in staging the attacks of 9/11, have been widely criticised in many quarters for being based on supposedly flimsy and outrageous speculation, and for being disrespectful to the families of the victims.