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Your help needed with campaign against the BBC - please lodge your complaint

Please support us in the UK in our major campaign against the BBC and its biased coverage of 9/11. We need as many people as possible to go through a simple process of lodging a complaint through the BBC website and we will use this as ammunition to reinforce our current high level campaign. The BBC can be the achilles heel of the mianstream media block on 9/11. As a publicly owned and publicly funded media outlet we have a unique opportunity here because it is required to have a formal complaints process which is overseen by a Board of Trustees whose job it is to ensure the BBC conducts itself in an appropriate manner. Part of its appropriate manner is to provide fair and unbiased reporting, which it was very clearly in breach of through its onslaught of stories and programmes trying to debunk the 9/11 truth movement over the period of the 10th anniversary.

This gives us an opportunity to launch a campaign of mass complaints to reinforce our current campaign against the BBC which is occurring at a high level. Here is the process for lodging a complaint:

1. Go to the BBC complaints form here