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Author Mike Palecek Launches "The New American Dream"

To start off the new year, author Mike Palecek offers a fresh venue for news and opinion about the current, and future state of the American Dream;

The New American Dream

Good luck, Mike!

Carol Brouillet interviews Mike:

Michael Wolsey interviews Mike:

Interview: ‘Third party behind Mumbai attack’

Wednesday, 31 December , 2008

Awar between India and Pakistan is unthinkable, believes Shah Zaman Khan,Minister, Press, at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

The war hysteria in both nations is being fuelled by “one common enemy that does not want India and Pakistan to be friends,” the senior Pakistani diplomat asserts. “What we have seen in Mumbai is altogether a third party conspiracy.”

Deactivating Bill Deagle's "Neutron Fuse"

In the Draft Bill recently circulated to a few members of Congress, ideas and hypotheses with no physical evidence (or very weak physical evidence that can be easily explained) are presented alongside the hypothesis for controlled demolition involving a thermite derivative and/or other not-so exotic explosives at the World Trade Center with equal sincerity. One hypothesis is that "micro-nuclear" devices were used to bring down the World Trade Center Towers, and the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. The Draft Bill references internet radio personality Bill Deagle as a major proponent of the micro-nuke hypothesis.

The Bill references Deagle's presentation last year at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference. During his presentation, Deagle attempted to persuade the audience that the WTC and OKC were nuke demolition jobs. In the following slide, it appears that his mind is already made up about both instances;

Following Deagle's presentation, several people were concerned that Deagle was presenting as fact, a theory which had not even made it past the hypothesis stage. Some of the coordinators of the conference asked nuclear physicist Steven Jones, who also attended the conference, to question Deagle about his proofs. The following video documents the discussion, consisting of video recorded by Soul Tree Digital Entertainment, and myself.*

My Really, Really Bad Judy Wood Experience

(With the recent publication of Jeremy Baker's essay, "Three Amigos: Reynolds, Wood and Fetzer’s assault on 9/11 Truth", I think it is important for people to know that Baker is not the only person to have serious reservations about this particular trio. Especially since Judy Wood's ideas have cropped up again, and have been circulated in a Draft Bill that does not have the unanimous support of 9/11 Truthers, but has already been presented to a few members of Congress. Specifically, this blog entry is about an on-air attack on Steven Jones that occurred in 2006, that reveals planning, and forethought on behalf of the "Three Amigos". -rep.)

"(How is a tower like a tree?)
Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy would
(Where was the hidden energy?)
La la la la la la la la la la la la
(Can we solve this mystery?)
Judy Wood"

- lyrics from "Judy Would" by Ace Baker.

In the beginning...

In 2005, Dr. Judy Wood joined the (DU) message board where I had already been a member for a couple of years. She used the handle "janedoe" and would engage in back and forth posting battles with the resident 9/11 trolls and debunkers, with varying degrees of success. Wood seemed a natural ally, and I engaged in some friendly correspondence with janedoe, via the DU message board, which later moved to email communications...

Take Action Against the "Obsession" DVD

Stop AIPAC has launched an initiative in reaction to the "Obsession" DVD, which was circulated in an apparent attempt to affect the U.S. presidential election, in favor of McCain. If you are unfamiliar with the "Obsession" story, please check out Omid Safi's detailed blog on the subject: Who Put Hate in My Sunday Paper?

Send your copy of "Obsession" to Stop AIPAC, and at the AIPAC membership dinner in San Francisco on December 9th, SA will deliver the DVDs to AIPAC, who has supported many speakers on the DVD, and stands to benefit from the ideological propaganda being disseminated on the DVD.

Infowars: Rahm Emanuel and Obama’s Civilian Security Force

Rahm Emanuel and Obama’s Civilian Security Force

Kurt Nimmo - Infowars - November 6, 2008

As Paul Joseph Watson notes this morning, Obama’s apparent pick for chief of staff, Illinois Democrat Rahm Emanuel, is disturbing in light of the fact he is a staunch supporter of reactionary forces in Israel and his father was an Irgun terrorist.

“The son of a man who helped carry out this slaughter [the Deir Yassin massacre of Palestinians] has now been selected by Obama to be his chief-of-staff. Cries of ’sins of the father’ lose their gusto when one considers the fact that, after the 1996 re-election of Bill Clinton, Rahm Emanuel ‘Was so angry at the president’s enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting “Dead! … Dead! … Dead!” and plunging the knife into the table after every name.’ Sounds like a nice guy,” writes Watson. (Emphasis mine.)


post financial collapse event in NY

If you can make it October 21, 2001, an event in NY to ask questions about the engineered events of 9/11 and the market crash for globalization.

An Interview with Joan Mellen - Oct. 4th, 2008

(Last weekend, I traveled to the Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, to attend the Making Sense of 60s conference. On Saturday, I had a chance to speak with author Joan Mellen about Jim Garrison, and the pioneering work he did revealing Oswald's links to the CIA. Mellen has authored two books on Jim Garrison. The first, A Farewell to Justice (2005), won the critical acclaim of such JFK researchers as Gaeton Fonzi and Gary Aguilar, and director Oliver Stone. It focused on Garrison's JFK investigation and the Trial of Clay Shaw. Mellen has now followed up with a prequel bio of Garrison, Jim Garrison: His Life and Times - The Early Years. Throughout this short interview, 9/11 researchers should be able to see parallels between what they are doing, and what has been experienced by JFK researchers.)

Joan, why did you feel that there was a need for a Garrison bio?

The reason I had the prequel published is that many people didn't understand Jim Garrison's motivation. Why would he investigate the Kennedy assassination? Why would he risk his political career? Why would he give up his entire political career just for this? What did he get out of it?

It must be that he's covering up for the mafia... it must be that he's getting paid... it must be something. So, the book is a biography of Jim Garrison's life apart from the assassinations investigation, and is meant to answer that question.

Many people were introduced to Jim Garrison by Oliver Stone's JFK. Did it seem like the real Jim Garrison to you, up on the screen?

It didn't. However, Oliver Stone created a marvelous film, I think. He did an extraordinary thing, and he too took a tremendous risk, he risked his entire career as a film director, and suffered for years as a result of it. Stone's film is about the investigation, much more than it is about Jim Garrison the man, so it didn't really matter. I asked Stone the question, is this really Jim Garrison? Because I know things about Garrison's life that are not in this film... and Stone said, 'Well, I could have added 15 minutes about his life...' but it didn't make any difference, what counts is the dynamic of the investigation in that film, and also how it all played out in the city of New Orleans.


(At TomT's request, kicking this to the front page. As Mike Malloy would say, "The Bush Crime Family" has a track record of swindling the taxpayer for billions. George Herbert Walker Bush was a player in the Savings and Loans scandal of the 80s and 90s. What's new in Paulson's bailout is the brazen public theft of your taxpayer dollars, and the sheer scale of the theft. -rep.)

Description: Former reporter for the "Houston Chronicle," Pete Brewton tells of one of the most momentous stories of the past 50 years and how it has been suppressed by the establishment media and the Congress. Pete's book "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush," shows the incredible complexity of the relationships in the operation of the destruction of hundreds of Savings and Loans at the hands of the CIA and the Mafia, stealing many billions of dollars in the process, and leaving the taxpayers to bailout the banks. Big names at the state and national levels of power are involved, including Lloyd Bentsen, the Bush family, and power brokers in Houston. People such as Kenneth Keating and Don Dixon, who are mentioned prominently in the press in connection with the S & L debacle, were merely front men or "cutouts" for the main movers. Keating and his ilk only took millions; the CIA and the Mafia looted billions.

Dr. John Wyndham's comments to NIST (WTC7)

UPDATE: Dr. Wyndham has supplied us a final draft in place of the NIST comments posted yesterday. -rep.

(NIST welcomes comments on the draft report and recommendations-available online at by noon Eastern Daylight Time on Sept.15, 2008. Comments may be submitted via:
. e-mail to;
. fax to (301) 869-6275; or
. surface mail to WTC Technical Information Repository, Attn: Stephen Cauffman, NIST, 100 Bureau Dr., Stop 8611, Gaithersburg, Md. 20899-8610. - Thanks to Michael Jackman for sending this in. Dr. Wyndham previously publicly responded to Rep. Jane Harman regarding the conflation of 9/11 Truth sites like with terrorism. -rep.)


WTC Technical Information Repository
Attn: Stephen Cauffman,
NIST, 100 Bureau Dr., Stop 8611,
Gaithersburg, Md. 20899-8610.

Dear Sirs:

I have examined the documents¹ you provided on your theory of the collapse of WTC 7 due to fires by way of thermal expansion. It is apparent that you have spent a great deal of time, effort, money and thought on this project.

Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report

Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report

Thu Sep 4, 4:40 PM ET

MEXICO CITY (AFP) - A private jet that crash-landed almost one year ago in eastern Mexico carrying 3.3 tons of cocaine had previously been used for CIA "rendition" flights, a newspaper report said here Thursday, citing documents from the United States and the European Parliament.

The plane was carrying Colombian drugs for the fugitive leader of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman, when it crash-landed in the Yucatan peninsula on September 24, El Universal reported.

The daily said it had obtained documents from the United States and the European Parliament which "show that that plane flew several times to Guantanamo, Cuba, presumably to transfer terrorism suspects."

It said the European Parliament was investigating the private Grumman Gulfstream II, registered by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, for suspected use in CIA "rendition" flights in which prisoners are covertly transferred to a third country or US-run detention centers.

"Missing Links" provides the critics of 9/11 Truth with ample ammunition.

The makers of the documentary Missing Links, (www{dot}911missinglinks{dot}com), bill their roll-your-own documentary as "The Definitive Truth About 9/11".

The words of the Greek playwright Euripides come to mind, "A bad beginning makes a bad ending".

(Oh, and let me break this to the Bigfoot researchers right now... no, this film is not that crossover hit you have been waiting for breathlessly. 'Missing Link' in this case, refers to Jewish people... I know, I know... I feel your pain...)

The film starts out by giving "Special thanks to the independent investigators and agents, analysts and assets of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, and Intelligence sectors of the United States Armed Forces who are still loyal to America."

Surely, they don't mean George Walker Bush's 'Amerika'?

It reminds one of the newbie on the business end of the fraternity paddle in Animal House, "Thank you, sir! May I have another?"

Perhaps I'm being too elitist here... everybody knows Dickens, right? I guess the filmmakers could be seen as playing the part of Oliver Twist, "Please sir, I want some more."

If you were to take Jason Bermas' recent documentary, Fabled Enemies, and strip away all of the copious links that the alleged hijackers had to Western intelligence and possibly the US military, you would have the basic framework for Missing Links. Then, ignore the gargantuan profits that US oil companies have raked in, following the destructive wake of the "War on Terror" ... and then you ignore the gargantuan profits that the US defense industry has raked in, post-9/11, and you're half way done building Missing Links. Finally, ignore the fact that US and Israeli intelligence agencies have shared information, common goals (Cold War espionage anyone?) and HUMINT operations since 1951 (and even pre-dating the state of Israel in 1945 via the OSS), and the stage is set for an ahistorical hit and miss picture show that covers intelligence ops over the last 40 years with a very uneven keel.

Movie screening of American Blackout featuring Green Party candidates

Cynthia McKinney, one of the only presidential candidates who is openly supporting a real investigation into 9/11, among the other Green Party values. She is featured in the following free movie screening of American Blackout and what seems as an opportunity to talk about the Green Party is at the following site.

And since the topic is on about Cynthia McKinney. Here is her acceptance speech.

If you are thinking about voting for her, but think it may be a spoiler vote, Cynthia has said that how can we be talking about a spoiler vote when not all the votes are counted in both 2000 and 2004 as the movie American Blackout will be focusing on or the works of Greg Palast. When we have Diebold or now Premier Election Solutions, the company that has openly admitted that their machines loses votes there is a problem.

On Disinformation and Damaging Associations

Nearly seven years out from 9/11, and disinformation remains a persistent problem within the 9/11 Truth movement. Part of the problem has been that sites like have been slow to label blatant disinformation as such. Back in April, I noted that certain topics would no longer be tolerated here. In the interim, two of these topics were introduced in a U.S. District Court in New York, setting a poor benchmark for future 9/11 Truth-related cases in New York. It's now time for a firmer, (and admittedly glaringly late), stance on Fakery, DEW, and "SBHT" syndrome, here at 911blogger.

To start, let's skip back to 9/11/2001;

"So did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"An airplane hit the World Trade Center this morning."

"What kind? You mean, a little plane?"

"I don't know, just 'a plane'. It was on the radio."

Immediately, something didn't seem quite right. I thought that it could have been a small commuter plane, but not a jumbo, not with contemporary guidance and radar systems. No way. However, before long, the radio was delivering the news of a second plane strike. Definitely a big jet.

This was an attack.

Aircraft struck the twin towers. It's very likely that they were Boeings, and it's also probable* that they were the very Boeings that the media reported as "hijacks". It seems absurd to have to say these things, but the fact of the matter is, there is a disinformation campaign afoot, largely confined to a handful of sites and YouTube, to trick people into thinking that "no planes" hit the Towers, that the objects that hit the Towers were cloaked in holograms, or were holographs, and that digital alterations were made to broadcast footage on the fly, on 9/11.

If this were the case, then there would be no video or photographs in existence that are basically anomaly free, depicting the 2nd aircraft hitting the other WTC tower, but this is not the case;

It's just not the case.

Not impressed with Corsi.

This morning C-SPAN interviewed Jerome Corsi and then followed up with a representative from David Brock's Media Matters for America. I would like to encourage interested parties to D/L the two interviews, and consider seriously the charges laid against Corsi.

My impression is that Corsi is far more interested in selling books than he is in staying on target with the truth. According to Media Matters, his book, "The Obama Nation", is rife with false claims and weak sourcing. Here are a few examples of false claims identified by Media Matters;

The Obama campaign has also published a 41-page rebuttal, pointing out a series of false claims by Corsi;

Corsi appears to be reviving the role he played smearing the John Kerry campaign in 2004 with the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" attacks. Corsi helped pave the way for 4 more years of Bush. I won't argue that 4 years of Kerry would have been better, but it's unlikely it could have been worse. Corsi appears to be paving the way for an extension of the PNAC agenda under McCain. How can this be any good?

Here is the link to Corsi's interview: right click and save; (86 mb)

Media Matters follow up: right click and save; (97 mb)

If you agree that Corsi plays fast and loose with the truth, then what good can this be to 9/11 Truth?