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Dress rehearsal for disaster

Dress rehearsal for disaster

by Mike Aldax - Aug. 5, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO (Map, News) - Unless you want to experience the pandemonium of a devastating terrorist attack, you might want to steer clear of downtown San Francisco on Aug. 16.

In coordinating a simulated nuclear explosion in The City that Saturday morning, the Fire Department is warning residents that parts of downtown will swarm with helicopters, police patrols and FBI agents in ways that will make action-movie directors envious.

And while authorities say the exercise is necessary to prepare San Francisco for a possible terrorist incident, they say they hope residents won’t react by fleeing to the bridges in droves.

“This is going to be pretty large,” Lt. Mindy Talmadge said. “We want to make sure people are not alarmed.”


Pelosi slithers from impeachment questions in Philly

August 5, 2008

After watching Nancy Pelosi on numerous TV shows, Netroots with Al Gore, The View, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Daily Show with Jon Stewart among others, she amazingly becomes camera shy with the help of security. Instead of answering real questions about impeachment, Tamala Edwards, a 6ABC news anchor, threw softball-like questions.

One deplorable response was to the Iraq war when it barely came up were the statistics of war of how many soldiers have died in Iraq, injured, and the like, and a brief disagreement by Pelosi. She has done nothing to end the war other than rubber stamp every spending bill for more military action, including a $400 million covert action against Iran.

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WTC 1 Radio Broadcast Tower Today

A while back Larry Silverstein was confronted and gave his tale that the radio tower was the culprit of WTC 7, even the diesel tanks have been targeted as of late. This spun tale not only doesn't make sense as the tower would have had to travel over 300 ft by some explosive force, but is contradicted by the antenna itself.

Here are pictures of the today as it stands in a Washington D.C. museum.

CNN v. MLK - a video critique

I put together some of the more problematic segments from the CNN "documentary", Eyewitness to Murder, which has been replaying on CNN, and contrasted the segments with contrary information, including some more footage from William Pepper's groundbreaking 1999 civil trial that has not seen the light of day until now...

(Previously: )

Responding to Libel.

This is the description currently posted for the 911blogger feed at a site known as wtcdemolition(dot)com;

It's not true. This is called libel. The description of the blog feed may change, it certainly has before. Here is a previous example;

The perps will be outed. By investigations, and proofs. LIHOP and MIHOP labels really are proving to be more divisive than useful as time goes on.

Stating that Lorie Van Auken's husband was "allegedly killed when the north tower was demolished" is disgusting. Insinuating that her grief is not legitimate, and that Jon Gold is a "fake truther" is a pathetic grasp at straws. Yet, this is fair game at wtcdemoliton;

Ray McGovern's False Flag Warning - June 24, 2008

Ray McGovern's statement on the Alex Jones show (6/24) never got the attention it deserved. For those who never caught the show or listened to the MP3, here is what McGovern said;

"I'd be more interested in exploring how this thing could get underway. Now, the Iranians are no dopes. They're not gonna be provoked into doing the kind of attack on Israel or US forces that would give us an excuse, and the Israelis an excuse to really zap 'em, and what I mean by really zap them is; go after the lion's share of their nuclear-related activities in Iran.

And so what's likely to happen? Well, I think more likely than anything would be a kind of, what we call in the trade here, in the intelligence trade, a False Flag attack. Ok? You get a boat all painted up with Iranian colors, and you sink a US destroyer escort in the gulf... wow! You kill a bunch of Americans... that could set things off.

Now who would do that? Who has an interest? Cui bono? We used to say. Who would have an interest, who would profit from that kind of thing? It's very clear that the state of Israel would, because many of those extreme leaders think that they have to move against Iran before Bush leaves office."

Until very recently, McGovern has been one of the most restrained voices when it comes to talking about False Flag attacks. As the most vocal and visible member of the VIPS, McGovern's prudence has earned a respected position in the anti-war and impeachment movements in the U.S.

As a former high-level intelligence official, who delivered the President's Daily Brief on more than one occasion, he would know exactly what a False Flag operation is. McGovern is running up a warning flag right now. Considering his track record of 100% on Iraq's WMDs... it wouldn't be prudent, (not at this juncture), to ignore his warning now.

Two hard-hitting pieces from McGovern coming up.

Open Letter to Clark Hoyt, Public Editor, New York Times

Dear Mr. Hoyt,

Nathan Lee's short review of the new indie film 'The Reflecting Pool' is more of a hit-piece than anything resembling a film review.

The "review", titled, 'Trade Secrets', was published online at the NYTimes website, on the opening day of the film in NYC;

Lee opens with a coquettish two-step with objectivity, moving toward an acknowledgment of the film's general premise, by suggesting that the problem with the film "is not that its ideas are silly". However, halfway through the review, Lee is suddenly coy, and the film is now cobbled together from "a set of numbered, handwritten notes derived from 9/11 conspiracy Web sites, photocopied at Kinko’s and distributed at an anarchist bookshop". It would appear that Lee thinks that the ideas that drive the film are actually worse than silly.

But it's really the closing line of the first paragraph that gives the game away, as Lee resorts to the cheapest of cheap shots, hastily grabbing for the most shopworn tactic on the hit-piece shelf, "The Racist Smear";

NYC 911 Ballot Initiative and Bob Mcllvaine Interview and Wayne Madsen on INN

NYC 911 Ballot Initiative and Bob Mcllvaine and Wayne Madsen Interview on INN

Mike Gravel opens the video with a pragmatic view of the support that the majority of Congress on an independent investigation. It is up to the people to make an independent investigation happen. With all the Ron Paul and anti-war rallies down Washington, there needs to be a nationwide rally in NY to get the required signatures. It's one thing to be against the wars and treat the symptom of the problem, but 9/11 to many people, and the evidence shows, that it's the cause of the problem orchestrated by the corrupt criminals behind it. My hope is that the 911 Truth and We are Change of NY call for support any rallies for signatures and any info would be helpful including its status.

NY and other cities - The Reflecting Pool coordination

Any truthers who want to coordinate with the director of The Reflecting Pool, Jarek Kupsc, and do some cross-promotion, send me an email and I'll put you in touch with Mr. Kupsc.

The film is currently showing in NYC.

Check out the upcoming shows here, across the country;

My review;

Kupsc responds to a NYTimes hit-piece "review" of the film;

The Reflecting Pool - a review -- (NYC Theatrical Premiere July 11, 2008)

Culp (far left) and Kupsc (far right) watch Larry "pull it".

The Reflecting Pool tells the fictional story of Alex Prokop, a journalist who has done extensive research on propaganda in the former Soviet Union, and now finds himself tasked with breaking the first serious mainstream article on the unexplained anomalies of 9/11. Prokop is played by the writer and director of the film, Jarek Kupsc, who transformed his personal research into the events of 9/11 into the screenplay for The Reflecting Pool (TRP), with assistance from the film's co-star, Joseph Culp.

This truly independent film was primarily funded by Culp and co-producer Jodie Baltazar, with some additional assistance from Kupsc. Baltazar doubles as the cinematographer, and provides a professional visual stream that smoothly takes the viewer on a sometimes jarring journey as Prokop is morphed from a scoffer into a strong proponent for 9/11 disclosure.

BIN LADEN targeted $144 Barrel -- 10 YEARS AGO... and Cheney's Energy Task Force has Accomplished its Mission

Osama Bush Laden gets his wish of 144$ oil, didn't know Bush was so adamant to appeasing terrorists.
''He said at one point that he wants oil to be $144 a barrel'' -- about six times what it sells for now."

Just this week or so seems Cheney's Energy Task Force has completed its mission, for Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total, and BP to win the no bid contracts for Iraqi oil. PNAC vision has come into fruition.,%20Shell,%20Total,%20an...

Failed Controlled Demolition

Even when the experts try to demolish a building without concealing it through controlled demolition, its not an exact science and a building has a tendency to fall to its side and even greater tendency with any damage to a side.

and some more

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma stood even though blown in half

Roland Carnaby, CIA agent killed, INN interview with Wayne Madsen

Followup by INN on Roland Carnaby

INN interview with Wayne Madsen about killed Roland Carnaby, alleged CIA agent

Houston News:


KPRC Local 2

ABC 13

FOX 26

Whatever the case, if substantiated, the CIA is continuing its corruption streak as it did leading up to 9/11, the wars phony WMD intelligence, and beyond.

continuation of the post

Interesting blog on Urban Moving Systems and U.S. Federal financing

Last Friday, Matt made note of this Federal "Small Business" financing in this blog entry. A couple people have now sent this in;

Urban Moving Systems: the US-Israeli 9/11 Financial Nexus

911blogger user johndoraemi has done a couple blogs on Urban Moving Systems.

For more detail on the "Israeli DEA Groups"/alleged hijacker overlaps see the jpegs at the end of this blog;

Cooperative research returns for 'Urban Moving Systems' (send 'em a donation!);