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The Power of Nightmares

If you haven't seen this classic deconstruction of the "War on Terror", you really should watch it. Originally broadcast in Britain in 2005, it has never been broadcast (to my knowledge) on U.S. television, but has played in a shortened version in a few U.S. film festivals.

Downloads here:

Valerie Plame Charade trial to hide the real treason put forth by Sibel Edmonds

Interesting article about the ostridge Valerie Plame poking her head out of the sand of treason to put the act on of "accountability"

And yet the public continues to be spoon-fed the lie that the criminals who perpetrated 9/11 are being sought after and we are "more safe, less liberties" while these perps continue to infest our government and others merrily have retired into civilian life and now are on speaking tours, on chair boards, book tours, and living it up.

Sibel Edmonds

The Sigh Game
Read any good history lately, not the revised kind?

Senator Karen Johnson 9/11 Truth interview by INN

Senator Karen Johnson 9/11 Truth interview by International News Net World Report.

Prominent members of the community continue to speak out for a real criminal investigation into 9/11, from government officials, governors, senators, and representatives as in Karen Johnson, Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney to many others including scientists, architects, engineers and concerned citizens. The criminals are feeling the heat and they will end up behind bars with the perseverance and determination for the truth. The blood of the victims of 9/11 and soldiers who fought in illegal, unwarranted wars are on their hands and they will be brought to justice.

Recent YouTube videos doing well!

Senator Johnson's Arizona Senate speech jumped to 12,000 hits over 2 days. The video is now annotated with clickable hyperlinks that lead to all of the Blair Gadsby videos that were posted here, Dennis Kucinich's 9/11 impeachment articles, and the petition that was read into the Canadian Parliament on June 10th. Please mirror the video on your site if you can;

The Kucinich* videos are catching on slowly, feeding off the Johnson cross-reference, and are linked back to Johnson;

In turn, Cynthia McKinney's 2005 Congressional Briefing is cross-referenced from the Kucinich videos;


* The Kucinich Articles of Impeachment (H.R. 1258) needs co-sponsors! See here for details;

David Ray Griffin in LA - June 4, 2008

Via Hot Potato Mash

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: David Ray Griffin On New 9/11 Evidence

Professor David Ray Griffin, who is one of the leading voices in the 9/11 Truth Movement, spoke to a capacity crowd in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 4, 2008. Below is Griffin's talk - covering mostly new evidence about 9/11 - divided into three parts...

Part 1 (9:32)

"If we do get a real investigation or a trial there is simply no doubt of what the verdict will be because now the evidence that 9/11 is an inside job is now overwhelming." - David Ray Griffin

In Part 1 Professor Griffin begins with inconsistencies between the statements made by Ted Olsen (Solicitor General of the United States) about his wife Barbara Olsen's cell phone calls from Flight 77 and that of the FBI. Additionally, Griffin talks about the impossibility of using cell phones at high altitudes.

The last half of Part 1 is spent discussing the odd and unlikely behavior of Mohammed Atta and the inconsistencies in the government's story about Atta.


Using planes as weapons turns out was not new as the official cover story inquisition alleged

Turns out 6 years prior to 9/11 in light of the first WTC attack (assisted by FBI,, the laptop of Ramzi Yousef found information uncovered information about using planes as weapons and flying them into buildings, specifically the CIA headquarters. So Bush's comments about no one in our government at least, and the prior (Clinton) government, could envision using planes as weapons on such a massive scale, reiterated by Condi Rice several times is false. This in addition to the August 6th PDB and not the plans years earlier.

Here's a video clip of the mention of the planes being used as weapons into the CIA.

Just some other thoughts, just how effective would a hijack be?
2 months before 9/11, an order was issued to rescind a 40 year rule for the ability for pilots to be armed.

The USS Liberty and U.S./Israeli Covert Cooperation

Today marks the 41st anniversary of the USS Liberty incident. Although perceived by many as a purely hostile attack on the part of Israel, recent documentaries make a strong case that the Liberty incident was a failed False Flag attempt, with the intent of drawing the U.S. into an attack on Egypt during the 6 Day War, which would have led to a massive bloodbath, and possibly a larger confrontation with the USSR. Further, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and President Lyndon B. Johnson were fully aware of what was going on that day, yet the Liberty was still not given air cover.* Proceeding from the possibility that the Liberty incident was a conscious, tandem act of deception, I offer a brief survey of U.S./Israeli covert cooperation.

The Liberty

What happened to the USS Liberty should not be looked upon as an isolated incident. It was preceded in 1964 with the infamous Tonkin Gulf fabrication, which kicked off a major escalation in the Vietnam War. The Liberty incident was probably destined to be the capstone for Israel's covert war against Egypt, now in overt mode during the 6 Day War. Also, the Liberty incident was followed in 1968 by another incident involving North Korea and the USS Pueblo, another Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) ship, which also appears to have been a failed attempt at a provocation.(1) The intent: to provoke U.S. retaliaiton against North Korea, and get the North/South Korean standoff to heat up again.

The covert mission against the Liberty failed because the boat was not sunk, and the survivors were able to talk about what had happened to them. Had the U.S. launched an attack against Egypt, there would have been some serious problems explaining away the stories of the survivors, who knew they had been surveilled by Israeli aircraft.

In 2002, the BBC broadcast "Dead in the Water", a documentary by Christopher Mitchell which proposed the general theory that the Liberty incident was a False Flag failure to a broad (British) audience. Alex Jones came to the same conclusion in his 2006 film "Terrorstorm", based mostly on his own original interview work.

If you have not seen Christopher Mitchell's film, I strongly encourage you to watch it, most visitors to this site have probably already seen Terrorstorm. It's just over an hour long, and it's a fine way to honor the casualties of the Liberty on this anniversary;

(article continues below the fold)

Part 2 of the lawsuit against Saudi Arabi; A brief article on how the lawsuit developed

link here of part 2:

the link to the first article, (I posted the newspaper clippings, but here's the digital form)
part 1

Also note the pictures in the article, such as the display of U.S. District Judge Richard Conway Casey who granted immunity to the Saudis in 2005. Why not, the Saudi diplomats receive their own private security detail, so why not embellish them more, sarcastic. Afterall, Bush is very cozy with the Saudi's as Micheal Moore illustrated. Bush has gone to beg for more oil production from Saudis this year, yet Iraq has the largest deposit of oil, why won't he beg the American corporate forces in control of Iraqi oil, go figure.

John Pilger Confirms Multiple RFK Shooters on Democracy Now! 6.5.2008

Amy Goodman made note of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of RFK today with a tribute that included a useful history of the life and times of RFK, but Goodman also parroted the establishment line that Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK. Following this statement, Goodman played a segment of an interview with Sirhan's brother, Munir. During the segment, Munir notes that Sirhan has no memory of what happened that night at the Ambassador Hotel, and never has been able to remember what happened that night. Goodman then talked to John Pilger on the telephone, and Pilger made the stunning admission that not only was he there that night 40 years ago, he heard multiple shots, says that the shots kept coming even after Sirhan had been wrestled to the ground, and he told this to the FBI. Something tells me that Pilger would strongly agree with the recently released acoustic evidence;

JOHN PILGER: ... Sirhan leapt up on a serving area, pointed a gun at him and fired. He was wrestled. Kennedy fell. He was wrestled to the ground, and then there were other shots.

There’s no question that there was another gunman, because one of the people who was hit, just grazed, was standing next to me, and that happened when Sirhan Sirhan had been wrestled to the ground. So that’s the interesting thing. There was another assassin or another several assassins. And then it was bedlam. And as you know, Kennedy died about twenty-four hours later.

AMY GOODMAN: John Pilger, what about Robert Kennedy’s views of Vietnam? Also, of course, your view is not the standard one, that there were other assassins.

I'm not even going to attempt to offer an explanation for Goodman's behavior here... there are no words...

RFK Assassination - 40 Years of Disinformation.

"Let's hear it for you... and people like you... who want to hear the truth, and want the truth to come out, and are not gonna rest until it all comes out."
- Larry Teeter, 11-14-2000.

Just as surely as the American public, and the rest of the world, was not told the truth about the assassinations of JFK and MLK, so it is with RFK, Robert F. Kennedy. Now, 40 years later, new scientifically derived evidence has come to the fore in the form of digitial acoustic analysis. But even before this analysis was available, a host of anomalies arise from the events of that day, as well as the strange mental condition of Sirhan Sirhan, which may be the indication of a mind-controlled asset.

June 5, 2008, marks 40 years of disinformation about the death of RFK. To mark the occasion, here is another video from Ralph Cole's amazing collection. Cole is the powerhouse behind,* a great collection of video footage, that has captured some of the most important speakers on these recurring events of deception. 9/11 was far from the first, but if we work hard enough, maybe it will be the last. It's educational to know about the events that precede 9/11, to note the similarites, and learn from them. Because you can be sure that the perpetrators do.

This is video footage of Lawrence George Teeter (Larry), who was Sirhan's lawyer until his untimely death in 2005. Sirhan is now represented by William F. Pepper. The talk is titled, "CIA Interventions: The Role of the CIA & the LAPD in the RFK Assassination", recorded in California at the Sepulveda UU Church, 11/14/2000. (approx. 84 minutes)

Tomorrow (5-6-2008) COPA will live stream some of the speakers from their RFK conference, and we will attempt to mirror the live stream.

9/11 lawsuit against Saudi Arabia makes newspaper frontpage

Front Page of The Philadelphia Inquirer June 1, 2008 Weekend Edition
911 Lawsuit against Saudi Arabia by US and insurance companies

other photos at

readable here

Seems there is a financial incentive to investigate 9/11 in a myopic, revisionist view. There seems to be no accountability internally within the U.S. from the blatant failures, yet, if the blame will payout while keeping the corrupt murdering criminals within the U.S. away from any culpability then this lawsuit is fitting the profile. Doesn't the 5 billion dollar potential payout a bit reminiscent of a certain Silverstein's lawsuit payout?

Apparently controlled demolition needs strong building materials

Odd Fellows' Temple Demolition to be demolished in Philadelphia, PA starting May 23, 2008 is to be taken down with a wrecking ball because of the weak building materials. Apparently there must be little if any steel that was used in the construction of the building. Because of this, it seems to be difficult to take the building down with controlled demolition into a neat pile. Seems this is harder than the "act of nature" of how WTC7 fell into its neat pile. Clip is the news about the building.

The media seemed to not want to cover this, with the other stations barely mentioning it and with very little detail before the memorial day weekend.


(An oldie but a goodie from Parenti. Some things never change, it seems... but that won't stop anyone from trying. Reposting at the suggestion of user 'cburn'. -rep.)

From Dirty Truths by Michael Parenti (1996, City Lights Books) (Pages 172 - 191)


Almost as an article of faith, some individuals believe that conspiracies are either kooky fantasies or unimportant aberrations. To be sure, wacko conspiracy theories do exist. There are people who believe that the United States has been invaded by a secret United Nations army equipped with black helicopters, or that the country is secretly controlled by Jews or gays or feminists or black nationalists or communists or extraterrestrial aliens. But it does not logically follow that all conspiracies are imaginary.

Conspiracy is a legitimate concept in law: the collusion of two or more people pursuing illegal means to effect some illegal or immoral end. People go to jail for committing conspiratorial acts. Conspiracies are a matter of public record, and some are of real political significance. The Watergate break-in was a conspiracy, as was the Watergate cover-up, which led to Nixon's downfall. Iran-contra was a conspiracy of immense scope, much of it still uncovered. The savings and loan scandal was described by the Justice Department as "a thousand conspiracies of fraud, theft, and bribery," the greatest financial crime in history.

Corbett Report speaks with Stewart Howe of We Are Change LA

Interview #031 - Stewart Howe
Date/Duration: 2008/05/25


Activist Stewart Howe of We Are Change LA talks with us about some of the actions that group has been doing. We also talk about the We Are Change phenomenon and its future.

(D/L links at Corbett page)