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Terror in Exeter - Another mentally ill "Terrorist" (UK)

A recurring pattern in the UK: once again, MI5 had a terror suspect on their radar, nevertheless, the terror suspect was able to conclude an act of terrorism, this one not very successful. A similar pattern emerged after the 7/7 bombings in the UK, when it was revealed that several of the bombing suspects had been under surveillance by MI5. (See the online documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect for a very critical view of the events of 7/7.)

Another pattern: the suspect (Nicky Reilly) who apparently tried to bomb the Exeter restaurant, is mentally ill. Mahmoud Abu Rideh another mentally ill terror suspect, has been in and out of detention by the UK since 2002. The defense lawyers of Zacarias Moussaoui, the "20th hijacker" argued that he was mentally ill, but the court rejected this argument.

But here is something new; the UK's Daily Mail online ties 9/11 into the picture;

One friend, 17-year- old Alli Turner, said: 'When the Twin Towers happened he would constantly watch it on repeat. He also had a huge 9/11 poster on his wall. ... 'He always used to say that he had been told you will get a better life when you die if you are a Muslim. ... 'He once said he goes to "secret meetings" where no one is allowed if they are not a Muslim. ... 'Nicky was never into drugs but he was on heavy medication. He tried to commit suicide several times.'

So far UK TV news hasn't woven that aspect into their reporting, here is what I have been able to find so far;
(videos below the fold)

Graeme MacQueen - 3.19.2008 - University of Waterloo

911blogger user 'AConfederacyofDunces' felt that Graeme MacQueen's recent lecture at the University of Waterloo was important enough as an introductory piece that it should be viewed on it's own, so here it is;

Zero: 9/11 - a review.

If Matt Taibbi had even one percent of Gore Vidal's intellectual grasp of American history, perhaps then it would make reading his presumed 'leftist' opinion about 9/11 a little easier to stomach. (I presume that Taibbi pitches from the left, because his screed is published at and Fortunately, we don't need him. Gore Vidal is still among us, and it is his image and voice in the new Italian documentary 'Zero: an investigation into 9/11', that expresses a critical perspective of 9/11 that will ring true to the ears of those who will hear, and will help to free the prisoners currently living out the Allegory of the Cave, mesmerized by shadows of terror, cast upon the wall by the likes of yellow journalists like Taibbi.

9/11 Radio Talk - Philly911Truth

9/11 Radio Talk

From 10am-12 this morning (5/20/08) activist Nick Glaskow is going to be talking about a whole gambit of 9/11 topics including the improbable and repeated failures of the intelligence community and NORAD, the whistle blowers of 9/11, foreign and domestic policies, WTC7 and more.

He will be on WKU- 91.7 FM - east coast in the Philadelphia area. The transmitter doesn't seem to be that strong so hopefully a recording will be available at a later time.

Jim Hoffman updates Mackey critique at

Maintaining the Mirage: A Foray Into the Fallacy Factory of the Demolition Deniers

A critique of Ryan Mackey's essay: "On Debunking 9/11 Debunking: Examining Dr. David Ray Griffin's Latest Criticism of the NIST World Trade Center Investigation"

by Jim Hoffman - Version 0.9; May 18, 2008

"Someone reading just the Introduction or Discussion of Mackey's 180-page article might easily conclude that that the entire article is composed of insults, straw-man arguments, innuendo, and appeals to authority. However, the article contains a range of types of arguments, from the obviously falacious ones to cleverly misleading ones to superficially persuasive ones having some didactic value. This review will put Mackey's arguments in context, reframed by the physical reality of the event.

Salman Hamdani funeral, Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean at the National Press Club, (Sandra) Kay Daniels and others 9-11-06

With the help of an incredible friend, we rescued the following 1 hour, 15 minutes video from memory oblivion including the funeral of a 9/11 first responder killed in the line of duty, Salman Hamdani, only honored 5 years later for horrendous reasons. At the National Press Club Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean go on a history revisionist spree. Then (Sandra) Kay Daniels is interviewed, the 2nd grade teacher the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida in room 301 where Andrew Card, Bush's Chief of Staff at the time whispers into his ear "A second plane hit the second tower; America is under attack" (Hughes,Karen. "Ten Minutes from Normal". 2004, p.235). Then the annual 9/11 terror scare followed by Larry King interviewing Hillary as she spews several misstatements and talk but no action rhetoric, including talking about the first responders breathing in the toxic air.

Hamilton, Kean, and Chertoff questioned by Sam Husseini

Sam Husseini of the Institute for Public Accuracy asks some tough questions of Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and 9-11 Commission Co-Chairs Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean outside the studios of ABC News and NBC News, respectively, in Washington, D.C. These exchanges happened at the media stake-outs after their appearances on the Sunday morning network pubic affairs and interview shows on Sunday, August 13, 2006. Among the questions, Sibel Edmonds claims were asked yet Hamilton deflects the question by questioning her credibility.

Rumsfeld's Mind: If 9/11 Worked, Why Not Try it Again

Rumsfeld's Mind: If 9/11 Worked, Why Not Try it Again

by Rob Kall - May 14, 2008

Call me a conspiracy theorist. But when Donald Rumsfeld spoke, in late 2006, to the pentagon propagandists the NY Times recently exposed, he, in opining the loss of both houses of congress to the Democrats, suggested that “the US could benefit from another terrorist attack,” Jason Linkin of the Huffington post reports:

“As documented by Newsvine, it all went down at a valedictory luncheon Rumsfeld hosted for those analysts on December 12, 2006. Many of the "message force multipliers" named in the original New York Times piece were in attendance, including David L. Grange, Donald W. Sheppard, James Marks, Rick Francona, Wayne Downing, and Robert H. Scales, Jr. They were treated to an extraordinary conversation (Newsvine has highlights, the hour-long clip of which can be found here) with Rumsfeld, that included many jaw-dropping moments, such as Rumsfeld admitting that in Iraq, the U.S. "can't lose militarily, but...can't win by military means alone," an agreement that Iraq could use a Syngman Rhee-type dictator (because that's what democracy smells like!), and a lengthy passage where Rumsfeld jokingly offers a bottle of champagne to anyone who could kill Moqtada al Sadr. You sure don't see too many people joking on al Sadr these days!

“But by far the most extraordinary part of this luncheon is the antipathy the gathered members exhibit toward the American people for having the temerity to vote the Democrats back into power. When Lt. Gen. Michael DeLong bemoans the lack of "sympathetic ears" on Capitol Hill, Rumsfeld offers that the American people lack "the maturity to recognize the seriousness of the threats." What's to be done? According to Rumsfeld, "The correction for that, I suppose, is [another] attack."

Now this is just factual information. Why do I start this article by saying, “call me a conspiracy theorist?” Because this slips too easily off Rumsfeld’s reptilian tongue. Too easily because perhaps it’s not at all a new idea. Perhaps it is an idea that, for him, for all the propagandist sell-out generals, this is not new, that is actually, already tried and true.

One of the oft cited premises of the 9/11 Truth movement is that the attack on the towers was the pearl harbor-like event that the neocons anticipated would be necessary to move the US to embrace the aggressive militaristic tactics manifested in Iraq. Here, we have Rumsfeld casually joking about it—not a smoking gun, but, perhaps, a clear “tell” in poker parlance, indicating ready ability to think in these terms.


Buy a DVD, and FealGood about it! Gage, Jones, McKinney in Los Angeles - 2.23.2008

Very proud to announce this new DVD from Good Karma Public Relations:

Featuring: Architect Richard Gage, AIA - Physics Prof. Dr. Steven Jones - Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney

The DVD is 3 hours long, and was filmed in LA on February 23, 2008.

The best thing about it?

10% of the proceeds will be donated to the FealGoodFoundation to help our heroes, the 9/11 First Responders... who the Bush administration has abandoned.

Get it while it's hot, and FealGood about doing it:

Senator Johnson challenged again in Arizona Republic

You can send a Letter to the Editor here:

Comments are open at the bottom of The Arizona Republic link, after you register;

'Truthers' are overlooking key point about 9/11: Human nature

"...Perhaps time and the enormity of the Kennedy assassination have conspired - a key word here - to make me believe I saw something that I did not.

There is a parallel here to certain beliefs people maintain about when the airplanes started plunging from the sky on Sept. 11, 2001.

So, let's make amends. Johnson isn't a crackpot. Her 9/11 theories are crackpot conspiracy fantasies. The people with whom she shares her crackpot theories include a great many smarter-than-you-ever-dreamed-of-being narcissists and social cynics. And basing a vote affecting public policy on such cynical vanity is wrong, in my book. Beyond that, I will say Karen Johnson is tough as well as lovely, and she probably has used critical Republic editorials to raise campaign fundsin her Mesa district.

Dozens of Johnson's fellow crack . . . er, conspiracy-believers, also have come to Johnson's defense. I've talked to several. Actually, I've been talked to by several.

"Truthers," as they are known, want to convince you. They have mountains of data. They have armies of experts. And they universally believe that those of us in the media who fail to see their truth are lazy goldbrickers or in league with the Great Satan, Bush.

But in all their mountains of data, there is a hole that the truthers themselves cannot explain. It is, simply, that the world is made of humans. And that includes governments.

For all their reams of analysis about the tensile strength and melting point of reinforced steel, the truthers are notoriously short of real people saying real things, like: "Yes, it was me. God help me for what I did, but I packed a thermite bomb under support girders at the World Trade Center."

Nobody has come forward to concede it was a drone flying into the side of the WTC, and that - heaven help me, too - I was the one directing it from the basement of the Pentagon. None of the hundreds of real humans who would have had to be involved in such a conspiracy has said boo. Not one has slobbered in a New York bar about the horror he committed. Not one has made a mistake.

The truthers, including the indisputably sincere Mrs. Johnson, know what really happened. They just don't grasp human nature..."

Well, that worked out real good.

On Wednesday night, I posted this poll:

Because I knew that the 911blogger user base was sharply divided on the Fly-over theory, I was not seeking a wide-range of opinion. I wanted to see how many were for, or against, the specific theory. Yes, there could have been one more, or many more questions added to the poll, but I was interested in identifying the split.

On Thursday, I posted this blog entry from Craig of CIT:

Responding to criticism from user "jimd3100", I posted links to three blogs critical of the CIT work on Friday:

Shortly afterward, I was accused by Aldo of CIT:

"You are now guilty of promoting disinformation."

This was followed by Craig's comment:

"Let's be's no secret that 9/11 blogger has coddled the 757 impact conspiracy theory and has marginalized information that counters this notion."

This, despite the fact that I was (let me stress, WAS) an early supporter of the Pentacon film, and posted it on the front page of blogger, as soon as I finished watching it, in February of 2007;

Domenic of CIT added after that:

"Your support of government agent John Farmer and toilet scrubber Adam Larson and some obsessed clown named Arabesque exposes you for the gatekeeper you are Reprehensor. Let me guess you're just another anonymous clown in the gatekeeping world. Perhaps one of Randi;s kids from the JREF Forum posing as a truther."

All of this for posting one blog entry, with 3 links to criticism of CIT's work.

People seeking future releases from CIT, the "Citizen Investigation Team", should go directly to the Pentacon website.

They won't be promoted here.

My apologies to the user base here, but if the editor of the website can't provide a few links (links!) to some criticism, without being accused of "promoting disinformation", (with the history of my support for the early version of the Pentacon completely ignored), and then the ultimate insult, a JREF'er... a JREF'er indeed, what does the 45% user base in opposition have to look forward to? This kind of behavior is just not wanted here. It's disruptive.

CIT criticism.

Posting these critical resources for 911blogger users to examine, when evaluating the Pentagon Fly-over theory and eyewitness evidence as presented by the CIT team. Since the poll wasn't exactly a crushing defeat for the "No" vote, users should be aware of this criticism:

John Farmer's blog:

Caustic Logic:


I have no further comment on these blogs other than to say that they exist.

Mike Malloy reads Bob's "Epiphanette" - 5.7.2008

Malloy reads an email from one of his loyal listeners, "Bob", on 9/11 and the possible motivations of "debunkers".

Mike Malloy is on the air weeknights, 9-11pm Eastern, streaming here:

Broadcast live on these radio stations: (look for the x under Mike's name)

Blog Voting Disabled

Blog voting is disabled until further notice.

Comments should be used in place of an anonymous vote for now.

David Ray Griffin on Malloy - 5.5.2008 - (Audio added.)

Mike Malloy dedicated the second hour of his program to an intervew with David Ray Griffin. A wide-ranging talk about 911.

Putfile stream:

(If you support what Malloy is doing, consider becoming a NovaM Founder if you can afford it.)

David Ray Griffin
05-05-2008 12:37 PM
Continuing the 9/11 conversation.

We have one of our rare guests on tonight's program. Philosopher/theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin will join us for a discussion of the events prior to the bombings and terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.