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WeAreCHANGE activists physically assaulted at Ground Zero

(EDIT: See also Prison Planet coverage: "We Are Change To Release Assault Videos" - Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Luke Rudkowski is reporting that WeAreChange activists are being verbally and physically assaulted when they go down to Ground Zero to engage in peaceful activism;

"After the Time Square Bombing that took place at the very place that WeAreCHANGE does their street actions each Saturday night, Nico [Haupt] came out to our Ground Zero Vigil with a huge sign saying “We Did The Time Square Bombing.” Nico tried to associate us with the terrorists who committed a horrendous and cowardly act on this city of New York. He continued for weeks with the police department ignoring him, and decided to raise his efforts in trying to destroy our message of peace and truth..."

Apparently, we don't need to worry as much about Geraldo Rivera, who said on FOX and Friends, on March 7, 2008, "I think that this bomber isn't Al Qaeda, isn't anything like that... He's more like those '9/11 was an inside job' kind of guys...". Rather, we have to be concerned about people generating videos that attempt to tie 9/11 Truth to violent acts, and then proceed to commit acts of violence against 9/11 Truth activists like WeAreCHANGE.

Daniele Ganser: All of the theories about 9/11 are conspiracy theories

All of the theories about 9/11 are conspiracy theories
11.9- The truth movement is often laughed at for criticizing the Bush government's answer to what happened on 11th September 2001. Now however, the recognized historian, Daniele Ganser gives legitimacy to the sceptics.

(Originally published in Norway's Stavanger Aftenblad)

by Kristin Aalen - April 21, 2008.

CONSPIRACY: Ganser has caused debate following the presentation of his view in an interview with the Swiss TV-channel, U1. There he repeated his arguments from an article he wrote in the Swiss newspaper, Tages-Anzeiger in Zürich in September 2006.

Ganser's premise is that conspiracies are nothing unusual or new in the field of historical research. At least since the assassination of Julius Caesar in classical Rome more than 2000 years ago, conspiracies have been an element of the political fight for influence and power.

He defines a conspiracy as, «a secret agreement between two or more persons to engage in a criminal act.»

He continues: «As 9/11 was a criminal act which was definitively not planned and carried out by one single person alone but by at least two or more persons who agreed on the plan before it was implemented, 9/11 must be classified as a conspiracy.»

William Pepper - An Act of State The Execution of MLK

A 2 hour+ interview with William Pepper summarizing his book 'An Act of State' of about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by what I call the 'vile tyranny or vile machine'. That is, the individuals who are the vile, rouge, elements in the government, others who are knowingly complicit to these rouges, and those who are unwittingly cogs of the machine (just doing their jobs) i.e. compartmentalized labor; not independently thinking or simply thinking in the context of what their told.

The Toronto 18 Become The Toronto 11 - R.I.P. Canada

The Toronto 18 Become The Toronto 11 - R.I.P. Canada
The Incredible Shrinking Terror Case
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Up here in The Great White North, we are having our own experience with the terror-mongers. Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is another of the neo-con Straussian faux tough-guys like the ones in Washington. And he's been trying - with much less success than his American overlords - to turn Canada into a modern, lawless dictatorship ruled by terror...

What turned things around for the RCMP was the introduction of two Muslim moles: one, Mubin Shaikh, a cocaine-addicted, lifelong Air Cadet with a troubled past - he was also a CSIS agent (Canada's CIA); the other a man was also a well-paid (he asked for $40 million dollars) CSIS agent with a degree in horticulture who was on the skids. Each was paid millions of dollars by CSIS and RCMP for their services. These two then ingratiated themselves to the suspects and immediately started the process of entrapment. Shaikh has since stated publicly that many of the suspects are innocent. He has also admitted to snorting all the money he was paid up his nose and has been recently charged with assaulting two 12-year old girls!!! ...


An Open Letter To An RCMP Terrorist Mole
Saturday, April 19, 2008

I received many great comments about my last post about the Canadian Toronto 18 case and the potentially bogus sting operation that entrapped the suspects. The most interesting had to be one (purportedly) from the main paid RCMP/CSIS informant himself, Mubin Shaikh. He wrote:

"So how will your article read when the guilty ARE found as such?
How will your article read when you hear of the indifference to innocent life as it was promulgated by some?
Dont (sic) make the mistake the govt. did by assuming all were guilty. Dont (sic) make the mistake too many are making now by assuming all are innocent.
Stay tuned - this show is just gettin' started!


Mubin Shaikh"

Below is my response to Mr. Shaikh:


See also: Unfair Dealing

Steve Alten on Air America 4.18.2008 & more endorsements

MP3 D/L:
(Please support Richard Greene by purchasing an Air America On Demand subscription if you can afford one. Leave comments for Greene here: )

From press release:

Tonight (Friday 4.18.2008) at 9:15 ET, AIR AMERICA host Richard Greene will have The SHELL GAME author Steve Alten as his guest, along with 9/11 activist Bill Douglas. This will be the first in a series of Air America programs on 9/11 truth, leading up to May's MONTH OF TRUTH series on Air America that will involve the first REAL DEBATES on 9/11 issues, featuring major 9/11 researchers/experts debating qualified counter arguers defending the official story.

This historic series is a result of 9/11 truth organizations uniting around a singular focused endeavor.

Live streams at Air America:

Check your local affiliate to see if 'Clout' is carried on your station:

Two more endorsements for the Week of Truth campaign below the fold from Steve Bhaerman and Sander Hicks.

Video: Gary Webb's voice lives on.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana.

Continuing an association with, presents another talk from Gary Webb that has not been available on the internet until now. The first video of Webb (1996) is viewable here. This talk with Martha Honey, (hosted by Dennis Bernstein), is from a couple of years later (1998). By this time, Webb's employer had turned on him and would not defend Webb's research. So Webb put out his highly recommended book, Dark Alliance.

With the recent release and broadcast of American Drug War, the story of "Freeway" Ricky Ross is being disseminated into the public consciousness like never before. Webb was the reporter who broke the story, and the subsequent links to the CIA, at the San Jose Mercury News. (The original stories have been reproduced on the Narconews website.)

In 2006, author Nick Shou put out a book about Webb and his demise, called Kill the Messenger. It is now being written for the screen.

Remember that Webb's death was ruled a suicide. Suicide by two gunshot wounds to the head. This ranks up there with the strange death of Danny Casolaro. Were they both investigating two arms of the same Octopus?

DVD available from

"DARK ALLIANCE: Crack Cocaine, the CIA, the Contras, & the Censors", with Pulitzer Prize-Winner Gary Webb, Dennis Bernstein, & Martha Honey. Berkely, CA - June 13, 1998.

Part 1 of 4

Terrorism case ends in second mistrial in Miami

Terrorism case ends in second mistrial in Miami

By Tom Brown

MIAMI, April 16 (Reuters) - A U.S. judge declared a mistrial on Wednesday for six men accused of joining forces with al Qaeda to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago as part of an Islamic jihad against the United States.

The defendants were filmed swearing an oath of allegiance to Osama bin Laden's militant al Qaeda group, but their lawyers argued that they were only playing along in the hope of getting money out of a man claiming to have links to al Qaeda but who was actually an FBI informant.

At the time of their arrests in June 2006, federal agents said the men, who operated out of a ramshackle warehouse in Liberty City, had terrorist plans that were "aspirational rather than operational" because they had neither al Qaeda contacts nor the means of carrying out actual attacks.

Nevertheless, the arrests were presented as a major blow against terrorism.

U.S. officials denied there was any political link between the Miami case and the midterm U.S. congressional election in November 2006...


(I think that makes it Stee-rike THREE! - rep.)

Preemptive Terror Trials: Strike Two
By AMANDA RIPLEY - Thursday, Dec. 13, 2007

"The entire situation was concocted by the government. The warehouse was paid for by the FBI, and the defendants moved their operations there at the suggestion of an undercover informant who was also paid by the FBI. The swearing-in ceremony was led by the informant — who at another point also suggested a plan to bomb FBI offices in Miami. "The case was written, produced and directed by the FBI," defense attorney Albert Levin said in his closing arguments."


William Rodriguez meets the President of the Government of Spain

Yesterday, while on a European tour, Rodriguez met with Spanish President Zapatero, and told him about "the need for a new investigation, the plight of the victims and the lack of support for the first responders."

Mr. Rodriguez certainly gets around.

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Election Fraud Truth - Don Siegelman - Mark Crispin Miller

Mark Crispin Miller runs one of the best blogs out there that covers Election Fraud in the US, in depth:

Today he sent this message out, that relates to the case of Don Siegelman, a political victim of one Karl Rove...

Yesterday I emailed Don Siegelman, as I had a few matters to discuss with him. Here's the crucial part:

Mark Crispin Miller: The other, more important thing is this: As you may or may not know, the one aspect of your long ordeal that the press has stubbornly refused to mention--or, I think, even to perceive--is the theft of that election in 2002. Like you, I believe that that was crucial; but the press, quite typically, won't mention it. Frankly, I believe that they, and most leading Democrats, are in denial about it, as its implications are too frightening. Just as they've looked away from all the evidence of vast election fraud throughout Bush/Cheney's reign, therefore, they've also looked away from the subversion of that gubernatorial race in Alabama. And so that chapter of your story is unknown to most Americans, even those who've lately heard the rest of it.

Don Siegelman: Mark, I mention the vote stealing in every interview. 60 Minutes cut it out. Don Abrams didn't want to go there either. I have told the story to the Washington Post and LA Times.

The hook is Rove's fingerprints are found there too. First, in that Rove's friend Jack Abramoff hires Dan Gans, who was in charge of "electronic ballot security" in Baldwin County, Alabama, where the votes were stolen. Gans, working for the Alexander Strategies Group, claims credit for the win on his website, which he then takes down when Abramoff gets arrested. The second is Rove's business partner, Kitty McCullough (a/k/a Kelly Kimbrough) is given credit for the electronic vote switch by the state Republican Party.

I asked Don if I could send that out, and he said yes ("Have at it"). So now I offer it to you. If you're an election reform activist, please start your (search) engines. If you're a journalist, please do your job. And if you're just another patriotic citizen, please do whatever you can do to get the press, and/or the Democratic Party, to pay heed.

For starters, how about asking "60 Minutes" why they "cut it out," and asking Dan Abrams why he "didn't want to go there either"? And since Don also told the Washington Post and LA Times about the theft of that election, how about we ask them, too?

This stuff will just keep on happening, until we make it dangerous to do such things.



911blogger users: I believe that Election Fraud is a legitimate aspect of our current dilemma. Even if we all rallied around Ron Paul, we have problems that exceed merely getting the citizenry to turn out to vote. I would really like to hear some comments here, perhaps we could ask Mr. Miller to do a guest blog once in a while. What do you think?

Shell Game Flyer and Week of Truth 2.0

A new flyer for the Shell Game campaign has been created for distribution. (See Jonathan Mark's blog for details) Please also see this blog entry to gather ideas for the next Week of Truth campaign: Week of Truth 2.0. Make a suggestion for an action, or a book or event to promote, and let's work together to decide what we want to promote, and how to promote it. (D/L Shell Game flyer at bottom of Week of Truth website, color or B&W.)

Expect a coordinated push-back on WTC7 this summer

The BBC intends to release another episode in their 9/11 debunking saga, this one dedicated to WTC7. NIST is supposedly aiming for a summer release of their final report on WTC7.

Clearly, of all the visual anomalies of 9/11 that support the notion of controlled demolition on 9/11, the implosion of WTC7 is the most graphic and convincing. Even ardent defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory can't deny it.

If the OCT is so obviously true, why does the BBC feel the urge to spend millions of pounds hammering away at obvious fallacies?

And, slightly off topic, why isn't there ONE video of any of the alleged Arab "hijackers" getting on board ANY of the allegedly "hijacked" 9/11 planes?

The Third Tower on 9/11
Do we really know what happened on 9/11?

BBC Two: Friday, 4 April 2008

Hidden behind the Twin Towers stood World Trade Centre Building 7. This 610ft (186m), 47 storey skyscraper also collapsed on 11 September 2001.

An anonymous building from the outside it housed some very special occupants: the CIA, the Secret Service, and the very agency meant to combat terrorist attacks - the Office of Emergency Management.

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William F. Pepper and Joe Brown on NPR - 4.4.2008

Just under 7 minutes of MLK Truth.

Tell Me More, April 4, 2008 · Joe Brown, of the syndicated television program, "Judge Joe Brown," discusses presiding over the final appeal of convicted King assassin James Earl Ray. Also joining the discussion is Ray's former attorney, William Pepper, author of An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King.

Putfile mirror: (audio)
Click here to hear 'William-Pepper-and-Joe-Brown-on-NPR-4-4-2008'