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EVITAN's Occupy Wall Street Music Video filmed during Occupy Building 7 demonstration

EVITAN the newly formed hip-hop group of legendary MCs Dres (Black Sheep) and Jarobi (A Tribe Called Quest) filmed the music video for their first single P.T.I. (Occupy Wall Street) on the weekend of Nov. 20th. Coincidentally it was the same weekend when Occupy Building 7 was demonstrating in Zuccotti Park and the surrounding WTC complex.

Throughout the video various signs are visible relating to 9/11. Briefly an A&E sign relating to Building 7's free fall collapse and a wearechange.org sign reading "? 9/11" can be seen. Visible throughout the majority of the video is Scott Halfmann holding a sign that reads "9/11 WAS A 1% JOB 99% MUST INVESTIGATE!". If you aren't familiar with Scott Halfmann he was the Man Arrested at Ground Zero for Demanding Truth. Later in the day Scott was featured in an interview with Adam Kokesh of Adam vs the Man.

Will Jimeno Speaking at My College, Need Help Formulating a Question

Will Jimeno, Port Authority Police officer, will be speaking about his experience of being one of the last individuals to be rescued from the WTC complex on Sept. 11th at my college on Oct. 2nd. I am interested in asking a question that relates to the ground level explosions prior to the collapse of Tower 2. Will Jimeno has made it perfectly clear that he witnessed these explosions. Here are a few sources:

"That's when we heard a humungous boom. I turned around from were we came and I could look out into the lobby of 2 and I just saw a humungous fireball I mean the size of my house."
"I looked out onto the street and saw a fireball the size of my house hit the pavement."

John McLoughlin who was also trapped with Jimeno mentioned witnessing explosions too.

"We heard a loud explosion coming from the area of Building 2 and at that point Building 2 was collapsing."