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Wake Up the District Attorney With 1,000 Letters: WEEK 3


This is a very important week covering Scientific Evidence for WTC 7's destruction.   Please participate!

20 A/E Radio Commercials Set to Go in San Francisco

It's GO time! For their first placement of Chip-in funds to buy radio/tv ads, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is running 20 radio spots on KGO-AM in San Francisco. These will air 2 per night Mon-Fri for two solid weeks starting May 17th and continuing through May 28th.

The KGO signal is among the most powerful in the country. Operating with 50,000 watts of power as a clear channel station, it is accessible throughout the western United States and beyond. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KGO_AM

Big thanks to Peter B. Collins, Bay Area radio personality, for helping to broker this deal with KGO. (He is the guy who read the *myths* portion during the recent Firefighters/AE911Truth speaking events in California). To quote Peter B:

AE911Truth Spots Running in Los Angeles this Eleventh

In support of the "11th day of every month" campaign to promote 9/11 truth, I have purchased two radio spots on KTLK-AM Los Angeles for this Tuesday, May 11th. These are the 30-second spots with Ed Asner promoting Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and their call for a new investigation. "K-Talk" Progressive Talk Radio covers a large market with hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners.

Run Times:

KTLK-AM Tues 6:32:30
KTLK-AM Tues 14:46:00

Previously I purchased two TV spots on NY1 voiced by Asner:

Asner AE911Truth TV Spots Air in New York


Another first. AE911Truth runs first-ever television ads on NY1 this Tuesday, 3-30 and Friday, 4-2. Featuring the voice of Ed Asner, these 30-second spots mention nanothermite, show WTC 7 imploding and have great coverage of the AE911Truth website. They will also coincide with Week 3 of the "Building What?!" campaign. Thanks to the A/E video team for providing the original .avi file enhanced for broadcast. This is one HOT commercial! Watch or DVR it if you can.

NY1 Run Times:

3/30 Tues. 10:55:55 a.m.

4/02 Fri. 01:14:00 p.m.

Operation Green Card Congress: (ACTION)

9/11 activist Aidan Monaghan just proposed an idea for a national direct action campaign to provide notice to Congress of the nano-thermite evidence -AND- their duty as federal officials under the US Constitution. To quote Mr. Monaghan:

"Satisfactory notice of the nano-thermite evidence upon federal figures can apparently be achieved via certified mail. The signed and returned USPS notice (green card) is deemed valid evidence of service during federal litigation for example."

"Effort Should Be Nationwide. National legislators generally only respond to their constituents. Legislators and their staff are likely highly motivated to open and read all correspondence, and it should be assumed that they do so. In light of this, confirmed receipt (signed USPS confirmation) of the nano-thermite research material and a note regarding ones duty under "CHAPTER 115-- TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES-- See 2382. "Misprision of treason," may compel these federal figures to act.

And this may eventually lead to a wider federal probe."

Busting into the Media with 9/11 Truth

Our movement seems to be treading water and needs a big event to "Bust into the Media." What are the best prospects for 2009?

Well, as I see it the Truth Commission sought by Senator Patrick Leahy into the Bush Administration would center on various aspects of the war on terror and its constitutional abuses. This could be a potential springboard into 9/11 truth and should be supported by us.

Secondly, Congressman Kucinich has repeatedly promised an inquiry into several aspects of the attacks, especially the highly irregular Put Options which likely indicates insider trading. He should be pushed into keeping his word and to expanding the inquiry into War Games and the PEOC activities. Norman Mineta's testimony should be officially examined. Kucinich could also try to gain access to Pentagon security videos showing what struck the building.

Top Question For Political Candidates:

Here's my top pick for the best question to ask of Obama, Clinton, McCain, Huckabee and all of the other Congressional candidates out on the campaign stump this election year:

"Do you believe the CIA obstructed the 9/11 Commission's investigation?"

If they answer, "yes" then ask them if they support a real investigation. If "no" or "I don't know" then remind them of what the co-chairs themselves stated! Kean and Hamilton said, "The CIA made a conscious decision to impede the panel's inquiry."

Why not remind your local Democratic headquarters of this and give them a copy of "9/11: Press for Truth?" This is a solid approach to making some mainstream ground. If possible, we should try to get letters to the editor published as well. Here is one concerning the CIA from December 18, 2007 from my local paper "The Daily Reflector" in Greenville, NC.

Exposing Zelikow


I am convinced that exposing Philip Zelikow is the best course of action for the 9/11 Truth movement at this point in time. We need political traction and media attention to accomplish our goal of a real and independent investigation. What better way than exposing the fraud of the 9/11 Commission and the rampant conflicts of interest exemplified by Executive Director Zelikow. His ties to Karl Rove must be brought to light.

AlterNet Covers 9/11 Article by Chalmers Johnson


In keeping with a recent trend exposing various aspects of 9/11 and the war on terror, AlterNet has yet another thread critical of the Bush Administration. "Bush's Response to 9/11 Was Deadlier Than the Attacks Themselves," by Chalmers Johnson is one of today's top threads. Although it is more concerned with the aftermath of 9/11 as opposed to the events themselves, it is good to see this bastion of the progressive media starting to wake up from its self-imposed slumber regarding that fateful day.

Truth Groups Need to Organize and Advertise!

Local 9/11 Truth Groups must develop their chapters through low cost advertising. This is a crucial first step to building a substantial membership base of literally hundreds, if not thousands of individuals committed to the cause of 9/11 Truth and Justice. There is no exuse in major US cities only having a handful of activists in the streets!

The Need For a "9/11 Study Group" Report

The time has come for a published report of 9/11 findings by our own scholarly investigation. We can force public hearings best by promoting our own gold standard of investigative research which contradicts and exposes the "9/11 Commission Report" for the deception and cover-up it is. Simply calling for public hearings and a new investigation is not enough-- we must provide it ourselves first.

Truth Squads Should Bring Up Bin Laden FBI Profile

Recently 9/11 Truth Squads have done a bang up job confronting presidential candidates about the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7. All the candidates seem surprised by the question, promise to "look into it" and give a response some time in the future. This is all helpful to our cause, and Building 7 is clearly a smoking gun issue, but there are a couple of even more fundamental questions. For example:

Rosie Should Plug PatriotsQuestion911.com

The exposure Rosie has gotten for 9/11 has been tremendous, and
she was smart to spotlight Building 7. I've always regarded Building
7 as the "lightning rod" to greater discussion about The Towers'
collapse and questions in general. I think now, however, Rosie
would be wise to plug the "Patriots" site.

She should make the point that these aren't merely "her" views, but
that heavyweight military and government officials are also publicly
questioning the events of 9/11. "Go to this site and see for yourself
who they are. You will be amazed." Then give it out:

Obviously, it would be much harder for the shills and media gate-
keepers if millions of people were talking about how Dr. Paul Craig
Roberts, Deputy Secretary of Treasury, "Father of Reaganomics"
was saying there was government complicity-- or if the former
Director of the US "Star Wars" Space Defence Program was saying
9/11 was an inside job, etc. (Col. Bob Bowman)

Rosie should also bring up the 9/11 Polls showing that only 16% of
Americans believe the Government is telling the truth about 9/11,

Media's Desperate "Anti-Semitic" Tactic

The media tactics against Rosie and Charlie have reached a new
low. Twice on Friday I heard news show attacks saying that
questioning 9/11 is like "holocaust denial." (CNN show hosted by
some jerk with a Democratic and GOP strategist who both joined
in the assault.)

So it's not enough to just do personal attacks against Rosie and
Charlie Sheen to avoid debating the evidence, now they must imply
that anyone who speaks out about 9/11 is also anti-semitic!

Let us correct them: "Denying the evidence for the demolition of the
World Trade Center is like holocaust denial." and..
"This has nothing to do with anti-semitism-- This is about getting the
truth." (Besides, Mark Cuban is Jewish)

Their other strategy is to make 9/11 skeptics seem like a very small
fringe group. Let's keep citing the polls which say that nearly half of
Americans and two-thirds of New Yorkers want a new independent
investigation, and that "9/11 family members themselves believe
there's been a cover-up-- Are you accusing the families of being
unpatriotic?" "And what about the firemen? Numerous first
responders reported explosions-- Are you accusing the firefighters

"Democracy Now! Is Prime Objective"

I have been calling and sending letters to Democracy Now! about
9/11 news for months now, including a recent letter about the BBC
prematurely reporting WTC 7's collapse, but have never gotten a
reply. I realize that they are a large media network, but it would be
nice to know if they are even receptive to 9/11 evidence at all. Has
anyone gotten a response from them?

I heard that Bob Bowman recently tried to meet with Amy Goodman.
Maybe he can convince her to look at the evidence. After all, we
have peer-reviewed articles by Physicists and Structural Engineers,
as well as hard evidence by way of thermite! Why would they not
want to know about this?

Democracy Now! is the largest public media network in the country, so s
so we need to win them over. Maybe if we all put them on our "hit
list" to contact by phone and email on a weekly basis it will finally
pay off. They can't in good faith turn a blind eye to this information.
How can you care about "democracy" but not care about "truth"
and "justice?" And wouldn't exposing 9/11 be helpful in ending the
war that resulted from it?? Of course.

Call: (212) 431-9090 (leave story suggestion)