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"The Warnings Mystery: Were they Real or Fake?"

As someone who is firmly convinced that 9/11 was a "False Flag"
and an Inside Job, I am part of the M.I.H.O.P. camp. That is, key
elements of our government made it happen on purpose. However, I
am somewhat perplexed about all of the prior warnings.
On the one hand, the Truth Movement makes the case that all of the
warnings from other countries prior to 9/11 (including warnings from at
least eleven other countries) in addition to all of the briefings Bush
received shows this was complicity and not incompentence. That is,
he deliberately ignored all of the warnings.
On the other hand, if the hijackers were indeed fake (as I now believe)
and the bin Laden Confession tape was fake (from Dec. 01), then it
appears that this whole "al Caeda" attack was a scam!
My problem is how to reconcile a False Flag with Real Warnings??
Could someone help me with this?

Praise For 9/11 DVD Project!

Kudos to Tom Tvedten and the 911DVDProject! I just got my order of
20 plus a few extras he threw in. Nice surprises... ("911 Mysteries IS
available, BTW-- I got several of them!) He also puts postcards in each
of the DVD's for an added touch in connecting with new prospects.

This is the ticket. Check out the "action items" here on the homepage.
EVERYONE needs to follow these three action protocols: 1) The
Eleventh of Every Month Street Mayhem, 2) Distribute as many DVD's
as possible (esp. "911 Mysteries" and "Loose Change 2") to as many
people as possible! Go to www.911DVDProject.com to order. Please
donate the nominal amount back to the Project when you receive your
order. (You are getting them for Less than a buck a piece, after all!)
...and 3) Use the Graphic of WTC 7 for Mass Emailing. Let's send these
things, along with DVD's, to editors and politicians as well.

I also recommend 2 of the lecture DVD's: "David Ray Griffin 9/11 and the
American Empire" and "Steven Jones at Utah St. University"-- these are
great for giving out to professors, etc. Thanks again, Tom!

"Let's Follow Up With S.F. Examiner and Village Voice!"

I was thinking it could be very effective if we all target a couple of prime
media sources.. Since "The Village Voice" and "The San Francisco
Examiner" have covered 9/11 Truth stories before, we should follow up
with them! (It has been almost a year in both cases, after all.)
To their credit, they also acknowlege your letters.

In this way, we can create a wave effect that gets noticed!

The San Francisco Examiner: contactus@examiner.com

The Village Voice: villagevoice.com (About Us/ Contact Page)


"We Need More Screenings For "911 Mysteries!"

We desperately need a theater release of one of the prominent 9/11
Truth documentaries. Just think if "911 Mysteries" was shown on a
scale similar to "Fahrenheit 911" or Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth!"
This is the type of visibility required to make serious inroads to the
American media and public.
Meanwhile, we should all attempt to get screenings wherever we can
locally. Smaller independent theaters and universities work best. It
also is good to form a group. A group can literally be another person
and yourself! Promote screenings and hand out postcards or other
I believe that "911 Mysteries" or "911 Revisited" works best simply
because the evidence for controlled demolitions is so overwhelming.
This combined with the eyewitness testimony and actual new reports
makes for a very powerful impression. We need a real investigation
that looks at everything, but the task at hand now is to break the cover-
up. So let's lead with the best stuff!

R.L. McGee

"Project Censored" Story Can Be a Bridge to the Left"

As we all know, the alternative media has not been very receptive of
9/11 truth, which is puzzling considering how adament they are about
the lies of Iraq. Well, take a step farther back! I am hopeful, however,
that this latest Project Censored story will open some eyes. This
publication is held in high regard (and rightfully so) by the Left. We
need them to take note of what's going on.
In case you haven't seen yet, Story #18 of Project Censored '07
features BYU physics professor, Steven E. Jones, publicly debunking
the official WTC collapse. Among other things, he reports having
found residue of thermite and of sulfur in the wreckage. Scientifically
speaking, this is a "smoking gun." We should push this hard!

R.L. McGee