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Help Wake The Spirit of Freedom & Liberty with DVDs for Your Friends & Family.

The Spirit of Truth is a gift from our Creator. He helps us recognize the Truth.
DVDs Are $2 Each BUT, If You Spend Over $100 They Are Only $1 Each.

Activist Patriot Package, $99: Five copies each of the 22 most popular DVDs below.
110 total discs. $220 worth of DVDs for only $99.

Patriot Library Package, $99: Two copies of all 45 DVDs, for a personal, loaner library.
110 total discs, includes an extra 20 of the most popular DVDs.

Or, pick & choose from the $2 list below. Spend over $100, price drops to $1 each.

‘Christian’ Zionism
Jesus demands Love & Peace yet, this cult promotes war for the sake of Israel.

Yep, it is worse than you thought. Have you ever wanted the whole story?

Sheriff Mack
The President of the United States cannot tell a Sheriff what to do in his county.

The beginning stages of a currency crisis will ultimately lead to hyperinflation.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Truth Movement DVDs for a Dollar or Two.

Please, come see my project site. It is a source of inexpensive truth movement DVDs to pass along to those who just haven't been exposed to what we have.



Not everyone has a hi-speed internet connection for viewing critical 911 videos and truth movement documentaries.

I encourage you to look over my site and start distributing these one dollar dvds to friends and neighbors.

We must wake the sheep and expose the tyranny.


817 219 2798

List of 24 DVDs:

New Combo: Ron Paul, Freedom to Fascism, Keep & Bear Arms and Zeitgeist II & III.
Perfect "Big Picture" combo for the activist that needs that one WAKEUP CALL DVD.
Thank Quince Eddens from Pennsylvania for this combo idea and his large purchase.

New Combo: Corrupt U.S. Foreign Policy
Learn everything you need to know about what our "leaders" are really up to. MUST SEE.
Quince also reminded me just how critically important this particular combo is. What if our
friends and neighbors knew what was REALLY being done to populations elsewhere?

New Year's Revolution: Ron Paul 2008
All new clips for waking the neighbors to Ron Paul.

Extensive, comprehensive clips of the early campaign, from youtube.

Will The Next President Open A New 9/11 Investigation?

After watching the recent Presidential debate, I came across an edited video clip of that presentation.

Notice the list of hopefuls has been narrowed to only those Constitutionalists who would call for a full investigation of the events on 9/11/2001. Though 9/11 was not discussed, it is clear which candidates would pursue the will of the people and the rule of law.

Ron Neil